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Benefits of cycling

Tips for Buying a Bicycle : What Bicycle Suits Your Riding Style?

Hi. I’m Mark. I’m here with Expert Village
at the Competitive Edge Cyclery here in Upland to explain how to buy a quality bike from
a bike shop. First thing a person should know is they need to decide on the style of riding
that they’re going to be doing. It could be mountain bike riding. It could be road bike
riding. It could be cruising on the beach or just around the neighborhood. Mountain
biking is very easy to do. The mountain bikes have multiple gears, anywhere from 21 to 27
speeds. Very easy to go up hills, ride the roads. Just a good all around bike. The beauty
of mountain biking is you can get out away from the city and town and go up into the
hills and be one with nature. You see all kinds of amazing animals and plants and different
scenery and it’s a great escape.

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