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This Place Can Really PUSH YOUR LIMITS! – Sunpeaks Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

This Place Can Really PUSH YOUR LIMITS! – Sunpeaks Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

we finally made it out to Sun Peaks
there’s been a lot of work done at this place since I’ve been here last so I’m
stoked to check it out some of these bike parks in the interior of BC are not
open very long so I’m glad that Wesley and I had a chance to make our way out
here before it closed for the season do you wanna do Barn Burner? we are here for two
days for the weekend and the conditions should be pretty sweet I remember the
first time I ever went to Sun Peaks back in 2007 and I discovered barnburner and
it was pretty much a new trail at that point and it was really sweet since then
I’ve always felt that it was kind of a nice warm up trail. Get’s a little chunky there get some air time! I think it’s gotten gnarlier over the
years but I got to say I actually really liked the steeper and rough aspects of
this trail whoops! hit my pedal are you sure this is just a blue?! That gets gnarly huh? yeah how’s it going?
thanks man that’s sick oh yeah you crashed him didn’t you last year this trip took place the week after our Silver
Star trip and if you remember that video Wesley had just gotten back on the bike
after a few months off of the bike from a bad crash so Wesley is still warming
up to mountain biking again at this point whoa man as you can see some Peaks
did a lot of work to this trail in fact they’ve actually done a lot of work to a
number of trails here and there’s even a few brand-new trails for this year
namely Canada Line and Burma ladar some new blue trails as well as a huge amount
of rework on steam shovel Wow that one puddle got me over this counter
line and Holy Roller right on dudes we’re gonna get a bit of
a taste of this new Canada Line trail it’s really sweet because it spans the
entire length of the bike park top to the bottom my gosh that’s it Sun Peaks
did give Wesley and I free tickets for the weekend as well as a really nice
hotel to stay in for the night so I just gotta give a big thanks to the Sun Peaks
bike park what is this Oh all right this is different Wow it’s
always a lot of fun riding these freshly built trails you know what I want to see
this whole Canada Line top to bottom so we recruited some young uns and they’re
gonna tow us in yeah let’s just do like a full Canada Line run I only did like
parts of it there’s like poo on the trail in because there’s cows out here
apparently what happened is the cows got loose and went into the bike park they
left a few presents for the riders so that was sort of funny and kind of
annoying yep Oh Sun Peaks is very smart to make some
more blue flow trails like count aligned because honestly those give me some of
the most ridden trails at a bike park I remember hearing about how crank it up
at Whistler was its most ridden trail ever now I don’t know if that’s still
true but it does make sense since the majority of riders are beginners slash
intermediate all right in my opinion Canada line
keeps getting better as you go down it well oh look at this Oh sick war is doing it blind right on dude
but dick Oh dick man whoa-ho right huh whoa don’t hit the boom that’s good yeah
well hell yeah baby Oh sick yo whoa sick huh Oh dick so this kid knows these fields really
well you’re right you all the time it’ll be a good guide whoa oh yeah yeah that’s cool man that’s a
sick dude yeah stuff looks so different from last year yeah like yeah I’m kind
of surprised actually cool man hey you might look you’re
bleeding you’re doing awesome man I’m actually pretty impressed with all the
work they did here at Sun Peaks just in one year last time I was here was
exactly a year ago and they’ve got a few brand new trails and a whole lot of
redone trails it’s actually pretty sick oh there’s a drop I was good I was sick though
thanks for showing wrong sweet dude that’s cool man Wesley and I were
feeling good enough for the Maine black rated jump trail here called steam
shovel this trail got a lot of work done to it this year most of the last half is
either new or totally redone but this trail warrants its own video so that’s
gonna be my next week’s video whoa near the bottom we got a sweet jump park with
a few fun cinders and then finally a bugger cross to finish the lap do the bugger cross whoa pretty good a geek of the Sun beautiful
the Sun has peaked so we’ve explored a lot of the flow
trail so far but one thing I love about Sun Peaks are the tech trails they got
here in my mind they are the highlight of this bike park they really make you
appreciate downhill bikes all right let’s see here
let’s do this anyone well I was fast whoa yeah I get deep oh my dear how do you feel on that good
thanks fathers jumps it’s too sweet one
