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Top 5 Things Not To Do In A Bike Park | GMBN At Whistler Crankworx

Top 5 Things Not To Do In A Bike Park | GMBN At Whistler Crankworx

– Bike parks around the world, sometimes you pick up some
bad habits along the way. – Yeah, and some of those
bad habits can be a bit intimidating for other riders, but also pretty dangerous for yourself. Here are five things you
should definitely not do in a bike park (relaxed electronic music) – (laughs) Dude look at the woods. Look at this jump. Look at this jump. Look at it. – Chill out, Mike. (vinyl record scratch) – Why, this is Whistler, man. – You’ve got a week, dude. It’s fine. – A week’s not enough. – It’s all the time in the world. – No, it isn’t. – Don’t need to rush these things. – It isn’t. Nuh-uh. – Oh! Oh. Come on, Dody. Merger’s that way. Come on. – This is what always
happens, man, take it easy. First run, take it easy man. – Dirt merger’s that way, though. – Yeah, yeah. We’ll bed ourselves in. And then we’ll shred next lap. Hey come on Dody let’s go, man! (bike skidding) (gasping as cyclist hits ground) – Dude. – Ahh, should’ve listened. – What are you playing at, you clown. – [Mike] Oh man! (sighs) Move! (laughs) Why’re you braking? (sigh) (cartoon punch sound) HEY! Bike park’s for everyone. From slow to fast to old to
young, from all kinds of skills. So don’t be that guy that
shouts at the slow ones because you’re gonna crash or do some damage. So give them a little
bit of encouragement, and if they’re going too slow hang back a little bit. Woah. Hey dude. Just letting you know I’m here. No rush, no rush. Wow, this is a nice roll in, cool, big drop. – Get out of the way! – Oh, pff. Wow. Don’t be that person that stops on the trail gets in the way of everyone especially on jumps and the
entrances of trails as well. It’s dangerous, just move
out the way to the side. Just get out their way. – Hoo! Pretty warm out here. (loud, distorted shouting) – Take your rubbish! If you bring it in, take it out with you. Do not litter out there on your trails. Respect your local trails and the local wildlife. – [Mike] Ah man, I’m so tired. This is the last run. Should we hit a Blue up? – No man, there’s enough light. Let’s get us back. Come on dude. – Ah man. Last run, take it easy,
you don’t want to go and stress yourself on a big Black. ‘Cause you’re gonna be tired,
you’ve been riding all day. So take a chill pill. – Oh sh(bleep). – Nice. (gasping) (bike wheels skidding) – Oh my God dude. Whoa.
– You alright? – No! I couldn’t see anything in there. I nearly died like three times, man. I’m done. – So there are five of
our pet hates that happen in the bike parks around the world. – Yeah, so if you want to
find out five skills to master in a bike park, click right down here. – Yeah, and if you want to know six common North Shores click just over here. – Of course, don’t forget
it, click on the big globe in the middle to subscribe. – And you won’t miss a
video just like this one. And if you want to see more comedy let us know in the comments below and give it a thumbs-up like.

100 comments on “Top 5 Things Not To Do In A Bike Park | GMBN At Whistler Crankworx

  1. And don't be a trail bully. Like you guys said respect each other out there give a helping hand when you can. We've all been beginners at some stage. No need to scare away the novice riders just because you want to be a hero.

  2. i failed take it easy on your last lap. was going way to quick and fell off a 4ft rock drop and broke my wrist 🙁

  3. And if you hate this channel smeash the big red block button and the lil block bell to make you never have to watch another video. And remember to smeash the like button if you disliked the video 🙂

  4. Last time I was at big bear I got caught in a small patch of some dumb asses beer cans and both my tired got punctured

  5. Top 5 things not to do in a bike park… "respect others"
    hehehe should of been phrased a lil differently

  6. I moved to Morzine (France) last year and I decided to start mountain biking this year
    Your videos are very informative and well produced, thanks for all the tips!

  7. When I see people litter I run up and chuck at their face as hard as I can and scream in their face for being a fucktard

  8. Worst thing I’ve seen is an old guy on a 30 year old Trek with no Suspension. He was wearing blue jeans and a wife beater. 😂

  9. I can think of at least 10 more things you shouldn’t do. Don’t jump off the lift. Don’t throw your undies from the lift. Don’t bring a Walmart bike. Don’t bring a scooter on the downhill park. Don’t hold on your farts. Don’t soley hit your front brake when you land.

  10. Never say "one more run" as bad things happen. Ha! Also applicable to snowboarding. Fine all day, then "one last run" and BOOM! Helicopter ride!

  11. When a bike park near me opened my friend crashed on the first lap. Probably first crash there when the park was open to the public

  12. Me in the thumbnail when someone asks what's the difference between a carrera and a full suspension yeti

  13. 1:30 when you are a pro and shouting at slower riders is stupid because you were slow when you began too😂

  14. I did a wheelie on my first ride in front of everybody in front of restaurants it was a rented bike and the brakes were swapped it was a bit embarrassing when I was on my back in front of everyone

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