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100 comments on “Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel vs Logitech G920 – In-depth Comparison

  1. TX is Shit. And Thrustmaster is shit. I used my wheel for under 100 hours, injured myself, contacted customer support that basically told me to go fuck myself. DO NOT BUY this crap. Fanatec is expensive, but build quality is way better. Here's a vid of what my fucking TX did after i quit playing and started xbox the next day.

  2. I don't know the TX racing wheel is lacking a Clutch Pedal.

    there are better Thrustmaster wheels to compare it to the G29/G920 (they're both literally the same wheel just one works on the PS4/PS3 and the other Works on Xbox One, BOTH work on PC)

  3. Don’t get the Thrustmaster 458 spider because i just purchased it recently and the problem was it was going off to the left so it is not fixable so just dont buy its a RIP OFF!

  4. The TX sounds much better luckily i know that you should never buy anything from trustmaster be cos they deliver crappy quality products they brake way to often.

  5. I have the choice of the G290 which has worse force feedback BUT it comes with a free shifter (I am getting DIRT Rally so it would be useful) or the TX with better feedback but no stuck shift and no clutch. Also I am using carpet so the G920's pedals may be a little better for that.

  6. I'm still undecided about this, I'm only going to be using the wheel for ETS2 and Forza. Which one should I get? The place where I plan to buy only sells the TMX and the G920.

  7. In my opinion, the Logitech G920 is better in every way. The tiny difference of force feedback makes it better in my opinion. I want realism, I don't want to get thrown of the track because I'm playing an old ass game coz my wheel can do it, in which game hasn't got any wheel sensitivity options. Trust me, the TX is expensive, half plastic and downright looks no where near as appetizing to grab hold of as the G290. I got G290 and I regret nothing!

  8. is there any difference between TX and t300? and does anybody face any issue with thrustmaster for longtime use??

  9. Well I bought a Force FeedbackTX Ferrari 458 NEW 3 days ago. I will be returning it tonight and buying a Logitec. It is nice to drive with the gas and brake pedals. They were never recognized by the base. They plugged in and were not coming out with a telephone style cable the lock latch did not latch when into the wheel base complete. I tried all the reset and calibration tricks from Thrustmaster and forums to no avail. I also read countless cases of this and many other issues with these now. On top of that playing a game for a short time from assigning 2 buttons on the wheel for gas and brakes in the middle of my 3rd short race the screen went black with a no controller found. I checked all cables were fully connected.

  10. These both look good but the decider for me would be response and mechanics. It seems like the tx is better in that category but lacks the great design that the g920 has.

  11. I've seen too many GOOD REVIEWS from ppl who own the g920 so that's what I ordered, but I will say TX is a good wheel too so no hate on thrustmaster ig anyone that has one, just for my preference and along with the shifter included I choose logictech

  12. Could i get the logitech wheel and base and pair that with the thrustmaster t3pa pro pedals and th8a shifter??

  13. For a first wheel, I'd say go for the Logitech one. It's a better starter package, it's got everything you need and the only additional thing you might want is the manual shifter, but that's not gonna make you faster so that's a niche accessory.

    The only issue with Logitech might be the force feedback but unless you drive in real life the cars you drive in the game you will never know how that car actually feels and probably will never have the same feeling because you need a motion rig for that. Also the difference between force feedback on Logitech vs Thrustmaster is only an issue if you have tried both, probably side by side.

  14. got the 920 for 175 today
    i like the rigid feel of the FFB , feels real enough, you can always tone it down with many different options especially in simrace games

  15. Thrustmaster wheel feels far superior. The inferior pedals in no way justify getting an inferior wheel in the Logitech, as I believe the wheel is far more important than the pedals. If you’re going for long term use, you’re probably gonna upgrade accessories someday, but I think the foundation should always be the wheel

  16. Before comparing prices from different countries, make sure that you take "value added tax", import duty and shipment into consideration. In America, prices are shown without value added tax. In germany we have 19% VAT and prices are usually are shown including that. Now take a wild guess why anything in Germany has a 20% higher price tag. Yes, VAT is a messy subject, but again: It can easily make 20% difference.

  17. I'm assuming that English isn't your first language…that said, this was probably the best review I've watched comparing these two wheels

  18. The Thrustmaster is 2x the price of the g920 and comes with plastic shit pedals, I bought the g920 for 200 bucks its kind of a no brainer

  19. Currently on Amazon, the Thrustmaster TX with the three pedal set and the shifter costs $619 US. The Logitech with the additional shifter costs $290. There really isn't any decision when the price difference is factored in.

  20. I got a g920 for 150€ the leather quality is just amazing nothing really comparable to Thrustmaster rubber, plus the FF is awesome and not a single "clack" at all, it's all about how you configure it in the game settings.
    I would have chosen Logitech anyway just for the fact that the pedals got the clutch aswell.

  21. I got the G920 almost a month ago. Seriously thinking of returning it & getting the TX.

    Biggest complaints: brake pedal is so siff it's useless unless significantly reduce the range (unless I remove/replace the rubber stopper, voiding the warranty), and the wheel's gears aren't terribly smooth & kind of noisy, but a bit quieter than my last wheel, I think a Logitech Driving Force.

