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Tips for Improving Your Motorcycle’s Performance | Allstate Insurance

Tips for Improving Your Motorcycle’s Performance | Allstate Insurance

Hey guys, Brian here from TwoWheelObsession. Today, I’ve got my top tips for how to improve
the performance of your motorcycle. Starting with a freebie, make sure your tire
pressures are at their optimal. It may be what’s best for the tire or according
to what’s in your manual. And make sure to use an accurate gauge. Overall tire condition is absolutely paramount
to motorcycle performance. Make sure your rubber is in tip-top shape
for the best performance. If using a chain and sprocket or belt, replace
any part that has any wear on it. If you use a shaft drive system, make sure
you regularly replace the lube. Your engine is an air pump — the more air
that flows in and out the more power it makes. Your air filter must be kept clean at all
times for optimum performance. Along with that air comes fuel and if the
engine can’t make it go “bang” efficiently, you’re losing out of performance. Make sure your spark plugs are changed regularly. A pricey, but sometimes worthwhile investment
into performance is an aftermarket exhaust with electronic tuning. Consult your owner’s manual for your minimum
rated octane rating and use it at all times. Replacing your stock rubber brake lines with
stainless steel brake lines can greatly improve your braking performance. Properly setting your suspension is critical
to getting maximum handling performance out of your bike. Some bikes will have manual controls — sometimes
hidden inside the bike. Others will have electronic controls for easier
and much more precise control. Make sure to set your controls for your optimum
reach. Both hand and foot controls are often fully
adjustable for each rider’s size. But the No. 1 thing by far to increase every
aspect about the performance of your motorcycle, is putting time and money and investing in
training for yourself through rider education programs. If you’ve never taken a course to improve
your riding skills, that is going to dramatically change your entire experience with whatever
motorcycle you’re riding. Check out for more great
tips, tricks, how-tos, reviews and all kinds of cool motorcycle videos. See you next time, guys.

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  1. That last point you make is absolutely true. I took the A.B.A.T.E. Beginner Rider's Course and the two day lesson was worth every penny and more. I think states should offer parents an opt in for their kids during drivers education; Even if they're not going to be a motorcycle rider, the information and awareness gained from the course is invaluable.

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