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Three Days, No Food, Drive to Tucson for 7 Week Triathlon Training Camp

– Morning traniacs, you see that sign? The sign over there that
says ‘that way to Cananda’? We’re going that way to the U.S. For seven weeks. That’s right MTK and I. We’re getting out of dodge. We are, essentially we’re moving to the U.S. for seven weeks. Lets get out of this frozen tundra. Ill explain. And we brought all the necessities. Road trip. – Road trip. [Upbeat Music] – So, seven week road trip. Where we’re going, Tucsan,
Tempee, Santa Barbara back to Winapeg, but with stops in, Park City, Utah and maybe Bolden. Now one of the nice benefits of MTK besides being behind the
camera and holding it for us while we drive, is that,
we can essentially work from anywhere. So, why not? Like, here, pan outside
show them what its like. That is not a conducive
place for triathlon training. We’re already like four hours from Winapeg and if I want to get to
Cona, I gotta be fresh and get in big miles, lay a
nice big base of foundation training here in January. And to be honest with you,
I was always starting to go sideway in my training and not really making
a lot of gains because I just can’t really train outside. So, we drive. [ Upbeat Music] So y’all might have seen on Instagram that MTK and I just haggled over, well I haggled, she tried to sink into
the floor ’cause she hates when I haggle. But we just traded in both of our vehicles for just one Rav4 because our commute is to the garage so we don’t need a couple of new vehicles. Also strapped this new
serus four bike carrier bike rack on. We both got a commuter bike and I took the Ventom road bike. There’s going to be lots of riding. Also for a number of reasons during this three day drive down to Tuscan. I’m currently twenty
two percent of the way into a seventy two hour fast. [ Upbeat Music] Alright so as we’re doing this drive. I’m not training at all. Training hasn’t been going so
super well over the holidays so, coach, Dan Plues,
gave me a few days off. Now to make it somewhat beneficial, give my stomach a little bit of a break, go through a little bit
of cellular regeneration. Wipe out some of the bad cells, replace with some good cells. I’m going through, hopefully, frankly I’m saying this to you right now and we’ll find out at the end of the video if I actually stuck with it. I’m saying this to you right now because I’m going on the record and we’ll see if I can get
through seventy two hours with basically nothing but black cofee, a little bit of bone broth, a little bit of leaky
gut repair suppliment for the tummy. I don’t know how optimistic I am. I’m starting to get,
like the little bit of hungriness in the cheeks. [Upbeat Music] So we’re coming to the end of day one. Where we coming to? Grand Island. – Nebraska. – Nebraska, its hilly here and very, very nice. Update on how the fast is going. I think I’m twenty two hours into it. I had a moment about two hours ago that just kinda felt anxious and s’s were really getting into my ear. S’s were getting to me. I think while we still got light and I can talk to you, I think, that’s gonna be it for day one. You guys have been great. And how have you been doin? – I’m peachy. Just fine. A little parched I need some water. – Well. We’re in Grand Island and I ate last night. [Pop Music] Nice effort , try. Ill explain. But I did win the, who’s better cuddler in the hotel room, with the dogs. How’s it feel not being the favorite? Hi guys. Sleep tight. [Glasses Clinking] – Okay the first question is, why fast? – Okay, at the end of this video, I’ll link to a video that
summerizes the benefits of a seventy two hour fast really well. Its by a guy that just
kinda summarizes it. He’s a ex chiropractor. So like he’s not my fasting guru, but its just a good
video that explains it. Personally in my case
I ended up doing a test that completely unaffiliated
with the company. I paid for the test through Viome, and what it says is I have leaky gut. So I need to work on the permeability of the cell wall in my stomach so I can absorb nutrients better. And I’ve got a lot of
inflammation in my gut. And the reason for this
fast is specifically address the inflammation. Bring that down. So there’s like lots and
lots of benefits to fasting. Also, they’ll be a link
in the description below to more my fasting guru. And like all the articles,
the links, the everything. This video would be like five hours long if I
talked about all that. So you can just go to check that out. – The next question is, How can it be healthy for
a training athlete to fast? Don’t we have to replenish by eating? – Good point, notice how
