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Thru-Axle Vs Quick Release – Is This The Future For Road Bikes?

quick releases have been around for over 80 years they are invented by none other than a mr. Campanella and it is an inspired design open to misuse but when operated correctly they will safely and securely attach your wheels to your bike except that mountain bikers have taken things in a different direction this is a through axle and the reason it matters to you and I now is because this is probably going to be the future for road bikes and the way it works is it bolts through your frame then through your wheel and then threads directly in to the other side of your frame it means that your dropouts on your frame of forks are going to be significantly different a quick release will definitely not work in a through axle frame or vice versa and the hub’s on your wheels will also be significantly different although many discs specific wheels now will be interchangeable between the two simply by swapping out your end caps right seems I’ve just said that quick-release is a great one earth is the point in this well firstly security quick releases are open to error either by doing them up too tightly not tight enough or indeed not doing them up at all but the bike industry has been dealing with the fallout from quick-release misuse for years so what’s undoubtedly the catalyst in assuring in through axles on road bikes is disparate because this brakes put extra stresses on the drop out extra stresses that could potentially in extreme cases caused the quick-release to loosen and then for the front wheel to pop out it is extremely rare but nevertheless the threat does exist however with true axles there is no such problem now that should probably be reason enough for through axles to usher in at the end of quick releases on road bikes but there are other advantages as well through axles are much much stiffer and that’s actually the real reason why they’re invented on mountain bikes in the first place because they were designed to bind together the ends of primitive long travel and very flex easing Forks in the late 90s what does it mean for your rigid road forks though well stiffness is still a good thing your bike should track better through corners at least in theory and also your Forks we might better place to handle the torsion coming off your dis caliber those two things you may well not notice out in the road but one thing that you would is silence you see this brace when paired with quick releases are sometimes prone to rubbing and making little noises whereas through axles stop that because every time you replace your wheel it is aligned in exactly the same position as the previous time and also that stiffness we’ve just talked about also prevents any kind of twisting and caliper right there this is a versus video so there have to be some downsides to through axles right well yes there are they’re heavier for a start through axles on a bike we probably add about hundred grams over a quick release version and then there is of course the fact that they are not as quick as a quick release at removing wheels now this is much much talked about a lot of time of fact by people for whom I’m sure it doesn’t actually matter how quickly you can’t change a wheel but nevertheless it is sometimes important so just how much slower is a through axle wheel to replace reading the stopwatch three two one go steady not too bad not world tour worthy but you know okay through axle three two one I wasn’t too bad too bad anyway finally there is one other issue that isn’t often talked about but has tripped up one or two people that I never and that is what happens if you lose your thru-axle because it can be a real to find a replacement and that’s because the exact length of a through axle can vary from frame to frame so if you do lose one then tracking down a replacement for a road bike is really tough because there just aren’t that many around now of course you shouldn’t ever actually lose your through axle as soon as you remove your wheel you store the threats all back in the frame that way it’s always there when you need it but okay I’m talking about me I lost it through Axel and I lost an entire days worth of riding trying to track down replace a day instead of riding I spent driving around the country trying to secure said replacement it was horrific okay quick release verses that relax on well if you can honestly hold your hand up and say that the speed of your wheel changes will affect your quality of life then fair enough quick releases are faster if you can honestly say that hundred grams is going to affect your enjoyment of cycling but I question your sanity but fair enough quick releases are definitely lighter and if weight really is your bag anyway then the chances are you’re not going to be all that interested in disparate and the truth of the matter is that there is nothing really wrong with quick releases they are plenty safe and secure enough for general riding when used correctly but the fact remains that through axles are more secure they’re foolproof and they’re stiffer and so there’s no real reason why actually the majority of us aren’t actually going to be better off with through axles on our bikes perhaps most important of all though is that bike companies think that through axles are better so the chances are if you’re in the market for a new road bike with discs it’s going to come with through axles personally I actually think that is a very good thing now that new bike that you may well be buying chances are it could well be an epic inderal road bike or a gravel bike and we actually were quite interested to see whether or not there are things that gravel bytes can do that road bikes can’t so we put loyalty to the test if you want to see that video you can get through to it just up there or to actually see whether or not disc brakes can help me stop faster well there’s another pseudo scientific experiment just down there otherwise make sure you subscribe to GCN to do that just click on the globe I forgot to pick up my wheel sorry okay

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