I love this one I don’t really know why suite 1 has the double black rating it
doesn’t get that steeper gnarly compared to the other double blacks but I have to
say I really enjoy this one in addition to being a pretty fast single track
trail also got some sweet wooden bridges and log rides along the way there’s a
little more eroded from last year Oh oh yeah they’re gray shirts I got soaked we’re
gonna drop that honey bro all right we’re gonna go honey drop honey drop is
another sweet double lock trail that I really like and there’s some really
spicy parts that I got to show you what’s over the pair that’s cool yeah some double boy Wow oh wow are you
kidding me dude what what did you do that was sketch yeah that was so Steve
man that was the gnarliest thing ever it in all summer yeah yeah oh yeah this thing yeah I would see oh that’s uh I think
that’s why I’d show here from when we rode yeah yeah filled merge okay what what am i doing
god I went the wrong I was out of the tree there oh yeah it’s there aha Sun Peaks hooked us up in a very nice
hotel for the night and getting to wake up to an amazing sunrise on Sun Peaks
was pretty awesome and look who decided to show up our buddy Alex came out just
for the day he’s never been to Sun peak so everything here will be new to him
yeah uh-huh okay let’s go biking there I don’t want
to seriously let’s pin it roads for our warm up today we’re gonna ride some
different techy blue trails that may not really be blue ratings after all yeah this trail does not seem like a
blue and duro I have no idea how they call it the blue
but whatever stop on oh it’s uh it’s better outta there huh
yeah all right well I did enjoy that a lot but how about some Burma laid as
proper warm-up and this is another one of their new blue flow trails for this
year oh yes these worms are just beautiful who that it had a beautiful bear huh wah it is huh I did have a good oh yeah oh yeah beautiful whoo-hoo oh boy good doctor so guess who else is here today the
whole evolved bikes athlete team let’s do a few laps with them now I’m not on
the athlete team in case you were wondering I am in a different category
and that’s because I’m a content creator so it does make sense that I’m not a
part of their athlete team but it was super cool to see all of them and if
you’ve seen my Mount Provo video I did earlier this year you may recognize
Aleta and Tommy high octane right here I always loved it Tommy have you written
this or since I was the most familiar with this trail I’m gonna lead us into
it what we’re about to ride is some really fast tech and this is what I love
about this place oh that’s insane Wow I don’t think I’ve
ever gone this fast down this trail that gnarly or what dude I actually was going
like way too fast yeah dude you had that narrow part at
the end I was getting a little sketched yeah that was a bit weird eh man is a dick just ball one Wow that’s actually pretty sick the sky
palette is really great at going fast down such rough trails I really do think
some peaks of some of the better d-h trails in the BC bike parks they are a
bit more raw which are fun in their own way though admittedly I have not written
bike parks like panorama Burnie and kicking horse and they’re sure there’s a
lot of great stuff out there so maybe I should just hold my tongue until I visit
those but I do hope to visit those next year that was crazy
Wow dude yeah that was it it rough so that was fun know how crazy yeah sick dude
so today I know I was crazy gonna do a Holy Roller or something let’s do it I remember years ago riding with some
other buddies and just loving this line at the end doing Holy Roller into arm
pump there’s just so much speed on these trails an arm pump has just the right
amount of gnar whoo yeah buddy aah that was sick riding in big party trains
tons of fun yeah yeah this was such a good weekend and the conditions really
were just perfect and of course we had to show Alex the
new stuff on the steam shovel as I said that will be next week’s video that was
but before this trip is over we need to divide the biggest jumps in the park
okay I drop again remember that jump Park near the bottom well let’s go hit
the big ones now Wow oh man that is huge it kind of seems
like you don’t need that speed but you do Dex out perfect man Oh sick I did too I did too got to give a big thanks to all my
patrons for supporting me in all the content that I produce thanks to all of
you guys for watching I hope you guys liked it give a like and subscribe if
you haven’t already got so much more awesome
Daniel free ride content coming your way see you guys next time

93 comments on “This Place Can Really PUSH YOUR LIMITS! – Sunpeaks Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. Nice video! Those trails are nice! I dont know what it is with your videos, but I can stay watching through your videos when with a lot of other channels, I can't.

