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Tour and Test Ride! | 2020 Indian Challenger! | Changing Lanes!

Tour and Test Ride! | 2020 Indian Challenger! | Changing Lanes!

100 comments on “Tour and Test Ride! | 2020 Indian Challenger! | Changing Lanes!

  1. I like the bike video and tour. It would be really cool if you could get a factory tour and video for a “inside lanes” look,

  2. Hit send by mistake😮 on previous. Why your attraction to Indian Motorcycles? Being an old Harley guy (literally, 60 w/ a 95 FLHTC) I could see myself on a Roadmaster. Really sleek and attractive bike. Love the video on the new Indian. Keep em coming!

  3. Great video. I'm wanting to buy a bike again Indian Roadmaster might be the one. I owned a 1100 water cooled Kawasaki. Loved it a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Excellent video. 3 reasons I started watching you: RV toyhauler ideas, motorcycles, and your a vet. You do an outstanding job. I kinda got a little buyers remorse watching this video.

  5. Very cool vid, guys. Absolutely, please do more of these if you can. I would love to see any kind of bikes you want to test out. Ok maybe not the Vespa- well, I don't know, I think I'd pay good money to see Chad on a Vespa! But, your call! Thanks for the ride. Troy

  6. I can't wait to test ride this bike! But, Like you guys, we need the trunk all of the time and I am happy with Chief Red Cloud (our 2017 RM) . They will put a trunk on the Challenger in the next model year. This will probably be our next bike. And a lifetime powertrain warranty is a big deal to me, also the live traffic and weather overlay is huge. Thank you for the review!

  7. TBH, i like the one you guys have way better. the front and saddle are way nicer, and i dont unlike many other people, choose black. Red is way nicer. But that is personal preference.

  8. Great video. And a tour of a bike shop is always a plus. Make me nostalgic for my 87 wing. Really liked that bike but there was no place for a Malinoise to ride.

  9. I’m a road glide fan boy so naturally that fixed fairing appeals to me. I like what Indian has done with the Challenger. wish I had enough money to own both. Simple as that for me. Great review btw.

  10. Sweet ride. But like Tara said, the significant other, would greatly appreciate the better seating of the Roadmaster.

  11. Not sure about the tank graphics. Actual emblems seem to evoke a nostalgic hand crafted feeling. But I like the new technology.

  12. I've been meaning to tell you how much I like the new hat Chad's been sporting in your more recent videos. My wife and I are members of 20-1 (Space Coast, FL). I'm a Harley guy, but I'm no snob, Indians are some nice machines. We've got a 2003 100th Anniversary Edition Road King. Next time you two are heading south to the Keys you should make a stop on the Space Coast. We can take you on some nice rides!

  13. What's your issue with a "scooter".. it still has 2 wheels.. stupid.. my "scooter" weighs 650 pounds.. and has a 650 engine..and an adjustable windshield.. but it has a CVT transmission.. so its a scooter.. never heard anyone admit that they wont wave to a scooter

  14. While we really enjoy all of your RV related videos, you could review a dog groomer for Daisy and we would probably watch it! All reviews welcome! My wife and I enjoy all of your content and hope to meet up one day.

  15. Great vid guys! I'm a Harley guy myself. We have a 2011 HD Screamin Eagle Streetglide. Absolutely love it. Indian has made a solid come back. Their design lines are very sweet. This Challenger model resembles the HD Roadglide with the rigid shark nose fairing. I love this video production idea of yours to showcase rides, dealerships, and other motorcycle brands. Our YouTube channel is getting ready to start featuring more than flying. We are going to add camping trips with our Airstream, and scuba diving. A little something from all of our interests and hobbies. So I think its a great idea. Cheers!

  16. Awesome Love it ! 💚💚💚💚💚
    Bob @ Indian Savannah Georgia 👍👍👍✔🌟
    ps. Yes Please more Bikes👌🌎🐬✨🌠

  17. If you want to check out a bike with serious power try the bmw k1600gtl. Has a tourpack for Tara and the quickshifter make up and downshifts so smooth.