I’m not really training. One of the issues that I have, I would like to fast more, I would like to do more
intermittent fasting. I’d like to work on more,
more times that I can fast but yeah I agree. So I picked this trip,
these few days because my training is actually down to nothing. Coach Plues has given me a few days off. And I don’t have to
worry about replenishing. I don’t do fasting any other time than in the off season, right after a race, when there’s some sort of
window that I don’t have to worry about it with because, yeah, there are negative consequences
to athletic starvation. Its called like, really constantly under fueling your workouts. Especially if you’re a woman. We’re actually gonna do an entire podcast with my nutritionist, Stef Lowe. And you can actually download her guide that she put together for me. Her high performance fat loss guide at S-T-E-P-H We’re gonna talk about
the negative consequences for women and how women
should deal with low carb and fasting and all that. – What do when you’re
hungry during a fast? Do you focus on something else? – Water. Fizzy water. I used broth. Coffee. Caffeine is an appetite suppressant. Going for a light walk. Exercise is actually
and appetite suppressant and Peter Atia, he’s going through a three day himself. And when he felt good on
some of those three days he did an intense weight
workout because it stimulates emtour, which helps maintain your muscle. And that exercise is gonna
help with the morning cravings. – Someone asked does MTK fast with you? Or does she wave food in
your face during the fasts. – You want to answer that one? – MTK even offered to eat
a snack in the parking lot so he wouldn’t have to smell my food, so, MTK does not rudely
wave food in his face. I try to be very supportive. – Can fasting be dangerous? – Yes, absolutely. Its certainly not, I don’t think, safe to be combining
it with hard training, extended training, endurance training. I don’t think that thirty day fasts are super necessary or good. Again we’re gonna do the
podcast with Stef Lowe about how it can be dangerous for females. Yeah, definitley not a all the time thing. If you’re doing intermittent
fasting, really strict, And under fueling yourself. Oh yeah, totally. – Was it cravings or general
hunger that broke you? – It was more mental cravings telling me that it was time to eat. I wasn’t generally hungry. I actually just got a
message from somebody who is similar to me in that I have food addiction problems. And its actually led to
one of the things that Viome told me, is, I’m not actually, like personally me, super hungry all the time because of me. There’s something in my
body called butyrate. Or there’s something that isn’t in my body called butyrate. Which helps regulate the instinct to eat. And mine is basically at nil. So I have, like, no regulation
of anything in my body saying you know what, you’re full. You don’t need to eat right now. My, up here is always saying eat. And frankly i felt like
actually pretty wired, pretty alert. Didn’t feel super hungry, but mentally, I broke. It was just, kind of strange. So that’s that. Now to Santa Fe. [Upbeat Music] Very pretty here in Colorado. Very pretty. – What do you think guys? – You guys have just been fantastic this whole time. Putting on a clinic for all other dogs. [Upbeat Music] So with the old Kia, Sarris had sent me the two bike carrier. And they sent me the four
bike carrier for this. Besides a little bit of dust, pristine. So triniacs, this is actually
a little fun fact here. Where we’re staying here
might look a little bit familiar to you, also, after
thirty hours in the car, I’m happy to be standing. Last year basically
right around this time, Sara True and I produced
all of the audio files for pro triathlon
training ‘How to run with Sara and Ben True’, right there. And then all of this
brick around here is new, but this is where we
produced all of the video coureses with Sara and Ben
for How to run with Sara and Ben True. We snagged their place. Its not actually their place,
just where they rented. I knew it’d be safe and I knew
it had open space for dogs. So, trainiacs, over the next seven weeks we’re going Tuscan, Tempee, Santa Barbara, back through Park City, Utah. Back through Boulder at the end of it. Lots of adventures. A lot of training. I think there’s a lot of pro’s down here. A lot of friends are going to come. Lots of fun adventures. I gotta go help MTK unpack
and get this place set up. If you aren’t already subscribed and you want to see what
happens over the next seven week with this adventure, hit the subscribe button below. Later trainiacs.

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