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Top 5 Motocross Track Riding Etiquette Tips

Top 5 Motocross Track Riding Etiquette Tips

– Hello everyone, I am Chase
here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and these are my top five
etiquette tips for riding track. Alright, so, as you guys can see, we are out here to burn some
laps at a local motocross track and I just want to share with you guys my top five etiquette tips. Whether you’ve been riding for years and you ride track a lot or maybe you’re just getting into track riding
and you’re new to it. There’s certain etiquette that I think every dirt rider or
dirt biker should follow when they’re at the track. So these are going to be my top five tips that are going to make you safer, help other people be safer and just make everyone happier at the track. So my first tip is really simple and it’s just ride
within your skill level. You know, if you’re new to riding tracks. If you’re gonna go out for the first time, you’ve just got to understand
what level you’re at. So if you’re riding an
advanced track and there’s a lot of jumps on the
track, you’re not able to do all the jumps but most of the riders are. If it’s a really busy day,
you’ve just go to know that you want to be comfortable
so it might not be the best day to ride on that track. You know, a lot of different
tracks that I go to, they’ll have vet and beginner tracks, so make sure if they have those
available, well start there. Those are gonna be
easier, have easier jumps and then you’re gonna be
riding with other people at your skill level. If you’re riding on and advanced track and you’re not able to do all the jumps and you’re uncomfortable,
you can put yourself and you can put other riders at risk. And also, a lot of times
when you go to a track, they’ll have timed practices. And what you want to do
is, you want to sign up for the class that’s gonna
be at your skill level. I see a lot of riders,
yeah we all want to ride in a class with the faster
guys and I understand that but if you’re a beginner
rider, don’t feel like you need to sign up with the
intermediates or even the pro class, because you
want to say that you ride with those guys. It’s important, just know your skill level and ride there and once
you get comfortable, you can work your way up. And I’m telling you that’s
gonna make you safer. It’s gonna keep other
riders safer as well. So that’s gonna be my first tip, is just ride within your skill level. So for my second tip, it’s
gonna be don’t cross jump and hold your line. And this is probably one of
the biggest reasons I see that riders are getting hurt
at the track, is cross jumping. When you’re coming up to a jump, you want to make sure you’re
jumping straight, okay. If you jump across a
jump and there’s a rider right behind you and he goes off, well if you jump across,
there a very good chance that that rider could land on you and that’s never a good thing. I’ve seen it happen way too often. So it’s really important
that whenever you’re going off a jump, even if
you’re rolling the jump, you want to make sure to
go as straight as possible, don’t cross jump and
because every rider that’s out there on the track, if
they’re right next to you or they’re just behind you
and they’re coming up off a jump too, they expect
you to go straight. And if you don’t go straight,
bad things can happen. And going along with that, the
other part is hold your line. So if you’re riding, you’re
coming to an inside corner and there’s a rider behind
you, and even if you know he’s faster than you, okay,
don’t feel pressure like you need to dart out of
the way and move to the outside of the track. Or if you’re on the
outside, don’t feel like you need to move to the inside. If he’s faster than you,
he’ll get around you, okay? That’s what riders do. So, just make sure if
you’re coming to a corner or anywhere on the track
and you know there’s a rider behind you and you feel
like he’s going to pass you, just stay where you’re at, okay? That rider’s expecting
you to hold your line and go straight. So, if you’re on the inside of
a corner, stay on the inside. If you’re on the outside,
stay on the outside. That way, the rider can
anticipate where you’re going and he can make the pass safely and you can just continue on your way. So that’s gonna be my second
tip, is hold your line and make sure you don’t cross jump. So my third tip is gonna be entering and exiting the track in designated areas. Every track is going to
have specific locations for you to enter and exit the track because they want you to do it safely. So it’s never a good idea, regardless of where you are on the
track, even if you don’t feel like there’s any riders around you, when you enter the track,
enter where you’re supposed to. Make sure you’re watching, you know. Enter at a good time, obviously,
but exiting the track. This is where I see a
lot of bad things happen because riders will exit the track early or maybe they’ll be on the
far left side of the track and they want to exit, so
they’ll move over to the right, but they’re not looking
behind them to see if there’s a rider coming up. So it’s really important. Enter the track where it’s designated. Wait for a good time. Don’t floor it and just
