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Top 13 Most Controversial Cycling Moments In 2019

Top 13 Most Controversial Cycling Moments In 2019

– Professional road racing. It’s never too far away from
a bit of controversy, is it? – No, in fact, here are the
13 most controversial moments of the 2019 season. – Controversial number, 13, isn’t it? (dramatic music) (energetic music) And we are going to start
with the Tour de France, which is, of course, the
biggest race of them all. A pressure cooker,
really, for all involved, and sometimes it can boil over a bit. – [Simon] It can, which is
exactly the case for Tony Martin and Luke Rowe, who came
to blows on stage 17 over an argument that appeared to just be about positioning in the bunch. – They did. They had to apologize to each other before they even crossed
the finish line that day. And subsequently got
together to issue an apology to the public, the fans, the organization and their own teammates,
but it was too late. They’ve already been thrown off the race and handed a 1000 Swiss Franc fine each. – And with that, we should
add to the control sedan. Should they have been disqualified? – Of course, bad example to kids. – No, absolutely not, definitely, not. Next up, is this incident
from the Crow race, in which a race official was so keen to guess a stage with a Ed Ward
gross suit after the finish, they he took out three
other riders in the process. – [Daniel] What was he thinking? And thankfully two of those riders were able to continue the race. But unfortunately for Bar
and Rita’s matte mahorage, not only did he have
to put out of the race, he had to end his season. – Even worse though, them
taken out by a race official, must be taken out by your own team. And that is almost exactly what happened on stage five over off
Vuelta to angle Medrezzo. – It did and plucky Spaniard
was part of three man breakaway who held a healthy advantage over the main person coming
to the final climb of the day. at which point his bogus BH
team card tried to give a bottle to his teammate, Yetzibo. And in doing so, nudged
the back wheel of Medrezzo, throwing him off balance to Jose Jurado, who in turn almost hit the
rocks on the side of the road. – Now thankfully,
everyone did stay upright. And almost unbelievably,
Medrezzo goes onto win the stage and that’s despite being in the break away for every road stage of the
race up until that point. What a legend. – Meanwhile, back at the
Giro d’Italia in May, Miguel Angel Lopez wasn’t quite so lucky. On the final climb of the
entire race on stage 20, he was taken out by an
over-enthusiastic fan. He was, and as you might
imagine, he was not best pleased. In fact, he was so angry he managed to land some
pretty accurate slaps onto the by now very embarrassed fan and actually finished off,
by adding insult to injury, by flipping his hat off. – Wasn’t the best
adversarial thing, was it, however you look at it, but somehow Lopez managed to get away without any kind of sanction from the UCI. – Would you sanction him? – I would. – Would you? No, I wouldn’t have sanctioned him. What about Neil Zackov? I bet he wishes that he got
away without a sanction. Crossing the line in a
glorious first place arrogance become the new under 23
world road race champion only to be disqualified soon after. – Hmm, turned out that he
crashed early on in the race, dislocating his shoulder, which he put back in
himself, but after that he sheltered behind his
team cover over two minutes to make his way back to the Pendleton. And after seeing footage of that, the UCI decided to disqualify him. – Yes, now that was a
controversial decision for many reasons. It was met by a lot of scorn
from the professional Pendleton and actually we hear Zackov
is actually taking the UCI to the court for arbitration in sport to complain about that decision. Dan, would you have sanctioned him? – No. – No, I would not either. I mean, he popped his own shoulder back in and then got back in the bunch. What a legend. – We’ll got back to the Giro d’Italia now, because on the very same stage where Lopez had his fisty cuff incident, Primroz Roglic received a
rather lengthy push from a fan from the side of the road
on the penultimate climb. – He did, unlike Lopez
decking a spectator, the UCI did deem this
one to be unacceptable, and therefore landed
Roglic with a sanction. A ten-second time penalty on
the general classification. Would you have sanctioned him, Dan? – No. – No, I wouldn’t have
sanctioned him, either. – And the Giro was just full of these controversial
moments, wasn’t it? This is Victor Campenaerts
receiving a bike change on the stage 11 individual time trial after a mechanical problem. – Yeah, not just the bike change Dan, a really, really, really bad bike change. One, in fact, probably
cost him this stage. He did go on finish
second, but just 11 seconds behind the winner: Primroz Roglic. – [Daniel] And yet more
from the Giro d’Italia. Remember on stage 15 when
race favorite, Primoz Roglic, needed a new bike after mechanical and had to wait for like ever? – I do, he had to wait for
a really, really long time for his sports director to turn up. But it turns out there was a good reason. For this, yeah. His sports director had stopped for a wee. – Fair enough, when you
got to go, you got to go. – Well, yeah. – Right, who remembers this
incident all the way back in early March at the first couple
classic race of the season? Only the news bad, in the men’s race the break had gone very
early and the main person decided to sit up and
take it easy for a while. However, the women’s event had started the same course not long afterwards. And Nicole Hansmon, the lone
leader of the race was flying. – Yeah, you can say that again. She very quickly caught
the men’s race convoy and so the UCI had to intervene. They decided to stop the women’s race. Also, getting stopped for
entirely different reasons was Mark Soler at stage
nine of the Vuelta a Espana. He was in what looks to
be stage winning position on the way to Andora, but
was then asked to wait by his own team. – The reason for that was his
team leader, Nara Quintana, was on the attack behind, looking for all the help he could get. So Soler, duly, but slightly
reluctantly did wait for his teammate and did everything he could to help him. – And to be fair, it did work. While Quintana could only
manage second on the stage, he did then go into the race lead. – [Daniel] And there was
yet more controversies surrounding Murristar a little later in that same race on stage 19, where they decided to
attack into some crosswinds, just after Primroz Roglic,
the team leader, had crashed. – And they really, really
went for it, didn’t they? And for quite some time,
leaving Roglic and his team in something of a panic. Eventually though, Alejandro
Valverde did decide that perhaps it wasn’t
thee best thing to do and proceeded to look slightly sheepish, as all the rise who
been dropped got back on and told them what they thought. – We should had back to
the Tour de France now which is building up to
be the most enthralling and exciting additions in decades. It just got better and better and better
and better, didn’t it? All the way though stage 19. – Yeah, how good was it? Alaphillipe still in yellow, but starting to struggle. Any of his team dynamics finally poised but with egg out bone out
throwing everything at the race over the highest point of the whole tour. – Yeah, the Coldaliz are out. Everything was still to play for it at the top now, wasn’t it? Could Alaphillipe get back on descent? We’d never find out because
the race was stopped. – Yes, it was, with very reason though. As it turns out, slightly controversially, but effectively, a torrential storm had caused pretty significant
land slide, leaving organizers no choice, but to
actually cancel the stage. And actually ended up taking up the times from the top of that colderiserac. – And finally, over at the
Tour of California in May, stage four was won by Fabio Jacobson. Whilst race leader, Tejay van Garderen, crossed the finish line 54 seconds down. – However, he was ultimately
given the same fishing time as Jacobson, because he
had a mechanical problem. However, the mechanical problem
had happened quite some way outside that three kilometers
to go safety buffer zone. – Yeah, the controversy behind
this one lasted a long time. What it’s November now, actually. Courtesy of us making it on
this gees and controversy video. Thankfully though, the
UCI didn’t have a bearing on the outcome pf the race,
which was won by Tali Pegatchia. – That’s right. Would you have given van
Garderen the same time? – No. – No, I don’t think I would either. I don’t understand it. – Rules are rules. – Yeah, there we go. Anyway, those are our top 13 most controversial moments
of the 2019 season. We could have gone on, couldn’t we? We could’ve added Vivianis
disqualification at the Giro, Rep con Jennings disqualification from the British e-racing
championships, for cheating, we could have had the
break going the wrong way at the Giro racer, or in fact, the grand Piamonte. The list goes on. Isn’t that why bike racing is so great? – There were so many to choose from. If we missed any of our even extra list that Sai has just given
you, please let us know in the comment section just down below. – That’s right, and
also let us know whether you think that sanctions
are correct or not, as well. – Right, if you enjoyed this video, please give us the thumbs up by clicking on the icon just down below. And if you can’t get enough controversy, we got ourselves in the sport,
rather recently, didn’t we? By describing mountain bikes as boring in a video you can find just down here. – Kicked the proverbial
hornet’s nest, and we may.

