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Those Jumps Are Too Big! | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

– So you’ve started
riding some small jumps and it’s got scary fast. And you’ve watched all the how-to videos and the technique makes sense but some how the reality is starting to feel like a fast track to the hospital. Well, that sounds like a problem. (boom) Jumping bikes is one
of the most visual and enticing parts of mountain biking. The moment you imagine a great MTB ride you soon arrive at the glorious visions of getting air. It’s the poster boy move of the sport. But what if you have, like many of us realize that
jumping mountain bikes isn’t as easy as Sam Renyolds or Brendan Fairclough makes it look. In fact, for most of us
the thought of hitting a 90 foot jump like
that one is ridiculous. It would be a nightmare. Actually clearing any jump, even a very small bike lift jump, that’s a really hard skill to learn. Especially if you’ve
arrived at mountain biking in your adult years. Where the fountain of youth
isn’t intoxicating you to think you’re indestructible. The youngsters just don’t scare that easy. Because they don’t have the facts. This stuff is dangerous. Oh. And the kids just don’t realize it. But you do so now you need to approach the whole process methodically. And build a solid skill that’s going to fill you with confidence
and excitement about what you can and importantly what you can’t jump. – Oh! (beep) – So where do you start? First things first. I would start poring through Instagram and follow anyone that
you know who can jump and like to show it. Then just start watching. Great, Aye? What a brilliant tip. Just by watching them ride you’re building and understanding of how to do it. And let this enjoyable viewing sink in. Don’t make it a chore
just enjoy the riding and visualize yourself doing this stuff. Because with a bit of knowledge of the basic theory and some practice, you’ll soon be sending some big jumps that you just never
imagined were possible. And with confidence too. So, it’s basic theory and practice equals big jumps with confidence. The basic theory is centered around an understanding of the science about what is physically happening when you hit a jump on a mountain bike. So to start, let’s remember that you’re the heavy object in the scenario. In motorcycle jumping, for example, it’s more of a proportional
distribution of weight. Those bikes are heavy. And you can also power
yourself off the lip with a the power of the bike. But in mountain biking,
you’re the heavy object. When jumping a bicycle, you’re the heavy piece in the puzzle. The bike comes with you and it’s your weight you’re setting up to fly through the air. Look at him go! That’s a good one there. Another thing to bare in mind is your brakes still work in the air. Sounds crazy but even
after you’ve taken off the rear brake is still
very much your friend. If you have a very high front wheel in the air and you feel like the bike is getting away from you, then a handful of rear brake is going to lock the back which will result in the front end pitching downwards and forwards which could really help when things are tipping the wrong way. So remember your brakes are your friend. Just like following the
jumpers on Instagram, it’s an amazing way to
have the technique sink in. Well actually riding requires whoever who can jump
does the same and more. Obviously you get air experience and knowledge on tap. You get to watch them hit the very jumps you’re considering to take on. And you can even have them tow you in to the lip of the jump. Doing this means you have all the calculations of speed
and approach covered. The confidence this will give you is going to make an amazing difference. I promise you that. Obviously the bit in the air is still your problem. But with a tow in you’ve
removed a few hurdles. So give that a try. Of the riders who jump, will know exactly how useful it is and will be more that likely to only be too willing to tow you in. Another confidence booster is building your own jump. If you have a suitable spot to play with then you’ll learn so much by starting really small building those takeoff lips and realizing how the shape of the ramp affects your trajectory through the air. Once you’ve played with your own build, you’ll start to recognize
the shapes of jumps that either suit you and your ability or a particular jump is a kind of ramp that you aren’t
comfortable with or able to cope with at this point in your riding. So good information to have. Think about what I’ve said. And see if there’s anything in there that can help you progress your skills and gain the confidence you need. If you’ve literally just
started riding jumps, then start small and on jumps that lend themselves to a developing rider. Tabletop jumps that don’t
need to be cleared perfect Like that one. You can experiment with them in a far safer way than a
double that must be cleared. Great places to find nice tabletops is skate parks, pump
tracks, and BMX tracks. Alternately there are kick arounds you can buy that will really help you create great practice jumps with forgiving landing areas that help you build your confidence. At the end of the day confidence is what it’s all about. Don’t rush the process. And let the confidence build. As you incrementally improve, the confidence will grow. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this video and how did I do? Did I solve the problem? Let me know in the comments down below. And also tell us your jumping stories and experience too. Remember it’s not just me you’re telling but all the other comment readers too who might really need to know about your experience. It could be a big help to them. Thanks for watching. And click over here for
more problems solved. And I’ll see ya next time.

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