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Hi guys and welcome to the second video about my 2019 racing season. Today We are at Autodromo Murano Italy for the second race of the season and guess what? it rains again, and after the first race in Franciacorta I realized that I am so happy about the rain because I realized I love it I realized that I’m fast in wet conditions. By the way, I’ve never told you how this championship works So considering that I started riding at 26 in 2017, and this is just my second year of racing I don’t have enough experience to compete with the pros So I started from the bottom and now I’m racing in an amateur championship called moto estate We race in small tracks not like I will do in 2020 with the same tires for everyone which is the dunlop D 212 GP racer which are derived from the road so less performance, but long lasting just to give you an idea after a Hundred laps you can do almost the same lap time. the rain tires, However are free of regulations So you can use any brand you want so it is an amateur championship But the top riders are quite fast because if we use the same tires We are like two seconds lower than the pros. So the level is quite high for an amateur championship The championship is made out of five racing weekend made of two sprint races each So a total amount of ten races, we do everything on Sunday: two qualifying and two races So it’s quite demanding physically and that’s why the races are just eight laps long Which becomes seven in wet conditions. so today as I said: it rains But in qualifying did not, the track dried so we had to ride in the track half wet half dry Which is very tricky So we went with the rain tire in the front and the dry tire in the rear and I couldn’t find the feeling. D’Ambrosio instead found a great feeling and made the pole position. Palladino is second and I will start third but now luckily it’s raining and Considering the yesterday in the three practices, I was the fastest overall under the rain I’m confident that I can win this race Great I had a good start. now, I am behind D’Ambrosio and I will have to pass him as soon as I can Okay, I’ll try a crazy thing: I will try in the outside in curve three Okay, that was too much I was a little too out of line But if it worked, I think that D’Ambrosio probably would have killed me. Anyway, how fast is Michael’s bike on the straights? I mean I cross the exit and I should have exited faster, but I lost him. I don’t understand Anyway the feeling with the bike is excellent I’m really at ease. I feel very well and I’m waiting for the right moment to dive in and fly away It’s not Mike’s that it’s faster it’s mine that’s stuck I had the electronics cutting too much and I can’t go in the straight. I think the traction control is too high I I will try to lower it by one point What’s going on? look at that, I probably lost one second on the straight it’s like racing with a 600 against the 1000 I am full throttle as you can see from the graphics and the bike won’t go I have the electronics cutting everything and this is a big problem if it’s standing like that for whole race I can’t compete if I lose one second per straight it’s strange …yesterday it was working like charme and now it doesn’t I Will lower the traction control by one other point. Let’s see if it works Oh shit Well, yeah It happened. Unfortunately in the fall, I broke the peg and the gears level and the shifter and I broke the handlebar. So I Can’t restart. so what seemed the riding error It actually was not 100% that riding error, but it’s something more complex I had an electronic problem which now I will show you so how the electronics work on the r1? the racing electronics has many parameters that you can set but the 4 most important ones are Power traction SCS and anti-wheeling and I’ll explain them to you The anti-wheeling is nothing else the the anti wheeling control so when you accelerate as soon as the bike starts to wheelie the electronics cut the power to let the front go down and Over time I started to hate it because in the first races we kept it too high and the bike was too nervous when it was wheeling because it used to cut too hard and that Wheeling and cutting wheeling and cutting made the bike too nervous and led me to some very dangerous loss of control in the front so After that, we decided to put it at this minimum value, which is one. The SCS is the slide control It means that when you accelerate and exit the corner and the bike starts to drift a little bit it controls the drifting We don’t really like it in racing. So we switch it off. The traction control is the control that controls the traction of the rear tire So when you accelerate too hard and the rear tires start to spin More than the front tire it cuts the power in order not to lose the rear and to do a high side And finally, we have the power which is the control that manages the delivery So it managed how much power the bike gives you in function of how much you accelerate so for example Maybe you ask hundred percent The bike gives you 90 percent because in that condition with that lean with those rpms the map inside the power Thinks that the 90 percent is the best result So if you look at the dashboard on the r1, you see that on the bottom left you can find three parameters PWR is the power TCS is The traction SCS is the– slide control You don’t see the anti wheeling because we adjust it from the menu when the bike is switched off So it’s not something that you change during the race. Now The buttons on the Left handlebars are used to change these values during the race So what does each number close to each value indicate? each number Corresponds to a map and a map is just a setting okay? For the traction the higher the value the more invasive the traction control is. traction at 9 It means heavy rain traction at 1 it means heavy drifting and dry About the power you can put any map you want in any number you want So it doesn’t mean that 4 is the most powerful and one is the less powerful You can even change the order you can mix them. It doesn’t matter You always need ask the telemetrist, which map is loaded inside each power value. For us Conventionally with the power 4 you have less power with power 1 you have more power but again It’s just a convention that we established and just to show you some examples in the Dry test in