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Benefits of cycling
Top 10 Cycling Apps

Top 10 Cycling Apps

Designed to sync with the Garmin Edge head
units, Garmin Connect lets you easily upload and analyse your rides from your device. Our
favourite feature, though, is the ability to track your friends’ rides in real time
– this is great not only to make sure they’re safe, but can also offer that little bit of
extra motivation to get out there yourself. If you don’t have access to a heart rate monitor,
Instant Heart Rate is an easy way to check your pulse. Place your finger over the camera
and the app monitors colour changes in the skin, which directly relates to your pulse.
After 10 seconds, you’ll have an average heart rate reading which you can save and store
on your phone. It’s a good way to check your resting heart rate, which is one of the ways
to gauge how efficient your cardiovascular system is. It’s the simplest of apps, but it’s one that
could save your life. Ride ID turns the screensaver on your phone into an emergency contacts list
in case the worst should happen, offering easily accessible information for paramedics
which can save a lot of precious time in the event of a serious accident. For those of you watching your calorie intake
while training, BikeCal takes factors like age, weight and training intensity to work
out how many calories you should be consuming out on the bike, depending on the type of
session you’re doing. This is perfect for those who are looking to maintain or lose
weight. Although not bike-specific, this spirit level
app is useful for everything, from making sure your saddle is straight to hanging your
favourite cycling memorabilia. Encounter a problem on the road? No internet
on your phone for to find GCN’s roadside maintainance tips? Fear not, this next app has your back.
Bike Doctor 2 contains step-by-step instructions to fix the most common problems you’ll come
across when you’re out and about. Stay tuned for an update in July, where 8 new repairs
are set to be added, along with 4 new language options. While we’d always recommend going to a professional
bike fitter, Size My Bike will give you a good indication of the kind of frame dimensions
you should be looking for when purchasing a new bike or adjusting your old one. Simply
punch in six measurements and the app does all the calculations for you. The Apple device-specific CycleMeter links
with ANT+ devices from companies like Wahoo Fitness to deliver you with stats like Power
and Heart Rate while you’re out on a ride. Even better, they’ve recently switched from
being a paid app to a free one, with the option to upgrade to a premium subscription. MapMyRide is another app which uses GPS to
chart your progress – You can even use your smartphone as a bike computer if you find
a suitable bike mount, where you’ll be able to access your vital statistics on a fully
customisable display. If you’re at your computer, you can use their
website to plan your perfect route, as it calculates distance and gradient on-the-fly. If you’ve been watching our news show, you’ll
know how much we’re into Strava. Using GPS, the app tracks your movement and provides
you with a full analysis of your ride once you’ve finished. Their most recent update
means the app is now available in 11 different languages and adds the option to add pictures
to your ride using Instagram or other photo apps. It’s great fun, but scarily addictive. Don’t forget we’ve got a club on Strava – just
search for GCN. What’s your favourite cycling app? Let us
know in the comments section down below.

100 comments on “Top 10 Cycling Apps

  1. Runtastic is one that should be checked out.  The best I have found.  It's free and the PRO upgrade is under $5.00

  2. hi i have used S-health (samsung patented galaxy smartphone app) endomondo and google my tracks which does a very good job too. But strava definitely is very very good.  Endomondo gives really exhaustive list of information and is very handy too.

  3. Strava suits douchebags who cycle to show off just like white girls on FB, Mapmyride is the real deal, much more technology involved and very simple.

    I rate Strava 6/10 and Mapmyride 9/10

  4. OK, so where's Endomondo? I haven't tried Strava but from what I've seen of it, there isn't a whole lot different between the two

  5. S Health has a feature for cycling, walking and heart monitor among other things. Also CycleStreets is good although I don't understand what Waypoints are.

  6. Hi guys.

    I have a idea for a H&S videos. People are being traced via strava and having bike stolen.

    This post should be flagged to all your viewers?

    It blocks our home address from showing on the maps.

    I hope this helps protect your fans.


    Fraser Forbes, Scotland, crazy fan.

  7. Bike Cal is giving me an error at end of download on my Android (Samsung Galaxy mini SIII). Anyone having same difficulty? Ta!

  8. I have recently gotten into bicycling again and I love strava. Now I just need to invest in a cell phone mount for my bike and I will be able to use the live feed from strava while I'm riding.

  9. Been using RunKeeper since 2014. It's is a simple, yet an affective app for cycling. Has some of the functionality as MapMyRide, but doesn't allow you to plan trips ahead of time and get an idea how difficult or easy your next ride will be.

    But, it can also trac other activities as well, even indoor ones and can be paired with a heart rate monitor to track your fitness.

