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Top 10 Inspirational Cycling Quotes

– We all need inspiration
from time to time, so here are 10 cycling quotes to ignite that spark inside, as well as giving you an insight into why cycling means so
much to so many people. First up, the esteemed author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, gives this sounds advice: “Learn to ride a bicycle. “You will not regret it, if you live.” Hold on. What did he actually mean there? Anyway, putting cycling into context, Mark Cavendish former World Road Champion and 30 times Tour de France stage winner, had this to say, “I used to work in a
bank when I was younger, “and to me it doesn’t matter whether “it’s raining or the sun
is shining, or whatever. “As long as I’m riding a bike, “I know I’m the luckiest
guy in the world.” Thanks for that, Cav. Now, as succinct and as sharp as ever, Charles M. Schultz, the creator
of the Peanuts comic strip, compares life to a bike. “Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. “Most of us have gears we never use.” Hmm. Very profound. Now, on how he got into cycling, double World Road champion and five times Tour de France green jersey
winner, Peter Sagan, said, “My brother persuaded me to try cycling, “and I realized it was the
best thing in the world. “People thought we were strange, “but I couldn’t have cared less.” Well, thanks of that, Pete. Now, expressing his love of the bike, John Lennon, Beetle, said, “As a kid I had a dream. “I wanted to own my own bicycle. “When I got the bike, I must
have been the happiest boy “in Liverpool, maybe the world. “I lived for that bike. “Most kids left their bike
in the backyard at night. “Not me, I insisted on
taking mine indoors, “and the first night, I
even kept it in my bed.” Anybody else slept with their bike? Now, literary giant H.G. Wells, author of The Time Machine
and War of the Worlds amongst other works, saw
hope in the humble bicycle, “Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, “I do not despair for the human race.” Enough said, H.G. Now, former World Road Champion, three times Paris-Roubaix, and three times Tour de Flanders winner and Lion of Flanders, Johan Museeuw, made this profound observation. “Crashing is a part of cycling, “as crying is a part of love.” 35th President of the
United States of America, John F. Kennedy, clearly had
a real place in his heart for our favorite mode
of two-wheel transport. “Nothing compares to the simple
pleasure of riding a bike.” Now, perhaps more informative
than inspirational, this quote from bike
innovator extraordinaire Keith Bontrager, is stone-cold classic, “Light, strong, cheap. “Pick two.” Always good for a quote is Keith. Now finally, author and
community leader Bill Strickland, was glowing in his praise of the bicycle. “A bicycle is an unparalleled merger “of a toy, a utilitarian
vehicles, and sporting equipment. “The bike can be used in so many ways, “and approaches perfection in each use. “For instance, the bicycle
is the most efficient “machine ever created,
converting calories into gas, “a bicycle gets the equivalent
of 3,000 miles a gallon. “And a person pedalling a bike uses energy “more efficiently than
gazelle or an eagle. “And a triangle frame
bicycle can easily carry “10 times its own weight,
a capacity no automobile, “airplane, or bridge can match.” Hmm. I can’t actually vouch
for some of those facts, but it certainly sounded good. Now, I hope you enjoyed
these inspirational quotes, and I’m sure there are
many, many, many quotes that we’ve missed. You know what to do. Leave your comments down below to tell us which quotes inspire you. Now, if you haven’t already subscribed to the Global Cycling Network, you can do so for free by clicking on the globe, about here. And for our unwritten rules of cycling, how about clicking just down here. And for our top 10 cycling phrases, how about clicking just down here.

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