peel out and try to get ahead of a rider. Wait for them to pass. And then when you’re exiting
the track, same thing. Make sure you’re exiting. You’re not riding all
the way across a track when you’re doing that. And just exit in the designated spot and I’ll tell you, that’s gonna make you a whole lot safer, and again,
you’ve got to be predictable. When riders are seeing you exit the track, they’ve got to know
that’s what you’re doing. Same thing when you’re entering. Riders should know that,
hey, there’s a rider that’s about to enter, and
it’s your job to enter safely. So that’s gonna be my third tip, is enter and exit the track
in a designated area. So for my fourth tip, it’s
gonna be parking lot etiquette. And I honestly feel like
I could do a top five just on parking lot etiquette. So nothing drive me more
insane than when I’m at a track and there’s riders that
feel like they need to practice doing starts
and pulling hole shots in a parking lot. When you’re in a parking
lot, you just slow down. You don’t need to go ripping
through the parking lot, popping wheelies. It’s not necessary. You know, people are getting dressed up, they’re getting on their bikes. I’ve seen accidents
happen in the parking lot. I watched a guy wheelie over
one time and knock himself out. So just know that in the
parking lot, go slow, especially in a dirt parking lot, when everyone’s parked and lined up. No one likes to get dusted out. So you don’t need to just
floor it down the parking lot. Now the other part of
parking lot etiquette that I have and some of you may or may not agree with this, is sound. When I’m in the parking lot, look, we all know your bike sounds good, you’ve got your exhaust on there. We all love to rev our bikes, I get it. But I want to keep my
hearing as long as possible. So when I’m getting dressed up, I’m getting ready to go out and ride, I don’t need you to do sound testing like you’re getting ready
for an AMA Supercross race. You don’t need to sit there
and hit the rev limiter and just floor your bike. You can but for me, honestly,
sometimes it gets obnoxious and it’s just really, really loud. I want to wait until I’m on the track to start hearing exhaust. If you have a two-stroke,
I’ll make an exception. Two-strokes sound really good. They’re not as loud. But really, my opinion, you
can let your bike warm up. You don’t need to sit there and just rev it the whole time. So that’s gonna be my fourth tip, is just having good etiquette in the parking lot. Alright, so for my fifth and
final tip, it’s pretty simple. We are not here to win practice. When you’re at a track
and you’re out riding. Everyone’s here just to have a good time. Everyone wants to be safe. And I see a lot of guys
that get really competitive and it feels like they have to be the fastest guy on the track. So when you’re riding out there, if there’s a rider in front of you and yeah, he might not be as fast as you and you want to get around him,
you don’t need to be going block passes on guys. If there’s an 85cc rider
and he’s faster than you and you get mad. We’ve all been there. You don’t need to try and
take out the 85 rider, but you know, just have a good time. You don’t need to win practice. You don’t have to be the
fastest guy out there. If there’s a guy behind you and you know he’s faster than
you, you don’t need to be a semi-truck and be as wide
as you can and try and block the lines and keep
him from passing you. Just hold your line, like
we talked about earlier, and just let that rider go by. And also, if you’re passing the guy, one of my pet peeves
is, if I let you by me, because I know you’re faster than me, I’m being courteous, I really
don’t like getting roosted. Nobody does. That’s why I wear a chest guard. But however, if you’re passing
a guy, just be conscious of where he’s at behind you. You know, you don’t
need to just sit there, hold it wide open in second gear and then roost the guy behind you
if it’s not necessary. If you’ve got to get
on the gas to get over a jump around the corner,
I understand that, but if you’ve got a long straightaway or there’s a section of the track where you just don’t have to just pin it and get it wide open. That’s gonna really help
the rider out behind you because I’m sure we’ve
all been in that situation where a rider goes past us,
we start getting roosted, next thing you know we’re ducking our head and we’re just pretty
much pulling off the track because it hurts so bad. So that’s my fifth and final tip. It’s just know when you
show up to the track we’re all here to have a good time. Everyone wants to be safe. You don’t need to win practice. Alright guys so there they are. Those are my top five etiquette tips. Those are things that I feel
that every rider should be doing at the track or
shouldn’t be doing to say. So if you have suggestions
or other things that you want to see riders doing more of, or maybe not so much of,
make sure you comment below and share those with us. Now make sure you click,
subscribe to us on YouTube. We have a lot of great how-to videos, product spotlights and gear guides. Also don’t forget, orders
over $75 ship free. And on our website and We have a huge selection of
parks apparel and accessories, so get over there and get yourself ready for your next ride. I’m Chase here at Rocky Mountain. We’ll see you on the trails.