  18. Loved your review of the Challenger but I think it's still either a tryke or the Roadmaster for me. Just like Tara, Brandon doesn't like the idea of not having armrests and the extra support around him that your setup gives Tara. (And let's face it, Chad… You know it's always the other half that rules the roost. Either they're happy or ain't NOBODY happy. hahahahaa) I love the RideCommand that you reviewed on the Challenger. Do the new Roadmaster's have the same functionality as the Challenger (regarding internet connectivity to integrate the weather and traffic alerts with the GPS navigation)? When I'm ready to pull the trigger I'm definitely travelling to that location; the lifetime warranty is a no-brainer! LOL. Safe travels, y'all!

  19. Great info, probably the best review on the Challenger so far. I won't get to see one here in Western Australia until January. Looking forward to taking it for a ride.

  20. Too many electronic goodies to fail. Plus I am not a bagger fan, I am a minimalist. My took a lot of unnecessary weight off my Harley. The Chief Dark Horse is more my style, if I put different fenders on it. The big fenders has never been a selling point of Indian. Nice video for the bagger crowd.

  21. Yes the slingshot is fun I tryed one out my girlfriend liked it to because she was beside me so she hot the motorcycle exspereance of the wind in her face and they are peppy to I have s Victory Highball with the low apehsngers a beautiful bike I love it but my legs aren't as good as they were so I may have to go to a slingshot

  22. Y’all were at my favorite dealership. My wife and I bought our 2017 RoadMaster there. We were just there this past weekend to pick up some stuff and sorry we missed ya. Maybe we’ll see y’all around. Love the videos.

  23. We ride a touring package bike also, HD Road Glide Ultra, so understand how it is being used to having the luxury passenger seating and storage. The Challenger is a cool ride tho and they are gonna sell a ton of em. I’m sure they will come out with more and more accessories as the sales increase. Another top shelf video guys. Thanks

  24. Sweet! Enjoyed seeing this true your eyes. Not as beautiful as Lucille let seems like you two have much to think about. 😀

  25. I ride a Victory Motorcycle and love it. It is my second Victory and I put 120,000 miles on the first one and 55,000 miles on the second. If the Indian Motorcycles are as reliable as the Victory it will be a huge success. I have been looking at the Challenger but I just sold my toyhauler travel trailer for more room in a Grand Design 5th wheel. I miss it already!

  26. I owned a bought new early POS M8 Road King. Third new junker HD and the last! Bought a new 2018 Wing. Life is now great! Then I put 60 miles on a broken in Challenger. It's my next bagger! I will keep the Wing. It does many things great! But that new Challenger just kicked HD's teeth out, broke the jaw and bruised HD's nonfunctional brain. Harley has no answer for the Challenger. And believe it or not it's close to the Wing. In Fact it has better Navi and Audio, the tech is good. Stock the Wing is quicker by a fair margin. Brakes about the same, Suspension better than anything HD has ever made. But not up with the Wing. Challenger has riding modes. But not as good as Wings. Again HD has nothing that compares. Over all the Challenger stacks up very well against a base trunkless Wing. I was very impressed with Challenger and one will be my next bagger. With pipes, AF, cams and a good tune the Challenger will walk from my Wing. The front mount rad does put heat on the rider. Not as bad as a air cooled V-Twin,, just minor cooking. Wing,, no felt heat. I really like this new Indian. A grown up Scout! But there are three things I dislike, one major, two minor. I absolutely hate Indians tiller style handlebar layout they use on all there large frame bikes. Worse bars in the industry and honestly they really can't be fixed. I don't like the F-150 led bracket lights and I don't like the huge Indian logo on the tank. Good Bike!

