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Top 8 Night Riding Mistakes | Mountain Bike Skills

– Night riding is one of the
most fun things you can do on a mountain bike. There’s something really cool about being out there riding when most folk have their feet up in front of their TV. – However, night riding
doesn’t come without issues. Here are some classic mistakes people make when out night riding. (rock music) – No matter how powerful
you’re lights are, they’re not gonna be much good in twilight time, nor your eyes. – Yeah you gotta wait
until it’s properly dark before you head out for a night ride. I mean, it’s only getting darker. If you’re not, it’s not gonna help you. You’ll be cruising for a crash. (slow rock music) Mountain biking is a really good activity to do with your mates. It’s also really good fun
when you ride on your own. But sometimes you really do not want to put that to the test, especially when night riding. Night riding, going solo
is pretty dangerous. If you bash your head
or something like that, it’s not really a good
situation to get yourself into. So, try and avoid that one. (slow rock music) – (panting) Oh. Donnie! – Until you’re totally
tuned in to night riding, you really don’t want
to venture out too far. ‘Cause it can be quite
disorientating and easy to get lost. – Oh my light’s gonna die. (whimpering) – Even trails you know
like the back of your hand will feel totally different at night. Stick to familiar trails until you become full
accustomed to night riding. – (gasping) Donnie! Is that you? Donnie? Donnie!(loud yell) (crying) – Oh, I can never keep up. (slow rock music) Another classic mistake people make when they’re first out night
riding is when they hit jumps. So what tends to happen is the
first time you ride a jump, you lights actually give
you a bit of a black spot when you’re in the middle of the jump. So you might, you know, the
thing to do is get your mate to sort of light up the take off first, so you can make the jump. (slow rock music) In an ideal world you get to turn all your lights off, have a bit of a black out, let your eyes adjust to it and then hit ’em full power and go and hit the trails. Amazing right? – Donnie, you’re blind? Donnie, you look at the trail, (chaotic exchange) I couldn’t even see. Stop it. – Whatever you do, don’t be an idiot and flash your lights in your mates all the time. All you’re gonna do is
ruin his night vision. (slow rock music) – Now you’ve got your nice new shiny light you stuck on your bike. But it’s facing at your front tyre. It’s not gonna help. It’s gonna cut down your speed ’cause you can’t see the
trail in front of you and also a big bright light like this one is reflecting off that front
wheel and into your eyes. – Likewise if your light is
pointing too far down the trail, you’ll actually find
that it blinds you a bit when you’re at the saddle. So there’s definitely a happy
medium with your light set up. Somewhere between high and low. You want it to go as far
down the trail as possible without shining at your eyes. (slow rock music) When you’re out night riding
on the trails with your mates, make sure you give ’em some space. ‘Cause otherwise you’ll just
create some huge shadows and they won’t be able to
see what they’re doin’. (slow rock music) – When you’re fitting your
light to the front of your bike, make sure you tighten
those bolts correctly. ‘Cause you don’t want them to come loose and your light falls down and you lose sight of
the trail ahead of you. – And so hopefully you learned everything you do not want to do when
you’re out night riding. If you want to learn
everything about lights and how to set them up on your bike, click right here. – Yeah, and if you wanna know
how to winterize your bike, click just down here. – Don’t forget to click on
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