  10. I use an app by Runtastic, it's similar to Strava. For where I am at right now in my road biking experience, it's a perfect fit

  11. What a great team you are, I am 70 years old and started cycling 10 years ago, I have a Garmin 800 but find the date incorrect especial the speed im riding at, I use a GoPro and I combine the video with Garmin VIRB, when cycling down hill the speed is very wrong, have you any idea what is wrong, I live near the Mountains of Mourne, very tough hills, come over and have a go at climbing Spelga, keep up the great videos

  12. I also like "Ride W/GPS" its a great app that gives you verbal turn notifications, notifies you when you're off route, graphs for heart rate, cadence, elevation and speed. It also lets you plan your route with their easy route planner, they also have a basic free account and a pro account that lets you share and Plan Club rides, the route planner will also show rest stops on some major rides that use the app to plan their routes (did a "Ride 2 Recovery" event in Las Vegas that showed the rest stops on the route-as well as the turns etc), it also will estimate the time you will take to do a route you are planning…….all around a great app

  13. Roam MTB – a revolutionary free app for mountain bike trail navigation that uses real time 3D maps. They are adding trail maps daily and and Android version is just around the corner.

  14. Strava! I'm not anywhere near pro cycling. I ride an average of 15 km a day in different short rides and if I have time I make rides of about 15 km a couple of times a week.
    Would you say subscribing for strava premium is worth it for me?
    I also do not have any fancy equipment, just my TREK road bicycle.

  15. There is this dude that rides a 5 thousand dollar bike with strava powermeter and all those other high tech gadgets but i could of told him and saved him thousands just by telling him that he will never be in my class.

  16. Endomondo was the first app I have used and I loved it. But in the end Strava was more addictive 😉 and popular.

  17. IpBike is the best app to turn your Android phone to a bike computer IMO and can upload your rides to many sites, or you can save them to a lot of different formats for the site who don't provide an API, or using it in a dedicated app for analysis (golden cheetah?)

  18. I have tried RidewithGps, Strava, and Endomondo. But of all of them I like Viewranger because I can use it with Ordnance Survey maps when I am recording or plotting a route. Especially useful if you go off-road.

  19. Strava is the only way to go. Imagine Strava teammed up with for the ultimate fitness app!

  20. map my ride iveused since they came out tried strava founf mmr had almost everything strava has but simpler

  21. komoot for offline turn by turn directions and urban biker for a cool cycle computer (nifty tricks like a bell when slowing/turning)..and even turn your phone into an emergency flashing bike light. not tried the light function for real though

  22. Strava is great for post ride analysis, but why in the world does it still not have current speed is beyond me… like for real…

  23. Using Sports Tracker premium at the mo, you can add cadence and hrm sensors. It give's seg times, maps ride and plenty of other data

  24. Runtastic is my favorite app. It's really good with great features. Strava and Endomondo are good too.

  25. Lame review. The first thing I want to know is how much the app costs. Naturally, a free app that works well would be nice. With that in mind the review could have been broken down into best free apps, best performing apps and best bang for the buck apps.

  26. Do you know an app or site that allows to compose or import a track and then displays not only the elevation profile and gain but also the gradients on the route? #torqueback

  27. I use runkeeper. It keeps maps and i can see my speed and elevation at any point on the map. It keeps records and tells me when i break a PR. I set a goal for 2,000 miles by the start of RAGBRAI next year and it tells me my percentage towards that goal at the end of every ride.

  28. is becoming the must have…Love this app….. simple to use with lots of data. Plus the route planner that is missing from the likes of strava.

  29. Currently i am using the app Bike road…but I have A problem that It stops tracking when my phone is locked….what shoul i do? Or which other app should i prefer for tracking

  30. Ugh…RideID sounded great and I installed it straight away. But it hasn't been updated since 2012 and any time you do anything on a current iPhone it crashes to program. I wasn't able to get my personal info loaded it crashed so often. Too bad as this app is a great idea.

  31. I open recently for myself CRANK cycling computer app simple in use, it gives all info I need to know about the training process:speed, cadence, route, heart rate, elevation, etc and it needs no stupid registration.

  32. My favourite is Mapmyride but I have started to us My E Training by Elite as I have a turbo trainer. When I found out I could fit a Bluetooth sender to it I then started using heart rate monitor & my e training E trading gives power cadence speed etc, I can send to mapmyride for further analysis re intensity & percentage efforts etc.

  33. Can anyone recommend a speedometer that can overlay the strava app to show me real time speed since strava refuses to give us current speeds? I don't want another one that records, just something simple to help me on segments and doesn't burn the battery. Thanks

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