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Top Mountain Bike Newbie Mistakes

Top Mountain Bike Newbie Mistakes

– At one stage we’re all beginners and there’s a lot of common mistakes. – Yeah, so I think these are the top beginner mistakes and how to avoid doing them. (light music) – Hoho! Oh my gosh! It’s so steep. (laughing) – Yeah, don’t forget to lower your saddle when riding down steep sections. It’s much easier with a drop of post, and the push of a button you can get the seat down and out of the way. It’ll give you much more confidence being able to get behind the saddle. If you don’t have a drop-seat post, either take a tool with you or even better than that,
get a quick release, and just pop that saddle
down before you drop in. With your seat up, it’s really hard to get your hips back, which then means your centre of gravity is right down here by that front wheel, and that’s not very safe. So, dropping the saddle, getting your hips further back now means your centre
of gravity is actually back in the middle of the bike. (light music) – It’s not all about gear, but there is a few thing
that’ll help your ride be that little bit more comfortable. First of, we’ve got padded shorts. Overlooked, but it’ll
give you that little extra comfort on your ride. Next, shorts. After that, GMBN jersey for sure. After that we’ve got knee pads. Doesn’t matter which ones, as long as they give you protection. Next, shoes. Clips or flats. After that, gloves. Last but least, helmet. Then you need a bike. – Here you go. – And then you’re set. (bird calls) (bird calls) So all those items that I have mentioned are not essential, but there
is one very important one. And that is the helmet. I never leave my house
without a lid on my head. – Gettin’ the right footwear
is actually quite important. If you ride flats, they don’t have to be mountain bike specific shoes. Anything with a big, flat
sole is gonna give you a good amount of grip on the pedal. If you go for clips it’s really
important to get the right shoes and pedals for the sort
of riding you’re gonna do. And I would always recommend
going for quite a big pedal. You can see on this Crankbrothers Mallet E you’ve got a big cage on the outside, so you can actually feel that
on the bottom of my shoe. So it gives me that bit of extra grip. The really lightweight,
small, cross country pedals and carbon fibre sole shoes look great, they’re very light, but they
can be quite hard to clip in. And also, you’ve got zero grip
should you not be clipped in. (light music) Getting a few basics set up
while on your bike will make a big difference to how well it rides. So think about tyre pressures, cockpit set up, so your brake
levers and gear shifters, and also saddle height. Handily, we’ve done videos
on all of those subjects. – Although having a great
bike shop, rely on them to fix everything, no. Learn how to fix your own inner tubes. Do your own gear cable, fix your chain. Plus you get to know your bike a lot more. We’ve also done videos on all of that. (light music) – One really common mistake
is to not take enough food or water, so you’ve challenged yourself
to go for a big ride. If you don’t fuel it
properly, you’re gonna feel fatigued and you’re actually you’re not gonna be able to get this far. – Neil. – Blake. – Down here. I’ve run out of water. – Here you are mate.
– Have you got any snacks? Agh! Cheers mate. Have you got any water? I’ve run out. (Blake sputtering)
(Neil laughing) Ah, cheers mate. So there ares a few beginner
mistakes and how to avoid them. – Yeah, just a bit of a recap, always think about lowering
your saddle for steep downhills and getting the right gear
does make a big difference. – Yeah. Bike set up and
maintenance, do it yourself. It’s great. And. Food. – Don’t forget your water. – Oh, yes, water. – Click on the GMBN logo here to subscribe to channel. It’s totally free. And if you click down here, that’ll take you through
to the maintenance video “How to Change Your Gear Cable.” – And click here “How to Ruin a Ride.” – Give us a thumb up like
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94 comments on “Top Mountain Bike Newbie Mistakes

  1. when i was in 4th grade, i went flying down my driveway past a stop sign and hit a car. helmet asved my life. wear them

  2. Why don't you guys wear ful face helmets? I race off-road motorcycles so I'm used to a full face and you guys honestly seem to be going pretty fast on some of those downhills.