79 comments on “Top 13 Most Controversial Cycling Moments In 2019

  1. Wow – first to comment! If you had many more to list… get a part 2 in there! Nice vid! Love these end of year review ones

  2. #1 Movistar riding hard at the Vuelta Espana when race leader Roglic and Company hit the deck
    #2 the Men's elite world race in Harrogate what Wash

  3. To me, cancelling Stage 19 of the 2019 Tour De France was not controversial.

    However, what was controversial, not allowed in the UCI rules and very wrong was taking the time gaps from the l'Iseran.

    What makes even less sense to me is that the ASO broke the rules to create a much worse race, imagine how cool it would be if we entered the final day of the Tour with Alaphillippe in the race lead only to break, leaving the virtual GC lead to Bernal from Thomas by 5 seconds.

    I think that Bernal would win with or without team orders, however, team orders (probably so that Kruijswijk, +17s on Virtual GC, couldn't pass them both) would have made it the closest Tour ever. I could see Kruijswijk desperately attacking to try and win before dropping behind.

    Also, maybe Nibali and the break wouldn't take the stage with Ineos setting a high pace to drop Alaphillippe and a more aggressive GC race. Would Thomas be allowed to sprint for the stage and take the bonus seconds to win, and would he want to?

    Lastly, it would show that 'every second counts' because without losing 5 seconds in a split on Stage 3 Thomas and Bernal would be equal on time entering the final day of racing. I'm not sure who would be ahead on fractions of a second from the ITT, but it again poses the same team orders/no team orders question.