100 comments on “Top 5 Motocross Track Riding Etiquette Tips

  1. The first tip was kind of my mistake. I took my CR250R to a track and was racing with 450s and guys who were way better riders than me. Keep in mind that I'm 16

  2. I also was ripping it around the lot and one of the track marshals told me to slow down XD

  3. when i started riding i rid with the kids of our club..with me at age of 28…no reson to distrub the pros ..and way to dangerous..
    greetings from germany

  4. Thanks for this video. Hopefully some of those among us will take these tips and apply them. I complain about parking lot racers every time I go to a track. Most places I go to state pit area 1st gear idle… safe and quit pissing me off. 🙅‍♂️

  5. The worst are the but wad"fast guys" that block pass when you're keeping your line and being respectful. Seriously, my kid just got off an 85 and riding well on his 150sx, 3hrs on it and a ripper goes from inside to block my kid on the outside(no plate on my kids bike while the other was a seasoned racer), my boy can ride the track well, just not hitting the jumps yet, he's faster than most these jumpers when the tires are on the ground, maybe that pissed him off because my boy was faster through the whoops and corners.. we're a year in and most people in this sport are really cool, Ive had lots of local rippers compliment on how fast my kid took to this sport, and he only rides weekends one day a week depending upon track hours, (no place to ride around here, over development).. he's 14 but everyone looks the same age in all that gear, still no excuse

  6. If your new to track riding if not jumping hit or roll them to the side so your not getting landed on!! Another tip don’t ride a bike that’s way to big/power for you. Promise you won’t have fun on that 450 if you can’t ride to full potential. I race a YZ250x that’s fully modded and built for desert racing but I can handle it and need the power for out in the hills and sand washes of the desert. But when I’m at the track or play ride I’m on my Yz125 thats my old race bike and I have the best time just cuz the weight and power isn’t to much. Last tip don’t ride over your head. Don’t go on the main track with the faster riders if you can’t ride a decent speed, hit up right or read line cu you’ll piss people off cuz your in the way and you mite get landed on or hurt. They make the vet track so you can build your way up to the main track. Those are my tips lol

  7. I cannot stress this enough. Keep your line when someone is passing you and don’t sign up for advanced practice if you’re not an advanced rider

  8. "Parking lot racers" are such a huge pain in the ass sometimes especially quad riders. Donuts are for eating. The track we used to race/ride at did not enforce the 1st gear rule at all. I actually enjoy watching some dip shit goon rider loop it and trash his bike while performing the "look at me" wheelie. You want to ride fast get on the track. Also do not let your little ones ride around the pits at night races on some clapped out quad. I have seen some very scary close calls involving little kids riding in the pits especially at night races.

  9. It ride an 85 but there is this guy on a 450 who blockpasses me than acts like he’s fast it’s so annoying bc he thinks he’s fast when he can barely pass me and I’m on an 85 while he is on a 450

  10. Totally agree! There's a lot of those guys trying to be cool and doing it outside the track.. they just look like big idiots

  11. Holding your line and not cross jumping should be taught and said at every track, and it isn't. I landed on a guy a few months ago and literally almost broke my arm.

  12. I have noticed that the "pros" or better-than-averages guys on the tracks can be douche-y. I try to let everyone faster than me pass me easily, because I have also been stuck behind someone, but these guys they jump past me almost jumping on me, always roosting and getting as close to me as possible when overtaking. Roosting I don't really care, because on muddy days that can be funny, but those close call jumps…. :I

  13. I cant stand people that swap lines before hitting jumps or cross jump you knowing your damn near in nsidr their rear wheel. It's not race day it's a practice session. The sound thing I can get if they have a four stroke, a 2stroke needs be cleaned out so sorry ears 😂

  14. I'm 12 yrs old. I'm a girl from lituhania I ride a 125cc bike so far I've been riding for a month and a half and yesterday I did my first jump from a hill. Where I'm riding my neighbor from 3 houses away he has a much bigger bike and when he rides out of his lot he just straight away leaves marks always

  15. Everybody should be made to watch this who races or practices at any MX track!!! I hate disrespectful douchebags who have big egos and small Winky's who think they have to win practice or show what a tough guy they are or think they are all the time with crap like this. They need to learn what common sense is and how to use it! Thank you for the video!

  16. i love taking out the 85cc riders its fun lol.and I don't agree with parking lot etiquette cause I rip wheelies thru parking lots like its time to race

  17. Ive been blocked passed a few times at open practice. Like dude chill im tryna run a sight lap and youre trying to run me off the damn track

  18. I agree with the lot etiquette. I’ve gotten into off road racing and a pet peeve of mine that you didn’t mention was when a 2stroke guy backs the bike to the edge of their parking then proceeds to smoke me out. I like the sound of 2strokes but I don’t want to be in a haze when I’m tightening my bolts and getting geared up to ride

  19. What i found was you pay your allowed to use the tracks.
    I think every new member needs an induction a walk around ,and have more beginner tracks with volunteers giving advice.
    (Keep riding) 👍👊

  20. Love these etiquette rules. I think this video should be mandatory to watch before you’re allowed on the track. Thank you.

  21. use your senses. use your ears hear if people are coming up on you. i know where riders are relative to me depending on where the sound is eminating from. just stay riding same lines dont dart out. faster guys will find a way around you. also try to use peripheal vision especially on a sunny day you can sometimes see shadows of riders behind you

  22. I’m Going on my first track ride tomorrow. I’ll probobly be really slow, i am also on a cr85. Is it okay for me to go slow on practice if i just hold my line?

