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Top Triathlon Technology To Make You Go Faster | Tri Tech Of 2017

(electronic chiming) – As we’re coming towards
the end of the 2017 season, we thought we’d put together
a list of the top tri-tech that will help you to go faster. (calm instrumental music) – So the best way to make yourself faster is to make yourself as
aerodynamic as possible. And the better kit that we saw this year was from Notio Konect, where you attach a small sensor
onto the front of your bike, and it gives you your aerodynamic
coefficient in real time. – [Heather] And whilst we were out in Kona, we also spotted a similar
device by Swiss Side. Basically, they both
enable you to have that real-time aerodynamic analysis, making it much more accessible for people. And you don’t need to go
and find a wind tunnel. – And there’s a great new product from a company called LEOMO, which essentially gives you an alternative if you’re going to get a bike fit done. But this time you can actually
go out and get it done in real world conditions, out
on the bike, out on the road. So it fits to your bike and off you go. And it measures all your parameters, to basically get you the
perfect motion when riding. It’s a great training tool as well, so your coach can sort
of see it each week. (calm instrumental music) So after the success of the 454, Zipp have now brought out the 858’s, using the same Sawtooth rim technology, which now means long-distance athletes have got that super deep-section wheel that’s incredibly aerodynamic, but also mega with handling in crosswinds. So a few Kona buys, brilliant. (calm instrumental music) And also this year we saw Nike unveil its Vaporfly 4% shoe, which is a really cool shoe. It’s got a carbon insert between two layers of foam in the middle. It claims that you can
improve efficiency by 4%, which is really neat. So we’ve seen it on a few athletes. It was debuted at the Breaking2, the two-hour marathon record attempt. Shalane Flanagan’s been
pictured wearing it. Terenzo Bozzone in the Island House, I think I saw wearing it. – There’s even recently
been, maybe you could say, proof of exceeding that 4%, ’cause Camille Herron, just a week ago, broke the 100-mile record by over an hour, which apparently is pretty much 8%. (calm instrumental music) At Kona this year, we saw Kask launch their
new Mistral helmet. We were very lucky to get our hands on one of the Kona specials. Now it’s based on the Bambino, it’s just got the extra long tail. And it has some cooling
vents here at the front, six there, and then two
at the back as well. And on top of these, it’s got a couple of, well five actually, cooling vents through
the front of the visor, which attaches with a nice magnetic click. And when you’re not using
it, you just pop it on top. (calm instrumental music) Another piece of tech
launched in Kona this year was the Roka short sleeve swimskin. The advantage of this, you can wear a short
sleeve tri suit underneath without having to push it
down inside your swimskin, making you more hydrodynamic in the water. But also, it saves time in transition, as you’re not trying to
squeeze out of your swimskin and then get your tri suit back on. An added bonus, it has
hydrophobic properties, making it super slippery in the water. (calm instrumental music) And finally, a piece of
tech to make you go slow. Now we’ve included the SRAM
S-900 HRD Aero disc brakes, as the quicker you can stop, the more time you can spend going fast. – The other feature with these is the fully-carbon
adjustable brake levers, so you can adjust them to
each individual hand size. And also, it’s got 160 mil rotors, for maximum stopping power. – There’s been a lot of
tech released this year, and that’s the selection
of our favourites. We’d love to know what your favourite is. So please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. – If you liked that video,
give it a thumbs up. Click on the globe to subscribe to GTN. And if you wanna see a retro versus modern marine shoe comparison, click on this video here. – And if you wanna
watch a Kona tech video, just click down here.

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