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Tips with Tom – Assault Bike

Tips with Tom – Assault Bike

Okay I just want to quickly talk about
how basically how to set up these bikes I’ve had a few people ask over the last
I guess four or five weeks so number one when you’re setting a seat height it’s
gonna be basically right around the top of your waistband so that’s generally
where you’re gonna want to be so I’m at a seven here and then as far as the seat
going back and forth you’re gonna roughly double that number
so I’m at a seven I could be at a six or excuse me at a three or four so half the
number excuse me not double the number the height will be double the distance back
so I could be on a three or four here I’ve got it set on a four so is part of it a comfort thing for people? Yeh here’s why that that might be the case is obviously limb length isn’t
necessarily uniform so as I set up here you you do want to have a sensation that
you’re leaning slightly forward so you’re never gonna be on this thing
super upright like a Mountie police officer or something like that so you’re
gonna want to have the sensation that you are kind of falling into the handles
a little bit hence why the handles move versus on like just a
stationary bike where you’re leaning forward and just resting here so if you
can tell down at the bottom here my legs almost straight which is slightly bent
just like you would be if you’re sizing yourself for like a normal mountain bike
or something like that and then from there gonna have a slight lean forward
so my chest is falling because of again I have to see far enough back that
I’m gonna give myself that sensation outside of that I mean those are really
only things you need to think about try your best to always tighten these things
when you get on them whether that’s before or after you’re sitting on the
seat just because I have seen them slip and slide a little bit if you’re too
rushed with it so just take the extra four or five seconds and try to make
sure those things are tight the other thing with these bikes is like any bike
is only gonna get harder the harder you work and that being said what I don’t
want you to try and do is compare this to another piece of machinery made by a
different company and a different factory with a different monitor so I
know when we first got these a lot people like why I can’t get nearly as
high my wattage or my power outputs lowered it’s like you
know you’re trying to compare like how far you can throw a baseball and how far
you can throw a football they’re not they’re not gonna be the same so just do
your best to kind of keep track of the metrics that you have on here okay when
I’m working for two minutes you know what’s what’s my average rpm what’s my
wattage when I’m working for 30 seconds with my average rpm or wattage and
overtime we’ll ask you guys to do like you know one minute max effort do 50
calories for time little things like that so you’ll have a better idea of kind of
what your work output is on these things rather than I may be just guessing all
the time so oh it’s beach day Saturday Is there anything to go over on the screen? no I mean
generally speaking well for what we’re gonna be doing in class you can just
kind of start so the screen is usually gonna look like this and then if I just
start pedaling it just turns on so it’s gonna take 2 or 3 seconds but you don’t
have to panic and be like…just to try and make your work as then it’s just
gonna actually turn off again so you can just jump on start going and it’ll start tracking everything for you

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