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Top Ten Things To Eat And Drink For Cyclists

Top Ten Things To Eat And Drink For Cyclists

First on our list is porridge or oatmeal.
This is a firm favourite, especially among pro teams, for good reason. Oats are very
low on the glycemic index – what that means is that they give a slow, steady release of
energy. Ideal for the start of the day when you don’t want a sugar spike. Perfect for
the long ride or other strenuous activity. They don’t have to be boring either. I might
spice mine up with a bit of brown sugar, also some raisins and fruit. Our very own Simon
Richardson gave his perfect recipe about a year ago. Fish is an absolute superfood for us cyclists.
Not only does it contain high quality protein to help rebuild our muscles after a tough
training session, but it also contains essential fatty acids. Don’t be put off by the name. These are good
fats that your body needs. To top it off, you get a great hit of vitamins B, D and selenium. On the off chance that you ever happen to
find yourself in the breakfast room of a team of pro cyclists, you’ll likely find that,
along with their oatmeal, they’ll probably be consuming an omelette or some other form
of eggs. It’s a great source of protein with which to start your day and you can even add
some extra healthy ingredients like tomatoes. Tinkoff-Saxo’s Hannah Grant showed us how
to make the perfect omelette. You can watch that video if you click in the description below. The fact that cycling and coffee go hand in
hand might not be a coincidence after all. Caffeine is one of the few proven ergogenic
aids and it’s in strong coffee in abundance. Just be a little bit careful though, because
some of the large drinks that you can now purchase in modern coffee shops contain more
calories than in an entire meal. Stick to smaller, stronger coffees if you don’t want
to put weight on and look more sophisticated…and perform better. Nitric oxide is a fashionable term in the
world of sport at the moment, but it does appear that it’s a performance enhancer. Studies
have shown it can help increase your endurance and improve your blood flow. Where can you
get it? If you’re in the US you can find it in beets, if you’re in the UK you can find
it in beetroot. Trouble is, you need to eat a hell of a lot of these if you want to get
a performance benefit, so either buy them pre-juiced or just juice them yourself, just
like we did in this video here. Not dissimilar in quality to fish are nuts
and seeds. They’re also a great source of protein and essential fats. Good examples
include almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and pistachios. But try to go for uncooked raw
versions of the product. Even almond butter or peanut butter can be healthy for you if
you get organic stuff without too many additives. But, go easy on them if you’re using them
as snacks because they do contain a lot of calories. Particularly trendy in the US at the moment
is this – coconut water. It contains a lot of potassium and very few calories and it’s
more effective than plain old water at keeping you hydrated. It might not be to everybody’s
taste, but we do know that there’s lots of WorldTour teams who have a plentiful supply
of this on their team buses for riders to consume before and after races. Eaten at the right time, rice is a great way
to promote recovery. It’s very high on the glycemic index scale, which means it gets
glycogen quickly into your bloodstream. This isn’t what you want in general, but immediately
after training or a race it’s exactly what you want to replenish your muscles’ glycogen
stores. Some teams will even use it during a race. Combined with fish or some sort of
eggs, it makes the perfect post-training meal. ‘Eat your greens’ is something that many of
us will remember our parents telling us as kids. Unfortunately they were right. Vegetables
contain so many of the vitamins and nutrients that we need, and they’re also a great source
of carbohydrates. Unlike fruit, which contains sugar, it’s also very hard to eat too many
vegetables. Last but by no means least, one of our favourite
on the bike foods – flapjacks. They’re easy to eat as you ride, easy to put in your pocket
and taste good to boot. They provide exactly the sort of fuel that you need for your ride.
There’s lots of recipes out there, but why not start off with one from our very own Simon

100 comments on “Top Ten Things To Eat And Drink For Cyclists

  1. It looks like there are two types of people commenting.  Vegans and meat eaters who don't know shit about nutrition. 

  2. I think different riders will figure out what they need. In a pro game each rider within a team requires different combination of food and drinks. On a usual day ride I need more electrolyte drinks than energy bars where it is complete opposite to most of my teammates. Fish would be on my list for sure. And beef but I would say ribs rather than a slice of beef. oats has been in my general diets for 8 years. Beans and nuts, never far from my pantry. Yogurt plus any berries is my typical dinner after a cycling day, a mushroom light soup is an add up during cooler seasons. I make my own bread so Carbohydrate isn't a big deal here. Vegetables I am not restricted to certain type, and I am also trying to discover more types. Spinach is one of my favorite specially cooked with any other fruits or vegetables containing Vitamin C.