  23. Don't zig zag,cross jumping is zig zagging…u know how ride safe ride forward in front of u don't worry about what's behind u ,watch in front of u only…

  24. Yeah dah,if you have dirt in your eye if your on the right side of the track and u have to get off the track if your on the right side,get off on the right side,raise your hand and the guy behind u will know…that some thing is up oh yeah grip the bike with you legs so u don't fall off at the same time….

    Uhmmm ah ummm sir can I do donuts in the pits is that okay???why u I oughta.

  25. Yeah if you don't behave yourself in the pits you might find a new rule called push your bike to starting area like at the AMA PRO RACES there is no pit to find so enjoy it if u have that luxury.because at races there is no pit riding…at 95 percent of the race tracks,sucks because people can't handle it,or be cool about it…so we all lose the privledge….one of my favorite things to do is run with the scissors,but I guess a lot of people fall and get stabbed that way so now I can't even enjoy a nice big with my favorite pair scissors,any more…u people really suck…

  26. Yes u have to for give the younger generation its so hard to make that jump from the virtual world of stirring a t.v. playing video games to riding motocross in the real world jeeze I though I was the only one riding here today…derr.

  27. I agree with the test 15 questions works good may be in a really difficult language like Russian,or how about Russian National MX Champions… etiquette for all put all the geek squad in one practice session and have dossiers ready and soon as they crash and knock each other out hurry before any one notices,too extreme,naw….I did think so…

  28. If your a beginner and u jump in the intermiadiates their almost as fast as the pros they are just not fulltime expert s.

  29. Thanks for those tips, I’m getting back into motocross after 20 plus years absent, just bought a new yz450f and am looking forward to getting to my local track next weekend.

  30. I have been riding since I was 3. I'm 18 now and when I had 125 I always signed up for beginner class so I could smoke all the guys on brand new 450 and 350's on my old ass 99 yz125 😂😂

  31. why not be roosted its fun to try and dodge the rocks flying against you and its fun to roost other people and you know it just hurts no actual damage

  32. Going to a track for the first time Friday. Totally new to dirt bikes. Lots of stuff to learn lol.

  33. I used to race the Vet Junior class at Carlsbad California in the early 80's. Guys ran through big puddles to foul my goggles and make the grips slick, I thought, hey, what a great idea. Guys usually dove to the inside to block that line, then faded to the outside to block that. So that is what I did. When guys would complain about it, I would thank them for teaching me well. Just sayin'

  34. I really hate when people just max their bikes in the highest gear right beside me on the straightaways. Like srsly dude, i would want to keep my hearing atleast till im 18.

  35. my local track there’s just a vet and there’s this one guy he roosts everyone and blows by the 65s smh

  36. 1 should be if you see a guy wipe out stop and check on him don’t just fly by…(if it’s not a race)..

  37. When i know someone is faster then me , i like to try and keep up with him and try to pass him back to challenge my skill , is that a bad thing? Cuz u said let faster guys go by

  38. I use ride dirt dike in the woods and thinking about getting new motocross bike. if I get new motocross bike and it will my 1st ride on motocross track thanks for tips

  39. I’m going to the track for the first time Im two days, i usually just go riding on trails. I see people in these videos that are wearing the mx jersey and pants I don’t wear either of those, would I still be aloud on the track without them?

  40. The track I ride at doesn’t have a beginner or intermediate choice it’s just all big bikes and all little bikes, I’m on an 85 but since I’m on the faster side it’s a little dangerous riding with all the little bikes so I ride out with the big bikes, and one time this guys block passed me and roosted the hell out of me just bc I was faster than him. These are good tips, just have to hope people actually listen to them. Good job keep it up

  41. I'm new to 4 strokes, been riding 2 smokes since the 70s. We [ 2 stroke ] riders don't rev our engines at warm up because it sounds cool.
    We do it to clear our cylinder from carbon buildup. Oil and gas mixture doesn't burn as clean like a 4 stroke. 2 strokes don't like to sit and idle either.
    So when you're at a track don't sweat the guys on those bikes. For the rest of your tips,, good job

  42. Yeah you can’t win practice but every once in a while I run into a guy with a similar skill level, maybe I pass him and he gets me back and we go at it for a bit. Nothing crazy just having some fun pushing each other’s skill level

  43. As a beginner to track riding, I love these videos. Starting way too late in life, but absolutely love getting out there. Thanks and keep up the awesome content!

  44. NOOB ALERT!! What about riding a dual sport at a track? Are there days you can do it? Separate tracks? I don't want to cause problems but I have to haul tons of gas to get any good dirt and it's hard to practice specific skills

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