Verano We had power 2 which means good power and a good thrust, traction control on two so low control and a bike Capable of drifting a little bit and SCS at one So yeah I was still using SCS at one but in in the next races I will switch it off. On Saturday Morning on the very wet track conditions, We had power at 4 so a Motorcycle that cuts a lot in order to avoid to make a high side and the traction control at 9. On the other hand when entered the qualifying Which was half wet half dry I had power at 3 So I good thrust but not too much and SCS a 2 and regarding the traction, they gave me these indications They told me “you have a dry tire on the rear”. So if you touch the water you risk a high side, so go in with the traction at 8 and see how the bike is. If you see it’s cutting too much Lower it during the qualifying session”. And as I was riding I felt that it was carrying too much weight When I wanted to accelerate out of the corner wouldn’t accelerate so I lowered it until five So let’s get to the race. In the race, I had the same settings as the Saturday and I found my bike Not pushing on the straight. It was cutting everywhere And the question is how is it possible that on Saturday I didn’t notice that while now it’s cutting, if the settings are the same? and that’s the point. So Let’s look at the telemetry. For simplicity, I got rid of all the other data like suspensions Braking and etc And what I left is just the green chart which indicates how much I am Accelerating, the red chart which indicates how much power the bike is Actually delivering and you can see that I accelerate hundred percent But I don’t get a hundred percent power and below you have the speed of the wheels in violet You have the rear wheel and in pink you have the front wheel now It’s good to see the corner where D’Ambrosio was going much faster than me on the straight. Look at here I am leaning and I am asking the 50% of throttle considering that it’s wet and the bike is leaning, The bike is actually delivering the 28% so it’s cutting then I put the bike straight I ask hundred percent and look at that: on wet in second gear The power delivered is not the maximum So it cuts to 60% and the more speed I get The more power is delivered and I get to the end where I ask 93% and I get 87% and if we look at the wheel speed chart you can understand that I am wheeling Why? because if you look at the rear tire The speed is rising because I am accelerating But if you look at the front tire at some point the speed starts to decrease This means that the bike is wheeling because what happens when you wheelie? when you wheelie, the front lifts so the front tire stops touching the ground and starts to decrease its speed So that’s how you understand that the bike is wheeling And if you see in the rest of the lap the bike pushes every time I accelerate some good power is delivered. Now Let’s look at what happened in the race We take the same corner, which is the one where D’Ambrosio was too fast on the straight and look at that I ask a hundred percent and the power delivered is 33 percent And then for the whole straight I keep asking a hundred percent and the bike keeps delivering 48 percent 45 50 55 Percent. in the end of the straight, where before I was getting 90% now I’m getting 60% It’s not pushing and the bike is not even wheeling as you can see and that Happens in every other corner. I ask a lot and I get no power I ask a lot and I get no power apart from some random parts of the track where I ask 100% and I get a good power but totally random and you know what’s really bad? the speed 171 in the end of the straights in race a hundred and eighty-nine in free practice 20 kilometers per hour. It’s like 600 versus 1000 and you may say okay It was cutting more because in the race it was more wet. No in the race It was drier than the free practices so in this situation I looked for a solution because you see losing 20 km/h on the straight It means losing 2 seconds per lap just because the electronics cut which means throwing the race away I am here to win not just to stand and watch and I have to find a solution to win So since in the morning they told me “go in with the maximum traction And then if you see the bike is not pushing lower the traction” in the race I said the bike is not coming out of the corners That’s that’s what I thought. So, let’s lower the traction So I lowered it from 9 to 7 but 7 is the setting for dry So after just two corners, high side So so what could have I done? I don’t know because it’s not normal that the bike cuts so much on the straights Especially if it’s the same bike that on Saturday did not cut however it would have been better to change the power instead of the traction and here’s why: to make it very simple Because it’s much more complex than that The traction control tends to cut when you’re leaning while the power instead tends to work when the bike is straight It’s not really like that. But to make it simple, we may say it’s kind of like that So it would have been better to change the power instead of the traction Because if you look at the onboard video when I was from mid corner to exit corner, I was good I had the same speed as D’ambrosio. But as soon as I put the bike straight that’s where the electronics started to cut Unfortunately, I didn’t know the difference between Traction and power, I had to learn so many things this year that I didn’t learn that yet moreover you also saw the un-experienced in me because when I reduce the traction I should have thought about Hey, you cannot accelerate that much in corners with less traction control because you will lose the rear. This is experience So today race one ends here. I have earned zero points, but I have earned a lot of experience The real problem However, is that I fear that it’s not a power problem, but I feel there is some other problem in here We haven’t discovered yet because how is it possible that on Saturday with power 4 the bike doesn’t cut while on Sunday with power 4 the bike cuts? So maybe it’s not just the power. By the way, we will find out in race 2 We’ll put the power 3 and we’ll see what it happens. Will the power 3 fix the problems or not? We will see in race 2

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    Ci saranno problemi con l'induzione. Li mantieni perfetti?

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