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Top 5 Open Water Swim Tips For Beginners | Skills & Equipment Tips For Swimming

(glitchy ambience) – It’s fair to say that
most people find the swim the most daunting of the
disciplines in a triathlon and you would really love
to be able to get to T1 just that little bit quicker. Well, today we are going
to share our top tips for how to swim faster
in a triathlon swim. (reggae music) Right then, so my first tip is equipment and top of that list is our wetsuit. For most athletes out there, almost every open water triathlon
that they’re going to do is going to require the use of one. So make sure that you get a
wetsuit that fits you properly, you’re comfortable wearing
it, but most importantly, practice using that wetsuit. Personally, I recommend during
the summer or race season that you’re going to be doing some events, wearing that wetsuit for at
least one swimming session that you do during your week and wear that wetsuit for
the whole swim so you’re really used to wearing it
when you’re in the water. (upbeat music) So my second tip involves navigation and that means, in an
open water environment you want to be able to swim
straight and sight well. Being able to make sure that
you take the most direct line to the next buoy in event
is hugely important, meaning that you swim the bare
minimum of distance in a race and you’re not taking far
too long in the water, meaning you are going
to be swimming faster. And, in fact, I have done a video all about how to swim in a straight line and I will throw to that
at the end of the video. (dance music) Tip number three is all about drafting. Now, a lot of you might think ‘Why would I want to draft?’ ‘Surely that’s only
something we do on the bike?’ But absolutely believe me. When you’re in the water, there
is a huge benefit to be had from sitting on the feet
of an athlete in front. So if you can see those
bubbles of the feet in front, lock on to them and swim
behind for a fairly significant energy saving. But I will point out a
note of caution; refer back to my previous tip of
swimming in a straight line. As long as that feet in
front of you are going in the right direction, then
please stay there as long as you can. (chilled dance music) So tip number four is
all about the swim start. Now, I’m going to suggest
that this is a clockwise swim you’re just about to embark on. So the first buoy that
you’re aiming for will be a right-hand turn. So if you’re a stronger
swimmer, I would always suggest being on the right-hand
side of that swim start, because hopefully you are confident in getting away from
the start quite quickly relative to all the swimmers
that you’re going to be mass starting with. However, if you are a weaker swimmer then that is certainly going
to be a daunting situation and you’re not going to want
to get caught up in that washing machine effect at the start. So in that regard, I
would suggest you start towards the left of the swim start ’cause that’s going to give
you a little bit more space. Granted, it’s going to take
you a little bit further to get to that first right-hand turn, but in my opinion, that
trade-off is worth it for not getting worried
about your start position. (chilled electro music) So my fifth and final
tip is swim with others. Now ideally, the best thing to do is to get into an open water
environment, your local lake or down by the beach at the sea and try and swim as a group
for the length of your session. It makes a huge difference
to become more comfortable and more spatially aware as an athlete if you’re swimming with others in training so when you get into a
race, you’re not getting really panicky and anxious
before that swim start. Of course, if you’re not able to get into the open water that often,
you can still practice this in the swimming pool. Something that we used to do quite a lot in our training sessions, would be swim as three
or four of us in one lane and swim from one end to
the length up to the other as a little group of swimmers
to just get used to being nice and close in that
confined environment. Give it a try, see what you think. Let me know about that in
the comments section below. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video, and that means that you’re
going to be able to swim quicker in your next swim triathlon. Hit that thumb-up like
button if it’s the case. Find the globe on-screen
if you want to get all the other videos
that we do here on GTN. And if you want to see
a video about swimming in a straight line that
I mentioned earlier on, well, you can find that here. And for another video
about open-water swim tips, well, that is here.

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