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Tips for Buying a Bicycle : Maintenance Tips for Bicycles

Tips for Buying a Bicycle : Maintenance Tips for Bicycles

Hi, I’m Mark. I’m here with Expert Village
at the Competitive Edge Cyclery in Upland to explain how to buy a quality bike from
a bike shop. When you buy your bike, make sure you get a good lock. My favorite locks
are the ones that have a U-lock, heavy duty steel, comes out in two pieces. This particular
lock also comes with a cable, so you can loop this around your wheels. But a good lock,
a U-lock, being the best way to t go. I would also keep it locked up if it’s in the garage
or outside the house. Most of the time when somebody steals a bike, It’s out of the garage.
So get yourself a good lock. Here’s one last important part about buying a bike. Number
one, make sure you go to a bike store to buy your bike. You’ll be getting a much better
product, and it will last you in the long run. The other thing you want to do is to
maintain your bike, and that would be to routinely keep the chain lubricated, keep the bike clean,
change out your tires on a regular basis, and go out and ride. If you’re ever in the
area, in Upland, California, come out to the Competitive Edge and I’d be more than happy
to show you some nice quality bikes.

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