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Benefits of cycling
Tinley Park Gym Fitness | Tinley Park Fitness Center

Tinley Park Gym Fitness | Tinley Park Fitness Center

My recommendation if you’re in the club for the first time is let us set you up with a program. Let us set you up with that sure fit personal assistance program. Or at least set you up with an orientation which would be a one time routine on a circuit in the weight room. But in addition to that, cardiovascular equipment is going to be important whether we get you on a treadmill or elliptical machine but also at the same time it would be great to get you into a classroom here where you’re surrounded by some other people. Some classes that might be a little bit easier to get into would be like a power pump class, a strength training class, or the cycling class because everybody knows how to ride a bike. So that’s kind of easy ones. There are some other ones that are a little bit more intense that might take a little bit more time to work up to. Yoga and Pilate’s class are going to be big ones for you as well that you can kind of step right in without too much intimidation that they can ease you through and get you going.

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