  4. what about the cyclist that had a mechanical but no one stopped to help him and he did was just to run with his bike while in tears?

  5. Didn't the DS at Moviestar (I think Max Seandri) give one of his team bike to a rider on another team to finish the stage on? Not controversial but how about a video of the most sportingmanship moments of 2019?

  6. What about the race where the rider fumed at the crew for mechanical and they taught him a lesson by not giving him the wheel.

  7. Just watched the latest South Park episode and remembered a real controversy – transgender "women" (haven't done sex change, only taking drugs) creeping into women's cycling sport and winning medals, namely track cyclist Rachel McKinnon. The Olympics are coming soon and the jury is still out on what rules exactly those individuals should follow to be allowed to compete with women because of lack of sufficient research, but it's pretty lax for now. Also there were a few reports about young males identifying themselves as females (not even taking any drugs?) winning in other women's sports categories and taking paid places in sports teams and tuition in college. Seems like female sport is getting shafted again.

  8. Japan Cup!! I heard Woods asked Mollema how many rounds there were left and Mollema said 1 but it was the last so Woods didn't sprint…

  9. The Soler – Quintana incident reminds me of the 2009 Giro stage of which Dan Lloyd might have a nice anecdote! Cervelos Serge Pauwels had to wait for the main bunch to help out a panicking Carlos Sastre, who couldn't follow the main GC guys. After Pauwels had dropped back significantly the riders stopped the fight and Pauwels could continue to claim the second place after his earlier breakaway compagnion.

  10. *GCN calls MTB boring GMBN riot!
    14. Rohan Denis quits the team and backs to win the TT 🌈
    15. Froome Crash conspiracy theories (whitout any evidence)
    16. Cavendish not called for the tour de France
    17. Bernal quits the national team for Yorkshire.
    18. Movistar attacks Quintana as current líder of the race.
    19. MVDP makes boring Cyclocross races
    20. A Younger generation take over winners. The dawn of an era.
    21. UCI Sock dope controls.
    22. Indoor UK champ E sports dope scandal.
    23. Transgender Cyclists Vs women's cycling fair enough?

  11. I think the most controversial was the under 23 World Championship, but i'm Italian, so che disqualification was aaabsolutely right!
    A not mentioned moment was the finale of "tre Valli Varesine" when the bike in front of the peloton took the wrong way and all the front peloton followed it, so the race was totally distorted

  12. Nicole Hanselman should have been let to embarrass some of the men in that race, if she could've of course… Would of loved to have seen that.

  13. What was controversial about Madrazo being hit by his team car? It's not like people were arguing about whether he deserved to get hit harder or something… Likewise, Campanaerts and Roglic's bike changes. All of those are just mistakes, not controversies. And what were they supposed to do in Stage 19 of the Tour? The road was physically blocked. Sure, the riders were pissed off but I don't remember anyone suggesting that, say, they should shoulder their bikes and cyclocross it across the mudslide.

  14. What about the young Colombian guy who got past by the Neutral Service car in the world championships.. that was well contro' !

  15. The most controversial moments in 2019 are each time race officials and marshals fail to ensure the riders' safety. An "over enthusiastic fan" is a lethal moron about to cause serious and durable damage. Hats off to Lopez, Roglic, and others who protected themselves.

  16. Lopez was lucky, the UCI awarded some crappy penalties lately. Here's a bad idea. Riders are awarded one spectator beating a Tour, in such a high stress environment, it's understandable.

  17. Momentos polêmicos e controversos.. causados pelos atletas ou público? NÃO! Ampla maioria causada pela própria UCI. Perguntamos: Para que a UCI?

  18. Seeing these all in a row makes it clear how much of a joke UCI rulings are.

    Movistar's attack after a crash was in terrible taste. The commissars encouraging riders to draft the convoy to neutralize the race was just idiotic – especially with the fiasco at the WC afterward.

  19. WOW how anticlimactic! The UCI being pathetic as usual. When are the pro teams going to demand a complete over haul of the UCI officials? OR why Haven't they?

  20. UCI allowing Men who self identify as female to compete against females and destroy womans cycling….. Seems to me to be the top controversial ( lunacy) moment.

  21. Mine is the dude that is playing dress up as a woman and smashing women’s records. Women can’t even win in their own sport. What the shit is going on???

  22. On a Slovak Extreme Triathlon series, Kristyna Skupienova was DQ, because she finished the running leg without her supporter. As you can see on the results page ( she has completion times for all disciplines, but because the supporter on a running leg was exhausted, she left him on a 20km checkpoint and completed a race. She was then awarded by organizers with a DQ mark…

  23. 9:00 @Cameron Jeffers first you get disqualified as British esports champion and now GCN mispronounce your name!!! 2019 has been a tough year

  24. Lopez should have ground and pound that "fan"! In fact there should be a car just in front to run the twats down…….imo.
    And waiting for Quintana? He's had his chances and fails to deliver.

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