  3. Great video i found alot of other great tips here:

  4. In some videos, you recommended the right saddle height. Are you suggesting one should keep changing the saddle height? Wouldn't that get frustrating?

  5. Hi my names Harry Parker age 10. I’ve watched loads of your videos and I always really enjoy them I’ve also noticed you rad t-shirts I have wondered if I can have one for when I go morzine, bike park walls, chiksands e.x.t ?

  6. Seeking Bike Buying Advice
    My Criteria:
    – intermediate rider
    – not into racing, taking air, extremes
    – into trails and some downhill (intermediate level)
    – don't want to pay more than $2000 US ($2600 CAD) – used or new
    – open to 29", 27.5" or 26" tires (including switchout option like the Scott Genius)
    – Norco Sight and Giant Trance were mentioned to me (just to get it started)

    Your mission, should you choose to accept, involves offering specific models (year, model name, et),
    why you think it could work for me, and if used – what you would pay for it if you were buying it for yourself.

    Thanks in Advance!

  7. googles.
    its the most important protection piece after the helmet for me..
    in the trail is always bugs and dust etc that can get into your eyes and cause you to crash

  8. This is the 3rd GMBN upload I watch, I really think you should let Blake be himself…that dude is funny. Fun to watch and yet very informative.

  9. Shorts? Mountain biking? Are you…insane? Wearing long nylon pants, is the way to go when trail riding. Your skin and bones, will thank-you for it.

  10. My biggest mistake so far: Coming from a moto background I thought since I’m used to really ruff and rutted at speeds mountain biking would just be easier. It’s really a different skill set. A bicycle just doesn’t handle anything like Motocross bike. Lots of mistakes: Leaning way to far into ruts no power to come out, just momentum. Much less traction bike is so light. Completely different in the air for jumps, bike feels so small and not as safe. 60ft jump is pretty small for moto but now it’s really scary doing a ten foot jump on MTB. Steep and tech been hard also, everything seems harder going slower if that makes sense. Much less gear is worn also so I’ve been getting wrecked. That’s why I love it so much though, so much fun learning something new and so many places to explore. So great when I’m not crashing 🤕😁

  11. … really wish GMBN would begin posting vids with more meat, less fluff. You guys have some serious bike handling skills you hide under a bushel.
    Would esp. love to hear lectures on technique from Blake and Marty- that would be brilliant.

  12. Going off a 10 foot drop my first time on a bike in 15 years…..going over the edge of a burm at 35 – 40mph because I grabbed a handful of brake mid turn lol

  13. Failed recently. Hurt my wrist but I was wearing gloves so it could have been worse. Small bries and cut on my face as I hit tarmac. Can you imagine how bad that would have been if I wasn't' wearing a helmet?! Lid for the win.

  14. I hate doing my own bike. It does not interest me. I do how ever wash my own bike and put olie on my chain, every time I being of riding it 😉 but That it. And I know you guys are right.. so I have to learn how to do my own bike………….. sigh

  15. Not enough food? People are so addicted to carbs they don't even realize that you don't need to eat…all day. You have fat stores, and ketosis is a better fuel source anyways.

  16. Nothing makes your mates laugh like coming off your bike because you've cramped up! Drink fluids on your ride, not just when you stop for a breather as that might not be enough.

  17. When I was younger I where riding MTB offroad and in dirt parks, ordered a new hardtail MTB today since I miss how fun it was 😀 Mostly for mental health and overall health purposes tho 🙂 Back then my bike had no suspensions and where cheap, still rocked offroad and jumped high as hell on those dirt jumps, let's hope I can achieve that again 😉

  18. Leaving with a helmet every time you go out? Probably gonna get some funny looks at the grocery store.

  19. What about shin guards? Shin guards first or knee pads? When first starting out which ones or should you just have both. Your vid says, knee guards. Wasn't it was your vid showing us a pedal spike in shin and blood running wasn't it?

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