  22. D pad on the g920 is sloppiest piece of sh- I've ever used in my 35 years of gaming. Navigating menus is a chore. Absolutely unacceptable for the price of these wheels.

  23. my thrustmaster tx only lasted 6 weeks, the tiny fan couldn't even cool the motor, i'd recommend g920 from what i've seen

  24. What Forza game is that with the Volkswagen. I dont know why the other Forza games dont have a wider view where you see more of the steering wheel like with this Volkswagen clip just looks more realistic lol

  25. what about latency in the input. i saw your turned the wheel but the virtual car's wheel followed with latency. plz reply soon. I'm planning to buy one

  26. The big decider for me is that the g920 comes with 3 pedels and the shifter is half of the price as the thrustmaster one

  27. Well all I gotta say is I've used my tx for a total of like 10 hours in a year and it's already broke. My Logitech wheel for my PC from 2008, still works so I mean I think the gear set up is more reliable but the Tx has the better add-ons and force feedback but terrible when it comes to reliability. But thrustmaster has great customer service. Look up TX issues and there's a ton compared to the g920. So if you want an excellent wheel then the tx is better than the g920 but if you want a longer lasting wheel you won't have to buy a new base for when it breaks that gives an overall decent force feedback then go with the g920. Since my tx is broke I'm getting a new base and the g920 and will be doing a review myself soon! Hope this helped anyone

  28. First of all.
    -console sim racing is not good
    -forsa or project cars is not sim racing games
    -real sim racing games is: any f1 game, asseto corsa, iracing, automobilista, rfactor, euro truck simulator 2, American truck simulator,

  29. I’m sorry everyone wants the g920

    I’ve had one but I like the tx more because you can change it out the rim and add more mods and better technology inside
    People only buy the g920 because it cheaper but when you are with it for 1 year you will get bored

  30. TMX/T150 Pro is better now than G920. I had a TMX and tried the G920 somewhere, TMX feels a lot better. Plus the additional H-shifter is a lot better.

  31. Well i have thrustmaster t150 and its very good i am gonna go with thrustmaster t300 rs gt edition and buy th8a i was thinking about logitech but in thrustmaster you can get handbrake a lot of rims and its only more so i think you cant bored with it

  32. Why not mention how the g920 has calibration issues. And when they get older the pedals read random values even when your not touching them. When you drift the wheel will go off to the left a bit and will keep going off more and more. And this causes you to have to unplug and plug your stupid logitech back in and wait for it to go left right center and than!!! It will go off center again.and again. And again. I just got a tx last week. DON'T BUY A LOGITECH!!!!!! When you get your tx follow the instructions on the owners manual.install the leather edition. The steering wheel is a million times better than the logitech. Also the paddle shifters are better. The h pattern shifter for the logitech is an absolute joke. Do yourself a favor. Don't buy a logitech.

  33. For the unaware, the reason why the TX Ferrari Edition only has a gas&brake is because all Ferrari's are automatic.

  34. Omg, I really want the g920 but my paychecks only bring in about 500 dollars, but I pay for subscriptions and other stuff, I also have to buy food

  35. Guys, if you compare a thrustmaster tmx pro against a G920, the TMX is so so so much better. force feedback is better, the wheel is better, the pedals are better (mainly for the reason that the brake pedal on the logitech is really stiff) And if you want a even better wheel get the TX leather edition.

  36. go with thrustmaster especially when upgrading from g27? what about the Ferrari 458 spider lol, I used to use consoles a lot so only justify £50 a wheel

  37. The factor with the G920s force feedback is it's gear driven, it's what makes it so noisy, and the thrustmaster is belt driven. That's it really.

  38. Tbh all i really need is the g920 and shifter for the same price as the 458 italia tx with shit pedals just so i can drift and race on assetto, cruise on custom maps, and cruise on forza horizon 4

  39. In Sweden, right now, the TX Is only available as the Leather edition and is priced more than double the G920. With this difference there just isnt a choise to make… G920 any day of the week. And honestly, it simply is not loud. Any sound is loud if you get close enough and if your reference is dead silence. Come on… whats your reference??

  40. For me, plastic pedals aren't an issue. The quality of the internals of the wheel and the wheel itself on the Thrustmaster are way better.

  41. This isnt even close lol anybody that doesnt choose the thrustmaster tx is weird idk why your even comparing it should be the thrustmaster tmx now against the g920 but that's when I would get the g920 and you keep forgetting those pedals are at least 10 bit on the thrustmaster the g920/g29 is only 8 bit so for f1 racing you want the higher bit rate

  42. "advanced cooling system" a cooler attached to the motor kkk, don't think they need though, belts overheat, gears don't, besides, logitech motors are not very powerful to begin with.

  43. Cuz they like to rip of the European…. bruh different currencies means we pay the same because money is worth differently..

  44. Does anyone know how big the clamp is. I really need to know because I don’t want to buy a frame and need it to fit under my desk. My desk has a little compartment under where the Xbox is. It breaks fits my Xbox I could probably put my Xbox one s and a game with case on top and that’s how big it is. Would the clamp fit in there for the TX, please really need to know ASAP. 👍🏻

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