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Benefits of cycling
Top 5 Safety Tips for Cyclists

Top 5 Safety Tips for Cyclists

Cycling is a fun and healthy activity
for the entire family to enjoy but it’s important that you know how to share the
road with motorists. Here are our top 5 tips to stay safe this cycling season. Be sure
your bicycle is a good working order before heading out on the road. You must
have working brakes a horn or bell and reflectors or lighting. Always wear a
helmet inspect it for damage and make sure it’s the right size. Learn the rules
of the road and abide by them. Ride as far to the right shoulder of the road as
possible and obey all traffic signs and signals. Learn hand signals to help
others around you know what you’re about to do. Be aware of your surroundings at
all times watch out for cars that are turning, your position in relation to a
drivers blind spot and any hazards that could quickly cause concern such as car
doors opening. No matter if you’re a cyclist or a motorist you must practice
patience when you’re on the roadway. If we all use the road in a respectful way it will be able to ensure a much safer cycling season for everyone. Let’s all
make a commitment and show that we care to share.

3 comments on “Top 5 Safety Tips for Cyclists

  1. Yes, ride as far to the right shoulder as possible. Right in the gutter with the broken glass and drain-covers, and right in the door zone.
    Does this copper even ride?

  2. It's sad when even the police don't know the law. The actual wording in most jurisdictions is "ride as far to the right as practicable". This means, taking into consideration the road condition as well as the traffic and the width of the road. If the lane is too narrow for a car to pass safely, do not encourage an unsafe pass by squeezing up against the side of the road.

    One other thing, Mr. police officer, the seat on your bike is far too low.

  3. Advice from a cop who doesn't appear to have the confidence to set seat at the correct hight let alone know how to stay safe 😮

    Did the motor lobby give them money to post this rubbish?

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