  27. Merely just a suggestion Chad, keep riding your roadmaster and STAY MARRIED…… 🙂
    PS- I ride Street Glide and pull a Solitude when not riding. Great VLOG guys.

  28. I’m waiting for the full blown tour version!! I’m really liking this ride , gotta go test it Asap!! Thanks for your test !! What about the bars ? I know you changed the ones on Lucille ? Is there any Rumors of a full blown tour bike ?

  29. I was in the army for 12 years and am a disabled veteran, my son was in for three years and was killed in Iraq on July 24th 2005. RIP Christopher Taylor. I'm now an RV park manager in punta gorda fl, if you're ever in SW Florida, please send me a message and I'll fix you up with a site

  30. Chad & Tara great video . Chad I like your Desert Storm Combat Vets Association Leather Vest Fellow Veteran . I'm a Vietnam Era (never in country) / Cold War Era Air Force Veteran and also a VA Retiree also .

  31. How did you like the clutch assist feature? Being older and beginning to have some age related stiffness in the hands, that feature attracted me.

  32. I just stopped by the Lakeland, FL Indian dealership yesterday. After seeing the Challenger in person, I am sold, just waiting to see if they offer a trunk, we are spoiled by the extra storage, the wide backrest, and of course the extra speakers. Hopefully it will be offered when we are ready to buy next year.

  33. Chad – As a former owner of 3 motorcycles that use to be in my "stable of iron horses"…I had two Yamaha Royal Star Motorcycles – a '97 Tour Deluxe, and a '03 Midnight Venture, and a '07 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. All within the same time frame, for many years. (Man, do I miss those days!!)

    I can honestly say…It's really hard to beat the comfort of having a liquid cooled engine, versus an air cooled engine! Especially on those really hot days, while riding. The two Royal Stars were both liquid cooled, and very comfortable to ride, no matter the temperatures. Both were shaft driven too. Again, very quite & reliable drivetrain. Belt drive is very quite too. But shaft driven motorcycles will outlast the motorcycle itself.
    Also, the liquid cooled engines are much quieter sounding while running too. Which make for better comfort and easier to communicate with your passenger, on those long ride days.
    Unfortunately, I sold off all my motorcycles a few years ago, as my wife started having back problems and cell phones were rapidly starting to evolve.

    But watching this video, makes me wanna go out and buy a Challenger!! What a beautiful bike! Heck…the entire 2020 Indian Motorcycle line-up is Awesome! They build really beautiful bikes, with great styling & convenience factors in all them too.
    But honestly…if I was to buy a new Indian…The Roadmaster Elite would be hard to beat! Once you have all the Bells & Whistles, and the comfort that comes with a Full Dresser Motorcycle…it's just hard to ride anything less. Especially when you go out for those long, extended motorcycle trips!
    Keep up the Great Work in all your videos! Ride safe, Stay safe…and Have a Great Holiday Season too!!

    P.S. – Make sure Santa takes good care of Tara & Daisy this Christmas too!

    The Very Best to you all…and Everyone reading this too!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!

  34. I would have more respect for it if they just called it what it is, a rebadged Victory. Looks just like the Magnum. I give it a few more years before they are out of business again.

  35. Really liked your video, someone posted it up on a Victory Blog. 95 percent of reviewers, and their are many, are super positive on this new Challenger. I understand your touring needs. I would suspect that by next fall Indian will have the touring model of this Challenger, or soon anyway. I have a small honda scooter, but my main ride is a Victory Cross Country, so give me a wave should we pass. Thanks for your service and your wife is a darling.

