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Top 5 Must Have 2 Stroke Motorcycle Tools

Top 5 Must Have 2 Stroke Motorcycle Tools

– Hello everyone! I am Chase, here at Rocky Mountain ATVMC and these are our top five
tools for two-stroke owners. So, if you’re one of the
lucky ones that are ripping it around on a two-stroke, I
am talking to you today. As two-stroke enthusiasts
here at Rocky Mountain, we want to share with
you our top five tools and accessories that
make owning a two-stroke a whole lot easier. Now, for some of you, some
of these might seem obvious. If you’ve been riding for
a long time on two-strokes, but if you’re new to two-strokes
or maybe you’re thinking about picking one up for the first time, these are going to really help you out. They’re going to make certain
jobs much, much, easier. So, to get started, the first
tool that we have up here is going to be a mixture bottle. So, to make it a lot easier
to take away the guesswork when you’re mixing your
gas, have a mixture bottle. All you’re going to do is
you’re going to pick one up, we have several to choose
from, and they’re going to have the lines on there that are going to give your ratios already for you. So, depending on how much fuel
you’re going to be mixing, it’ll show you exactly how
much oil you’re going to need and, like I said, it just
makes it much easier. It’s going to eliminate that guesswork. I like to actually use these
when I’m doing my motor oil, my engine oil, even my fork oil. So, you’re going to get a
lot of uses out of these and, like I said, we have a
lot of options to choose from. We got this one from Ratio-Rite,
we got one from Maxima. Motion Pro makes this Pro
Funnel, which is actually nice because it has a funnel at the
bottom where it actually has a valve you can open and
close, so once you pour the oil out, you can close the valve. Just makes it a little bit easier. Just makes the job cleaner. So, I actually have one of
these. I really like it, but that’s going to be my first tip, is pick up a mixture bottle. So, after you have your
mixture bottle, my second tip is going to be a spring puller. Now, on two-strokes, you’re
going to be taking your exhaust pipe off a little more
often, whether you’re fixing dents, maybe you’re
just replacing O-rings, or whatever it might be. So, put down the pliers,
put down the vice-grips, or even the screwdriver that
I see some people using, and get a spring puller. They’re very inexpensive
and, I’m telling you, once you use these to take
springs off or put them on, you will ask yourself how
you went so long without. So, that’s my second tip,
is get a spring puller. Now from there, third it’s
going to be a spark plug wrench. On spark plugs, with two-strokes
again, you’re going to be replacing those a little bit more often, especially if your jetting
isn’t really spot on, you could be fowling plugs.
So, you need a way to get your spark plugs off easily and quickly. Now, I’ve seen a lot of
guys use a crescent wrench so, they have to dig through
their toolbox to find one. These are inexpensive and, a
lot of times, you just don’t have the space to get in
there with a crescent wrench and it’s just really hard to do. So, a spark plug wrench is
going to really make that job easier. We’ve got two different
versions here on the table, both from Tusk. We are
going to have our standard and we also have one that is
a ratchet version, as well. What’s nice about these
is they aren’t expensive. I’ll have one in my toolbox
at home and I’ll always take one with me when we’re out
on our trail rides, as well. Now, going along with that
spark plug wrench, it’s never a bad idea to have an
extra spark plug with you. Whether it’s you fowling a
plug or maybe someone you’re riding with fowls a plug, it’s
always a good idea to have a spare. If you need a good
way to carry this, to keep it safe and prevent damaging
it while you’re riding, well, pick up a spark plug holder. These are going to do that for you. You just unscrew the cap,
put your spark plug in, put it in a tool belt,
and you are good to go. So, that’s going to be my third
tip, is a spark plug wrench. Now, if you’re fowling plugs
often, it’s a very good chance that your jetting isn’t
right, which leads me to my forth tip, which is a jetting kit. If you’re new to carburetors,
you’re not really familiar with jetting, or maybe you
just don’t like to deal with it and you just want to
eliminate that guesswork, one of the best routes
to take is a jet kit. So, we have several of these
to choose from on our website. One that we really like, that
we have good success with are the JD Jet Kits and
what’s so nice about these is once you pick it up,
it’s going to come with your different jets, as
well as your needles. It’s going to give you
instructions to give you the exact combination that’s going
to get your bike running optimally and get you out
there and having a good time. So, it’s just going to
eliminate that guesswork and you’ll be surprised just
how much better your bike can run when your jetting is spot on. So, a jet kit, that’s
going to be my forth tip. Now, fifth and final tip,
is going to be idle air adjustment screws, Going
along with your jetting, once you have that right
where it needs to be, you also what to make sure
that your idle air adjustment screws are dialed in as well. These small adjustments are
going to make a big difference when it comes to changes in conditions, as well as elevation changes as well. What’s nice about these is we
have them available for most of your popular bikes with
either Mikuni or Keihin carburetors. They just
replace your stock idle air adjustment screws and they
make it so you can adjust those on the fly. So, you
don’t need any specialty tools. It makes it a whole lot
easier, super quick. These are made from
6061-T6 anodized aluminum, so they look cool and, like
I said, it’s going to make those adjustments much easier. Definitely a must have
if you own a two-stroke. And there they are! Those are our top five tool
and accessories for you guys ripping around on your two-strokes. If you guys have any questions
about these, make sure you comment below and I’m sure
you guys have some other great suggestions, other things,
other tools and accessories that I didn’t mention, so make
sure you write those below. That’s going to help
your other riders out. To pick up anything that
I talked about today, you can click on the link
or head over to our website at
Do not forget that orders over $75 dollars ship free and if you haven’t yet, make
sure to click and subscribe us on YouTube, that’s going to
keep you up to date and in the loop on the latest gear
guides, product reviews, how-to videos, and top fives that we are constantly rolling out. I’m Chase, here at Rocky Mountain. We’ll see you on the trails!

30 comments on “Top 5 Must Have 2 Stroke Motorcycle Tools

  1. Awesome guys, another reason for a spring puller over pliers is you will weaken the hooks on the springs using pliers these can fail or weaken the tension to the manifold, leaks mean loss of HP how ever small, look after the basics guys and the basics will look after you a puller is probably cheaper than a set of springs it pays for itself and your knuckles will thank you too!

  2. 1 money to buy back my ds450
    2 new pistons every month
    3 super glue for plastics when powerband kicks in
    4 insurance for when you don’t have enough power to make that triple
    5 go subscribe to CboysTV

  3. 1: small flathead screw driver. 2: 8mm socket/ratchet with 6" extension. 3: small needle nose vise grips. 4: 17mm socket. 5: 3mm Allen wrench

    Was I close?

  4. JDJetting brought my 92 kx250 back from the land of mediocrity to a furious beast, with the FMF fatty pipe and silencer my vintage bike is a force to reckoned with on any track.

  5. Lectron carbs, removes the jetting issue so no more changing multiple jets depending on weather and altitude. Simpler and better overall performance.

  6. I ordered new spokes for my rear tire (They were wrecked) but they weren't threaded!
    I bought a tap kit and threaded every spoke myself, at the time I was 16, i was only forced to take it in when it came to truing the wheel..
    Looking back , not too bad for my age, it was a very frustrating/tricky job though!
    But at the end I could honestly say that I did it.
    Some of the kids nowadays just don't wanna get their hands dirty, why would they, mommy and daddy will pay for it lol

  7. I use a mixing bottle but I have carry 5 full of gas and 5 full of oil so if i or my friends run out of gas they have oil and gas

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