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Top 4 Skills To Know Before Riding At Night | Mountain Bike Skills

Top 4 Skills To Know Before Riding At Night | Mountain Bike Skills

– We’re back with another
night riding special here we’ve looked at all the things you need to do to set your bike up for night riding and of course all the things
definitely you must not do. – But tonight, we’re looking at the skills you need to ride in the dark. (upbeat music) (peppy music) – When you’re riding up to jumps and drops at night you’ve gotta bear in mind that there’s a lot of shadows
that you get on the trail. Especially if you’ve just
got a light on the bars. This is where your headlight comes in. Really important, because it lights up the dark patches immediately
in front of the drop. It’s always important
to have a look at these sort of things before
you tackle them off road. And if you can get a mate
to light them up for you. Just to make sure you
know what you’re doing. Just like riding any sort of technical or blind obstacle out on a trail, if you’re gonna be
tackling things like jumps, you definitely want to make
sure you’re riding something that’s familiar and really
predictable with a good take off. Just like that. (peppy music) – It’s important to
remember that even with the brightest of lights you’re still gonna get shadows on the floor. So, sections like this
where it’s really rooty or even rocky or tree stumps, you’re not gonna really be able to see the size of those obstacles brilliantly. So, it might be worth bringing
your speed down a little bit. And taking your time just
to make sure there isn’t anything there that’s worse
then you’ve actually seen. It also shows the importance
of having a headlight, as well as the one on your bar, its a extra angle, will definitely take away some of those shadows. (peppy music) – One of the most important
factors to consider when cornering is being able to look past the beginning of the turn
towards the exit point. If you’re doing this at night, of course this is freak different because you’re only ever gonna see what your lights enable you to see. If I just turn on my main beam here you’ll see that I can only see up to the centre of the turn and really, for full control you
need to be able to see towards the exit point of the turn. As you can see here, even on main beam I can only really see towards
the middle of the turn. Which is fine if you’re
going a little bit slower, but if you really wanna come in at a good amount of speed, you
need to see your exit point. And this is where the
helmet lights come in handy. I’ll just turn on my helmet light, you’ll be able to see it, I can look round towards the end of the turn. And comfortably see my way through. (peppy music) – With your light on your
handle bars and on your head, you’re always gonna have
a blind spot down here in your peripheral vision that’s dark and obviously that’s where your feet are. That’s really important about trying to time your peddle so you don’t clip your feet on any obstacles. Cause that can cause massive crashes. We also like to push
a slightly harder gear so my feet aren’t getting
near the floor quite so often. And if I think it might be getting close, I’ll play it safe and not peddle. So there you go, there’s a few skills to think about when you ride at night, and it’s a lot of fun isn’t it. – Definitely a good way to
tick away the winter hours. Of course, yeah if you
wanna know everything about lights and the way to set your lights up on your
bike, click down here. – Up there for 10 mistakes you don’t wanna make when you’re riding at night. On the logo to subscribe to
GMBN if you haven’t done already and up there if you want a new jersey like Dotty’s got that’ll take
you through to the GMNBN shop. – Guys. – It’s dark in here, what’s
that noise, is that Blake.

100 comments on “Top 4 Skills To Know Before Riding At Night | Mountain Bike Skills

  1. Glad to see you back neill but i feel like doddy is making all the recent videos, its nice to see different people

  2. this is all super accurate advice .. i ride a lot at night , and i'm not talking around in the city .. if you're new at trail riding at night this is all well a truly good stuff … be advised

  3. I found some Bike lights that work perfectly for me. I bought 2 of them from amazon for under 17$ each. Here’s a link for them
    TFCFL Waterproof Rechargeable 5000 Lumens CREE XM-L U2 LED Bicycle Double Headlight

  4. Another key skill: if you're out with your mates night riding don't trust them to hold your bike if you need to stop for a pee, they hide it 😕

  5. large spiders build webs across the trail at night and rest in the center to catch insects. what are 4 skills to avoid riding into large spiders?

  6. It sounds weird but in some sections I've the feeling to ride faster during night or pass obstacles that during daylight I'm afraid off. Perhaps is because as you don't see as well as during daylight those obstavles doesn't look so big or when you find them you are so close that you can't stop and you just ride over them


  8. My manager from the shop I worked at offered to take me night riding sometime. Still waiting. If you’re watching this, send me a text I’m always up for a ride!

  9. You need a red back light on your bike. I from Nottingham the police will fine you if you don't have a red bike light on your bike.

  10. Just in from my first night ride of the year and my bar light battery packed in, glad I had the same power of light on my helmet. Delighted to see you back on the bike again Neil!

  11. If you see wildlife on the trail just give them a Cesar Millan shhht and they move along. Lights confuse them but that sound sends them running for me.
    Have a backup light in case you break one while riding!!

  12. #askgmbn I just recently got in a crash while riding on a jump with my cross bike and got a concussion, so I need i new helmet. What is a helmet that I could use both for XC racing and trail riding?

  13. i once went night riding on a technical twisty trail with only a flashlight taped to my handlebars. the whole time i was praying that i was not going to hit a tree or log

  14. Hot tip for night riding: watch out for nocturnal creatures! (skunks, deer, antelope, bunnies, raccoons, etc.)

  15. Hi, I've finely got my first pair of cleats shoes and pedals but I can get my flat pedals off I've tired using a spanner and there is no hole for an Allen key and I'm not sure what to do. Any tips?

  16. It's easier in Finland, mostly there is either light trough the night or then there is snow that makes everything smooth 😀

  17. #askgmbn what do you think of "enduro hardtails" ? I love hardtails and don't really want to get full suspension bike cause they just feels weird to me… would a trail hardtail be ok for agressive enduro style riding?

  18. Neutral white tints! They bring out the details that cool white tints wash out. I wouldn't even consider riding with a cool white tint!

    And yes, glad to see Neil riding again! (Did the boogey monster get you at the end?)

  19. i found it's much more important to have the helmet light than the bar lights. you can get away without bar lights at all, in my experience.

  20. #askgmbn can riding in snow and rain make you sick? if so are there ways of preventing it? love you guy well mainly blake keep up the good work

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