  3. In Canada well, Alberta ( its a Western Provence) we call pancakes, "flapjacks". What was seen in the video. We would call a granola bar.   Not saying its wrong; i just find it interesting.  
    PS: If you guy's really want a cheep drink to keep you going and i'm not kidding. Salt water!  Now i'm not saying go to the sea and drink from it. heck no, but just a half dash of table salt, for 1,L of water.  It does not taste the best but it works.

  4. Why are you saying to be careful of calories etc? It's not really a concern when burning 2000-4000 on a ride, is it? Surely you want to consume more calories than your average person?

  5. By looking at your wet bar it appears that cyclists need to consume copious amounts of liquor too. Also it would be more expensive and troublesome to get nitric oxide from beets, simply buy the supplement capsules.

  6. I feel like a lot of people don't know this, but the glycemic index for rice varies a lot, for those people that are very health conscious but cant bear eating brown rice I suggest parboil rice. with a glycemic index ~35 (short grain white rice is ~85-90 for comparison) it's actually lower than oatmeal

  7. what a nice coincidence, i just finished a 2 hour ride and am currently eating fish, didnt even realise it was perfect for this situation

  8. Clearly I would be more knowledgeable on the subject of cycling specific nutrition than the collective input of the professional cycling and scientific community. Please disregard the advise contained in this video and instead use the following list created by yours truly:

    1. Tooth Paste
    2. Sardines
    3. Hydrogen Peroxide (essential vitamin for cycling)
    4. Deep Fried Battered Mayo Balls
    5. Crawfish (raw, still living)
    6. Lawn Clippings (a bit of dirt and leaves don't hurt either)
    7. Sauteed Salamanders w/ Soy Sauce
    8. Nivea Shampoo for Men (2in1 conditioners provide additional essential acids)
    9. Expired milk (we're looking for a nice golden brown color here)
    10. Ghost Peppers (best eaten while on the bike in order to provide a quick wake up)

  9. Everyone's Body reacts different to various products. I'm 14 stone and climb an average of 20.000ft a week. Salmon and lots of nuts, Fruit and pasta does me. 

    Unfortunately healthy eating is rather bland at times, thats the problem. I'd love to be built like a pro cyclist, but i carry far to much dense muscle from previous exercise. eat what suits you at the end of the day…… Sucker for  dark chocolate

  10. package coconut water is so bad in many ways…its like having fruit juices in can or tetra pack instead of fresh fruits…

  11. Really??! haha you are wrong. I would feel like shit if i ate that, I wouldn't even be cycling in the first place. Bananas and dates for the win!

  12. Hi guys! Not sure if you are still checking the comments but are there any alternatives from eggs for breakfast as I can't eat them, I am not allergic but physically can't stand it. I find that omelettes are still too eggy for me and I have tried everything! Thanks!

  13. I tried the vegan thing and it wasn't for me. I don't eat much meat but feel terrible if I go completely without it. I barely consume dairy but I love some quality ice cream from time to time. Really don't think it affects me negatively much. Genetics gave me the body of Dan no matter what I eat lol.
    I feel like most vegans I meet do excercise but are generally tired the rest of the time. Im sure there are ways around it, just saying.
    You're going to die anyway and will probably lose to someone who is more skilled or genetically gifted than you (genetics are huge) regardless of what you eat.
    Veganism is fine, more power to you, but don't think you're some health god because you don't touch animal products

  14. haha coconut water! XD … we get that for free here in Philippines! XD …. just stop by a coconut plantation when your on a ride…. and open up some coconuts …. ahhh

  15. I never had a problem with calories. I'd "only" bike about 90 minutes a day, 6 days/wk. But half of it is uphill and/or against the wind, so it required extreme intensity (as I am a muscular heavy person).

