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Top 10 Cycling Rules To Break!

Top 10 Cycling Rules To Break!

– [Matt] Let’s face it, rules are there to
be broken and our beloved sport of cycling is no exception at all. And we’re not
talking about UCR regulations here, more the unwritten rules that, on
occasion, actually need to be broken so we can all spread our own
individual cycling wings. Top 10 cycling rules to break! Sock-shoe combination. A few years back,
you’d have been hauled before the court by your bib shorts if you’d have had the
audacity to venture out in anything but traditional black shoes, white socks
combo. – [Si] Yeah. Now, though, almost any shoe-
sock combination seems to be acceptable. There’s even gray socks in the pro
peloton. I’m loving those, that length. Perfect. – Yeah, I hold them up like
permanently tensing my calf muscles. – Wearing leg warmers without arm warmers
on. This may seem a little odd to you, and in fact, it does to us too, hence it
being in this list. Do the right thing and ignore this frankly peculiar rule. – [Dan] You all right? – No, my legs are fine, it’s just that my
arms are getting a bit warm. It’s just what I’ve always done, mate. – I know you’ve always done it because I
noticed in that Bertie video where he dropped you, you had this combo going on.
Didn’t help you then, did it? – Wearing pro team kit. Another unwritten rule that we’re happy to
see screwed up and tossed into the recycling bin is this, that you can’t
wear pro kit unless you’re a pro. Well, stuff that. If you’re a fan of the
sport and want to support your favorite rider or team, then why not? – Yeah. Although we do have one
caveat. We draw the line at wearing the kit of national or indeed world
champions. Just respect the stripes. Oh. Well actually, it’s just up to you. – Tools and tubes should be stored in
pockets. – Whoa, hold on a minute. There are
options. Saddlebags these days can be really discreet, tucking themselves very
neatly and aerodynamically beneath your seat so as not to disturb your bike’s
wonderful aesthetic. You pop your tools and your tubes in there to keep your
pockets bulk-free and comfortable. So, we will take that rule
and we will put it in the trash. – No unplanned cafe stops. Hey, new cafe! – Hey, check it out. That looks
all right, doesn’t it? – Can we stop here? – Let’s do it. – So when faced with the quandary of “do
we or don’t we,” apply this test. “Will I ever get the chance again?”
If no, give in and enjoy. – Whose round is it? – Uh, I think it might be yours again, Si,
to be honest with you. – Four rounds on the truck? – But we set the limit at
five stops per ride. Shorts should always be black. To be so
ingrained as to arbitrarily ignore the option of even trying other colors we
find rather unhealthy. So we say, give colors a chance, but approach with
caution. FDJ, AG2R, and Cervelo test team kit designers, please take note. Stick to your training plan. Look, we’re
not telling you to throw your plan completely out the window and dispense
with it altogether, of course. If you really are tired, dial down the
intensity and take a day off, or up for the cafe over intervals.
Don’t be a slave to the plan. You have to eat energy products. I’ll tell you what, Si, it must be nearly
lunch time. I’m absolutely starving, I’ve not got any food. Gels, bars, and energy products are all
well and good, and certainly have their place…
– I’ve got baguettes for us. – I…thanks very much, that’s fantastic! Simply pack your pockets with stuff you
like: your favorite sandwich, some homemade fruit cake, even pizza! Your
pockets are your oyster. Ride naked. No, not that naked. Have we been here before?
I think we’re lost. Once in a while, why not turn off your
generic cycle computer? It’s liberating. A voyage of discovery dictated only by how
far you’re willing to push your personal envelope of natural instinctive
inquisitiveness. No Tour de France viewing when working. The Tour de France only comes around once
a year, albeit 21 days a year, once a year. Anyway, because of its
relative rarity, we think that bosses in general should be far more generous when
it comes to our Tour de France viewing pleasure.
Eh, Dan? – Sorry? Sorry, man. I was watching the
Tour. Cracking stage. Have we…let’s crack on with the end of
the video anyway. – I’ve done it. That was it. That was the
last one. You missed it because you were watching the Tour. – Oh. Sorry, mate. We’ve got loads more
great top 10s for you on the channel, some of them from a few years ago but real
gems. So if you click just up there, we’ve got our top 10 things not to eat on
a bike and just down there we’ve got top 10 things not to wear on a bike. – Well, if you want to subscribe to GCN,
you might as well click on the Tour de France because that’s what Dan is pretty
much focused on anyway. Cheers, Dan.

