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31 comments on “TIM COLEMAN: do trials skills help with enduro riding?

  1. he rocks the same dents in his pipe as I do. they were one of the first performance mods I added. I'm glad I'm on the right track

  2. Nice reminder to get out on the trials bike again. Got pretty good at front and rear wheel hops lately, tried them on the dirtbike later and it actually worked, kind of. Keep up the neat stuff! 🙂

  3. Do all the high end riders have their clutches set up so 3 fingers wrap on the grip and 1 finger controls the clutch or is there another way to set it up ?

    What size 4T was that ? How do you get the 4T engine to "snap" like the 2T for manoeuvres ?

  4. Asking if trials skills help with enduro ridings is like asking if a condom helps prevent babies. It does 98% of the time

  5. Good to see the lad doing some coaching work. He seems down to earth and would make a really good instructor. He's put in the hard work over the years and knows what it takes to build a skill set. All the best with Tctrickz Tim!

  6. Wow, that is exactly what I want to do. UNlikely, but I am gonna try. Just wondering, it looked like you didn't have a hand on the clutch. DO you have a rekluse?

  7. No need for a unicycle! Just a hill, your bike and good clutch work! Love that stationary wheelie! THAT's definitely something I am going to have a go at!

  8. Hey guys the short answer is: No

    You're welcome I just saved you 4 minutes and now you'll be a better rider by ten fold for not wasting your time here.

    You're almost to 100k mate! Always loved your vids 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  9. Some very wise words from a very skilled man!! I know I keep saying it, but i really want to do some training courses!

  10. Start with the little things. Okay, will wash the bike again. Makes me faster cleaning the shit off her. Wonder what's next.

  11. We have a lot of events in Europe but sadly most coaching sessions are very small and private. Also none of the coaches are willing to visit Estonia (have tried to get ANYBODY with skills and ability to explain in english over here). Also some riders have taken a stance that they are untalented and have nothing to learn from a pro. This explains why ppl want dumber teachers!

    Got myself a trials bike last year and my riding changed within months on my Freeride as well. It is easier to try new things on the light tirals bike than full size enduro. Also managed to convince my older brother to get a trials bike. Let the fun begin!!

  12. I love enduro/off road riding. Trails and off surfaces but my god hard enduro? I'd rather put backpack straps on my bike and carry it because it looks like that's about what most of them should do 🙂

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