  16. Oatmeal won't give you the sugar spike ……though you mix it with brown sugar ?? Well that's contradicting yourself ain't it

  17. Nutrition nerd comment: Arugula is actually higher in performance enhancing, oxygenating nitrates than beetroots and so are most leafy greens, but high impact beet root juice is still pretty potent here's a vid comparing different veggies nitrate ranking: I would take out the fish and add lean plant proteins and avocado, and skip the eggs since they have as much Cholesterol as an 8 oz steak and we all know red meats got to go. DId you know you can sautee greens, with onions and garlic and other veggies in water? skip the goopy processed gunk and sautee in water if you're keeping things no oil. GCN YOU ALL ARE LEGENDARY even if I believe some of your nutritional information isn't up to date and disagree with a few choices, I always hold you guys dear and am SO THANKFUL for everything I have learned from you! Thanks for inspiring me to become a better rider and strike a few off my bikeit list 😀 Cheers!

  18. Why is there so much hate on protein and huge push on high GI food in the comments? Has Freeley or whatever that banana girl's name is sent out a vegan raid group for the two non-vegan food items on this list or something?

    That being said, good video overall. I'm all new to road cycling and basically on a late night GCN video binge 😀

  19. Simple homemade cycling drink for your rides: Fill 1/5th of a bidon Coconut water, A good grind of healthy unbleached (pink/sea-salt), fill the rest of the bidon with filtered water and give it a shake. Whether you are training on fat or on carbohydrates it's a cheap solution.

  20. I sit down to eat my breakfast, and opened the youtube to watch something beside it, the first video that the youtube recomended was that, and I'm eating a porrige 😀

  21. When I heard flapjack being American was like why the hell would you put a pancake in your pocket

  22. According to GCN my mother's Korean cooking is perfect for cycling! Thank God I just got into a sport that doesn't require any change in my normal diet lol thank you GCN, I can now ride my new bike knowing my oatmeal and coffee for breakfast and rice/fish with coconut water is actually good enough energy sources, I thought I was going to have to change my diet into hair gel and double shots of EPO.

  23. My daily diet consists of the same stuff Racoons eat. Garbage from my neighbours bins.

    If it works for them, it'll work for me.

    Week old burger, anyone?

  24. Those who say coconut water doesn't taste good haven't really tasted the real coconut. Bottled ones always have this strange taste, but if you open a fresh coconut, particularly the young ones, the water is so delicious, and the white inside too.

  25. Eat a balanced diet, it isn’t gonna make any difference if like 99.99% of us are leisure cyclists.

  26. I'm going to eat nothing but the foods mentioned in this video for a week and document it. Would that make an interesting video? Like this comment if you would watch.

  27. So basically what to eat:
    1) porridge
    2) fish
    3) omelette
    4) coffee
    5) beetroot
    6) nuts and seeds
    7) almond and peanut butter (organic)
    8) coconut water
    9) rice
    10) vegetables
    11) flapjacks

  28. So basically what to eat:
    1) porridge
    2) fish
    3) omelette
    4) coffee
    5) beetroot
    6) nuts and seeds
    7) almond and peanut butter (organic)
    8) coconut water
    9) rice
    10) vegetables
    11) flapjacks

  29. How can this chap handle hot metal without burning his hands? Good advice, but is it worth avoiding coffee and caffeine at all costs? To avoid that caffeine 'come down'? Is there a healthy alternative to coffee/caffeine?

  30. Nice to know Matt has Teflon hands and can remove a searing hot pan from the oven with his bare hands. Definitely a good attribute for….well, for something, I'm sure.

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