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  1. A treatise on the pro kit rule: If you are wearing a pro kit and I ride you down, I should get your gloves. If I ride you down without using my big ring, I should get your jersey. And if I ride you down without my big ring while wearing street clothes rather than my own riding clothes, I should get your whole kit. Better pack a spare. ;3

  2. I see a lot people wearing pro kit …. and this is an way (if bought ofrom pro team site or shop) to pro team get some cash and make their sponsor name more known 😀

  3. Well guys i wear a pro kit: 1 because it remains me when i first started and second because Im a fan of at least one the raiders. Maybe i went a little to far in getting the yellow yersey from Chris Froome, what you think?

  4. Well guys i wear a pro kit: 1 because it remains me when i first started and second because Im a fan of at least one the raiders. Maybe i went a little to far in getting the yellow yersey from Chris Froome, what you think?

  5. Is it ok for me to wear my Kask KOM helmet……? It goes rather well with my Fat Lad At The Back KOM jersey…!

  6. These clothing rules have always bored me–ride what you ride, wear what you wear, and don't worry about pretend rules.

  7. this is like a very discreet porno video. You chaps may have well been naked. There were just too may tools and saddle bags in open view in this short video.

  8. Absolutely love this little video! Great self-distance to the sport with a great sense of humor! The “pro tour” seems to set up for themselves, in there little bubble, somewhat strange “unwritten” rules that really do not apply to us who just love the sport and love to ride our bike!  So therefore this video is just great warm fun! Ride On!

  9. I would be so embarrassed wearing shorts which show your goods like there  a few sausages having a fight . Ok when riding but terrible looking while walking around . Maybe the manufactures could an insert to smooth it out or at least go to the local Butchers and upgrade :))

  10. Can anyone tell me/link me to the saddle bag on Si's bike after 1:49… love the look of it and the full black colour way!

  11. The no team kit rule always seems to confuse me.
    if wearing team kit when you are not a member of that team, why do so many cycling shops sell team kit. team sky kit is the one I have found most in cycling shops as well as the GC TDF jerseys. If I like the look or style of a pro kit or one of the riders who wear it, why shouldn't I be allowed to. personally I have in the past gone for a kit from a team that no longer exists. but even when wearing such a kit or even a bog standard cycling kit, you still get the occasional comment from someone claiming you are only wearing such a kit because you think you are a pro cyclist.
    the same rule should apply to fat overweight men wearing a shirt worn by the players of their favorite football team, usually with the name and number of their favorite player on the back. is that who they think they are when having a kick about with friends or kids in the park, do they think that despite their lack of fitness there is still a chance that could make it as a pro footballer? if people such as the ones I have mentioned above are allowed to wear what they like without ridicule, then why aren't cyclists?

  12. The rule to have to wear your sunglasses over the strips of your helmet. Whenever I do that I forget about the glasses when I take my helmet off and the glasses are flying to the ground…

  13. I don't get it why folks worry what someone thinks. I don't care what any other cyclist thinks about my gear or anything for that matter. I've always gone against the grain and like to be different and not follow the trend.

    Oh, I won't ever wear a pro kit unless I am on the team – just me. I'd rather advertise me or my business.

  14. like following local bike route markings for a bit and your going to fast to notice them and you miss your turn and you end up explore is what i did with my dad once let just follow bike route 21 and totally forgot about the markings and end up lost

  15. What's so bad about wearing pro kits, in most team sports fans show their support by wearing their teams kit I don't think we should promote it but we shouldn't ban it

  16. I used warmers to protect me from hot uv rays.we have always hot & scourching heat here in the Phils. 😀

  17. I wear ankle socks. Dont understand the long socks thing. Sometimes white, sometimes black (neon green sidi MTB's shoes). Burnt my arms to a crisp on second ride in southern spain. Wore rain stopping lusso kneewarmers at the same time. Then got UV stopper arms and wore both arms and kneewarmers. Once arms got used to the burn i dropped the arm warmers and then only wore the UV stopping white castelli knee warmers with bottom ankles exposed. I break most of your @[email protected] Dont wear pro kit. WOnt be seen dead in world champion nor country champ kit. Respect what they earned. Topeak survival kit…attacked to seatpost…cool! Stop far too often for water and fruit….hot in spain. Bought some white cervelo test team bibs…..DONT DO IT. See through as fudge. Never ride with a plan with the exception of today. I spinned in lowest gear for 20 km…on a compact with 34 in rear. Am i Nuts??? Ham and cheese brioche/pan de leche…with mustard….for the win. over and out

  18. Your bit contradictory because I watched one video where you made fun of people waring Pro kits.. With words along the line "your not in tour de France"

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