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Top 7 Bike Maintenance Hacks | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

Top 7 Bike Maintenance Hacks | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

– Triathlon requires a lot of care and with that it means a
lot of maintenance and that’s before we even start on ourselves. But over the years I’ve
learned a number of ways to make that
maintenance just a little bit quicker, easier,
and sometimes cheaper. So here are my top
seven maintenance hacks. (suspenseful music) (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music) These little wipes can gently clean a baby yet somehow they can make a bike look like new again. It blows my mind. So much though that I now travel with a pack everywhere I go now with my bike. But I’m not suggestion
you always clean your bike with baby wipes
or antibacterial wipes, but they do do a remarkable job of getting your bike looking sparkly and clean within seconds without having
to hose your bike down or fill up a bucket and drench your bike. (upbeat techno music) I am always buying electrical tape. I’m not totally sure
where it all goes but, I clearly use a lot of it on my triathlon maintenance. You can mark up your saddle height in case you need to remove the
seat post when you travel. Re-fix your bar tape if it comes loose, and even stop your valves from rattling. Just apply a strip around
the valve by pushing it down onto the valve so that it punches through then stick the rest of the tape to the rim so the valve is secure. (upbeat music playing) Cable ties or zip ties are another item I’ve always got in my kit bag and they’ve saved me a number of times over the years. It’s actually amazing how many things they can fix. I’ve heard of people
using them to fix helmets, to fix bike computer mounts, to attach spares to their bikes and even to work in the place of bolts. Personally I use them
all the time to attach a standard bottle cage and bottle between my aero bars. That way I can just pick up a standard bottle from one of the aid stations and replace my previous bottle. Now I do understand there are brands that make well designed versions of this but this is quite a nice cheap and fairly reliable alternative. Another place that I used to use these cable ties for was on my saddle. Now I am a big fan of
split nose designed saddles but I did find with some of the older, previous designs that
they were just a little bit too wide so I used
to attach a couple of cable ties around the
nose around the rails towards the nose of the saddle. That way it just pull in
the nose just a fraction to make it a little bit more comfortable. (upbeat music playing) Right back to cleaning the bike. Yeah it’s a common theme but this time we’re taking a look at the chain. Now to get the chain thoroughly clean, I would always recommend using a tool like this one from Park Tool. But I understand you can’t always travel with one of these or
you didn’t always have one of these to hand. So another good alternative it to use two toothbrushes hopefully
old ones that you’re not planning to use
again and then use that good old electrical tape
to tape them together so their bristles are facing each other. Then all we need to do
now is apply a little bit of de greaser to your chain, use your new tool, and there we go simple as that. Probably should have asked Heather if I could use these first. (upbeat music playing) Okay bar tape. It wears out over time and if you’re using anything other than
black it will likely look quite grubby eventually. But there is a good alternative and no it’s not electrical tape. It is skateboard grip tape. Okay hear me out on this one. This is focused more towards those that are riding on TT
bikes where we’re not putting quite so much
weight through our hands, and we’re actually tucked
into those aero bars, particularly for race
day we’re not going to be using those base bars or the bull horns quite so much and actually quite a lot of pros are opting for this now because it’s slightly neater and actually slightly more aerodynamic and personally
I think it looks really cool so a small saving, but it’s something. (upbeat music) Right then. It would appear that some people need a little bit of help when it comes to removing race numbers from the bike helmet and from their bike. I appreciate it’s a cool bragging right but honestly several
months after the event isn’t the greatest look. So let me share a little bit of advice. Firstly you obviously want to see if the number will quite easily peel off. Obviously that’s your first point of call. But if it doesn’t you want to avoid using any solvents on your bike helmet or on your frame. So how bout using some electrical tape? Yep it’s another use for that trusty old electrical tape. You can apply a few
layers of electrical tape down onto the seat post,
frame or helmet first, then apply the sticker on
top of the electrical tape so all you have to do
at the end of the race is peel the electrical tape off. Pretty smart hey? (upbeat music) You know all those old race tshirts that you collect over the years. Well here is a good use for them and for some of the old rags that you collect in your house. You can use them as bike cleaning rags. Just simply rip them into pieces and then you can use them
for cleaning your bike and your chain. But a cool hack you can do with them is for cleaning your cassette. If you’d like to quickly
clean your cassette on the move without fully
removing your cassette then you can just apply a little bit of de greaser to the edge of your rag and then slot that between the sprockets of your cassette and
then just slide it around as you move the cassette and you’ll have a nice clean
cassette ready to go. Well there are my seven maintenance hacks and I hoped you liked them and uses for electrical tape and to be honest I’m only just scratching the surface with my uses for this. But do let me know if
you have any other uses for electrical tape and
any other maintenance hacks in the comments section below. If you liked this video, hit that thumbs up
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  2. I haven't got a chain clear tool so used your hack with the tooth brushes and it worked a treat!! Sellotape for me though, maybe i need to buy some electrical tape 🤣😂🤣

  3. Mark thank you so much for all the tips especially the tri-bar bottle hack……simple…..but bloody genius idea 💡 that’s saved me a few £ 😊😊😊

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