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TONS OF HELICOPTERS AND AIRCRAFT for a Cycling Race — Busy Arrival!

TONS OF HELICOPTERS AND AIRCRAFT for a Cycling Race — Busy Arrival!

Tower, ECMSA, holding point runway 09, ready for departure. ECMSA, hold position, I’ll call you back. Hold position, ECMSA VAS: Traffic on final in sight. Ladies, you ready? Take the headset! Aerofan 5E, I have two traffic in the pattern. I can’t promise you can join anytime soon. ECMSA, line up and wait runway 09. Line up and wait runwya 09, ECMSA Left side clear. Right side clear. VAS: I have the traffic on upwind. Standby radio 124.230, okay? Alright, thanks. Landing, taxi, nav and strobes… Remember, line up and wait. ECMSA, wind 150 degrees 3 knots Runway 09, cleared for takeoff. Report passing 4000′. Cleared for takeoff runway 09, we’ll report through 4000′; ECMSA Maximum set… Engine in the green… 60 knots… 70 checked 80… rotate ECMSA, Madrid 124.230, have a nice flight! 124.230, thanks, ECMSA ECMSA, amend last clearance and maintain FL140 when reaching FL140 when reaching and request about 20 degrees to the right to avoid. ECMSA, any deviation approved to remain clear of weather. When able direct Zamora. Roger, any deviation approved and direct to Zamora, ECMSA ECMSA, reaching FL140 ECMSA, thanks. Free of conflict, climb FL180. Climb FL180, ECMSA Asturias, ECMSA, reaching FL160 ECMSA, roger. Cleared FL150. FL150, we’re in visual, ECMSA Roger Tower, ECMSA? ECMSA, go ahead We’d like to report a fire, 3 o’clock from our position and about 5-7 miles. Roger, thanks. Is that the area of La Cubilla? Might be… we’re due west of Barrios the Luna lake? Yes, alright, thanks. Welcome! ECMSA, for your information, we have reported your information and I’ve been told they’re on their way. Thanks! Roger, thank you! ECMSA, continue descent your discretion enroute to REPSO and maintain visual separation with the ground. Roger, we’re in visual, our discretion to REPSO, ECMSA CSHEE, Asturias, go ahead. Overhead Oviedo, FL70 canging to QNH 1024, we’re going to La Morgal.

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  1. Great video think I’m first everyone like this comment please haven’t got more that one like on one so ya love you vasa aviation

  2. Why did you retract flaps so short after touchdown? Airline standard is to clean up the aircraft (flaps, speed brakes, LDG lights, …) only after leaving the rumway?

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