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TOP3 evropské destinace pro jízdu na motorce

Hello riders I had nothing to do in the hotel so i watched some videos As T-Mobile gave us free data in summer even abroad and I came accross a video where an englishman mentions top3 destinations in Europe for motorcycle travel. I dont know what I expected from the video but maybe a surprise but it did not happen because the guy evaluated that the best is Transfagarasan second Stelvio and third Grossglockner So I thought about it a bit influenced by beer 😀 And I said to myslef… OK, fine, but These are nice places But Stelvio and Transfagarasan look exactly like this. You follow and Italian, Dutch, German, whoever car 20km/h with no chance to overtake And this is stelvio and Transfagarasan. Well Tranfagarasan has deteriorating tarmac Stelvio has bends that sometimes even on a motorbike cannot be turned nicely and Grossglocker, i do not know precisely because there I was the 1st opening day in spring So there were like 5 bikers there. So Transfagarasan, Stelvio and maybe also Grossglockner have one big disadvagare in comon and its bloody tourists milions of people heavy trafic unless you depart and go there at 7am or earlier You are in a traffic jam and you 100% meet a caravan reversing in the bend. And you dont enjoy it at all Well it makes sense to go there once in a lifetime but as for me, all three destinations persuaded me in opinion “once and never again” enough is enough Go there once, check it out, views are beautiful…. but thats it So my top 3 motorbike destinations in Europe are as follows Take a printed map of the area of interest. No matter which country Italy, France, Spain, Romania whatever point at a place that you like or thing might be interesting and go there And there is a great chance (if you do not choose Romanian lowlands or in italy for example area around Milano) so you can be sure that in the 50-100km radius You will find amazing roads to ride and they will be many times better than Stelv, Transfa a grossgl in terms of riding experience So thats it…. these are my Top 3 European riding destinations So ride safe and explore. Ciao

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