  2. Making me stoked to finally hit me some park again next year! Awesome that you were able to spend some time rippin at these other mountains.

  3. Love that your ride some many different parks wish I could do that
    There's some good trails in Ireland if you're ever thinking of coming over bring your bike and keep up the good vids πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€™πŸ€™

  4. You're so lucky you're within driving distance of so many sweet bike parks and and trail centres! I need to move out to BC, Southern Ontario just doesn't cut it for DH/Enduro

  5. I’d reckon honey drop is one of the gnarliest lift accessed trails in BC. That middle section is easily comparable to goats gully I’d say! Also can’t wait for the steam shovel video, that might be one of my favourite jump lines of all time! Awesome video πŸ™‚

  6. Jordan here in the UK I think we have the perfect trail for you. It's called top chief, it's at the Nevis Range bike park next to the fort William WC track. 100s of metres of super fast boarded sections then some of the steepest technical rock rolls you can imagine. Give it a look. Your vids pure quality as usual. Keep up the good work!

  7. Jordan at Sun Peaks: these berms are smooth, they totally rebuilt some of these trails.
    Me at Northstar on opening day: all the breaking bumps are in the same places as last year, massive potholes in berms, and all the tech trails are dust.

  8. STORYTIME WITH A RANDOM STRANGER ON THE INTERNET!! First time I ever rode downhill, I took barn burner as my first trail EVER. My buddy who warms up on DH said it would be a fun, easy trail to start on, I crashed into a tree right after the 4th turn on that little steep and broke my wrist, didn’t ride again for two years and got back into it this season. I love mountain biking even though it started REALLY rough for me. Great vid jordan! Can’t wait for next weeks steamshovel vid

  9. Narrates "IDK Y Sweet 1 is a double black, its not as steep and gnarly as the other double blacks." Right as he drops into a steep and gnarly shoot.

  10. Siiick dude. Im getting my first decent park bike in the spring, ill have to make the drive up there from Edmonton in the summer for sure.

  11. Yo Jordan, your videos are insane! But I have a question regarding upgrading my bike for anyone. I have a GT verb sport and want to get air shocks on the back and get a new fork. What should I do?

  12. When I was riding as a younger man it was… β€œare you Wade Simmons… are you Cedric Gracia?”… on the trailside. Running into Digger in 1997 on Ladies Only was the best one… but

    Now the young kids idolize YOU man, just like I did with those dudes when I was younger. Pretty sick man. Rock on 🀘

  13. Are you gonna do a review of your bikes this winter? After a season on them I wanna hear what you think of your new bikes

  14. hey Jordan you should come on down to Tasmania at the bottom of Australia we've got bike parks everywhere and two major ones with uplift with black jump and tech trails, maydeena bike park which is an hour away from the main city and derby a few hours out from the main city

  15. Great panning footage right at the end! Honey Drop! Super rad trail. I remember the first time riding down something like that – absolutely terrifying. Second time down was totally rad! Great stuff as always, BM!

  16. Couple of things, nice to see Wes back in a vid and he has a new bike? And nice to NOT see Alex in a video. Video is now watchable.

  17. Wow! What a bunch of insane trails! So steep, so techy and SO FAST! It looks steep in the GoPro so…. 🀟🏻🀟🏻🀟🏻 Awsome vΓ­deo like usual! Thank’s Jordan!!!!

  18. I was there July.15 glad to see the puddle in spicy taco never dried up XD. Barn Burner, Holy Rollers into Arm Pump is such a good warm up lap!

  19. Fucking hate YouTube, quality is locked on (auto)1080p and can't figure itself out so 90% of time it's blurry for me. Made it 11:29 into it before I couldn't handle it anymore. Kill vid tho, Cheers

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