  36. My significant other did not like the lack of room. Loved how it road, but dash looks cheap…..and kinda reminds me of jarjar binks 🙃. I was told by a indian rep that the motor was just a Victory motor that was supposed to be in the next Victory cross country before Polaris axed Victory. Great vid 👍

  37. Many Years back when the original Indian MC company started in Springfield Mass, my father did blue prints for it at New England Blue Print company. (where he was the foreman) My last bike was a Harley Electra Glide Classic, prior to my open heart surgery thanks to the VA of Houston. I had before the Harley, a Honda VTX 1800 then 5 other bikes prior to these two all the way back to age 15. in 1964. (my first being a Kawasaki street/off road legal bike with up sweep pipes/ the pipes were on the right side of the bike knee high with a heat shield for the leg, 55 years ago)
    Yes please do more motorcycle video's. I have toured the USA myself and your bringing back memories for this 70 yr old Vet.
    Thanks for great video's Bruce Matthews/ Thonotosassa, Florida

  38. Would love to see you review a BMW K1600GTL. Be ready to haul ass ol' lady.
    (No offense…..I know she's not old)
    Love the content. Keep it coming!

  39. Great video guys….haven't ridden for decades now, as back in my day it was Honda and Yamaha when dating my wife, and now some 35 years later…I'm watching RV video's with motorcycles!! Not sure what that status is on 'Victory' motorcycles, but I saw 'and heard' one some years ago, that was absolutely awesome. Had more of a Harley sound than the Indian….and wasn't a full dresser really, but it sure looked pretty! We've now got a well owned Tiffin Phaeton that moves us around quite nicely, but I love watching your video's as you two hit some pretty nice places and I love your reviews! Prior to this we tried a smaller footprint, with a Ford F450 King Ranch with an Arctic Fox slide in camper…but found it to be too small for long term use, but perfect for shorter 'two – three week holidaying' so one trip to Alaska, then down to Arizona (we live in the Pacific Northwest) we decided things where too cramped, and opted for more comfort to our current coach. So, yes please, add in some motorcycle video every now and then to break things up, but as mentioned, I can't get enough of you two moving about the country and reviewing as you continue to enjoy your adventures!

  40. You guys were at the shop in Savannah Ga? Did you guys stayed at Creeck Fire RV Resort? Would have love to meet you guys.

  41. I actually bought a 2019 Roadmaster, traded the Harley in and took advantage of the Heros program. I'm in the same boat,passenger comfort is important. Thanks for your service Brother.

  42. Excellent video but if you are making a video about a tenth give a price a car give the price a motorcycle give the price Money Talks BS walks

  43. Test Rode the Challenger and it was very cool, I am not a Cruiser style rider but it was very nice versus the Harley’s that I rode… I personally ride the 2108 R1200GS, you should take that out for a test ride. You would really like it and super comfy for touring… or you could try the BMW K1600GTL it would also be an amazing motorcycle.

  44. Great video; it was both informative and engaging.

    Other than the humidity, I miss Savannah. What a beautiful city with all "squares", the architecture, and the historic houses, Savannah – and Charleston which is just a couple hours away – are "must see" cities to visit.

    One last note: Go Army, Beat Navy!!!

  45. A very unique in depth review, like the format, thank you! Like the detail on the review from an everyday point of view as opposed to just stats!

  46. Yet another video of someone doing a review of the Indian Challenger? Im convinced there are 5000 of these reviews on YouTube already. Just another "test rider" who walked out the door without purchasing the bike, this must be the thing to do nowadays I guess. I learned a lesson from wife who told me…"Why put yourself thru the torture of test riding something if you don't plan on purchasing it?" I must confess she's right, I have no desire to purchase ANOTHER motorcycle. Thanks for sharing your tire kicking experience with the rest of the Indian Challenger reviewer's.

  47. Yet another video of someone doing a review of the Indian Challenger? Im convinced there are 5000 of these reviews on YouTube already. Just another "test rider" who walked out the door without purchasing the bike, this must be the thing to do nowadays I guess. I learned a lesson from wife who told me…"Why put yourself thru the torture of test riding something if you don't plan on purchasing it?" I must confess she's right, I have no desire to purchase ANOTHER motorcycle. Thanks for sharing your tire kicking experience with the rest of the Indian Challenger reviewer's.

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