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Tour De France 2017 New Bike Tech Special | The GCN Show Ep. 234

Tour De France 2017 New Bike Tech Special | The GCN Show Ep. 234

– From Corvara, Alta Badia, welcome to the GCN Show. – From the inaugural edition
of the Haute Route Rockies, welcome to the GCN Show! – From Lviv, Ukraine. – Welcome to the GCN Show! (dramatic swooshes) (exciting music) – Welcome to the GCN Show, from
the Maratona dles Dolomites. – Yes, if we are looking tired that is because we are
more than tired, in fact. Coming up, a huge tech extravaganza. New bikes from Canyon,
Orbea, Trek, Liv, Giant, Willier and a whole lot more, and a new helmet from Kask. – And don’t forget the
Tour de France has started. We discuss the first two days, including some pretty awful crashes. (techno music) We absolutely love this time of year. The sun is shining, well, it kind of was a
little bit earlier on, but some of the best races in
the world are taking place. But best of all, we get to feast our eyes on a shed-load of new bikes. – Yeah, there’s so much, we
need to crack straight on. So, first up, Canyon had taken their Speedmax time trial bike and given it a special paint job for their German time
trial champ Tony Martin. Now, it’s a special collaboration with the legendary
electronic group Kraftwerk. And Si got to take a close look at that, so you can see a separate
video if you so wish. Trek have given us more
details on their new Emonda, which you saw Alberto Contador using at the Criterium de Dauphine recently. And once again, Si got to
take a close look at that which is also in a separate video. – And Cofidis riders have been spotted on a brand-new Orbea Orca Aero, which, yet again, Si got to get a look at. – [Dan] Yeah, all the
new tech he’s getting. – [Matt] I know, bit cheeky really. – [Dan] I must admit, I do like the look of that new Orbeo, I’m hoping to get my hands
on one at some point. – [Matt] I’d quite like to get my hands on one of those as well. Anyway, UAE Team Emirates
have been spotted riding the new Colnago V2-R, which replaces the V1-R, featuring new tubing profiles as well as the brake moving
from the bottom bracket, as it was in the V1-R,
up to the rear stays. It weighs in at 835 grammes, which is the same weight
as last year’s iteration, but with added stiffness on the head tube and the bottom bracket. – Interesting. Meanwhile, Team Sunweb’s Micheal Matthews looks set to ride some
stages of the Tour de France on a brand-new Giant
Propel disc brake bike. Now, apart from the
different braking system, there are a few other notable
differences in the new frame. First up, the head tube and the down tube are notably beefier than its predecessor. What I found most notable was the fact that the cable
routing is extremely neat, i.e., you can barely see any cables. Now this is something
fairly common these days on standard rim brake bikes, however it’s much more difficult
to do with disc brake bikes which are generally hydraulic. – Argon 18 have launched
their brand new Gallium model, called the Gallium Pro 2018, however it has already been ridden, with some success we may
add, by Jakob Fuglsang, who, of course, took out
the Criterium de Dauphine. Quite a debut for that frame. And it weighs in at 794 grammes, making it the lightest ever frame and goes with the trend of
wider tyre clearance as well. – Yeah, two stage wins and the overall. That is quite a debut
– It’s not bad at all, is it? – For a brand-new bike isn’t it? Meanwhile, Merida have finally released the third version of their
aero bike, the Reacto. They claim it’s 5% more aero,
at 45 kilometres per hour. They’ve achieved it
through slimmer tubing. The seat stays on low, which
is a trend we’ve also seen with other bikes fairly recently, and they’ve also made
the seat stay slimmer which adds compliance
and therefore comfort. But incredibly they
have saved 17% in weight of the entire frame set
versus the predecessor. – 17%?
– Yes. That’s not to be sniffed at, 17%. – Wilier have created an endurance version of their Cento10 model. – Otherwise known as centodieci. – That’s right.
– Centodieci. – You are good at Italian, aren’t you? – No, not really. – Now as an endurance bike, it
features a longer head tube, and a shorter reach, but for the most part all the
tubes are pretty aerodynamic. It also comes in rim
and disc brake options. With the latter offering
clearance for 32mm tyres. – Liv have unveiled a brand
new featherweight climbing bike for women. How light? Well, it tips the scales well
under the UCI’s weight limit at 6.05 kilogrammes for a size small. And certainly Team Sunweb’s riders have been very much looking forward to using this new climbing
model called the Langma. And we will be seeing it
in action at the Giro Rosa, which is taking place as we speak. – And finally, take a deep breath, Team Sky are using a brand
new Kask helmet called the Valegro, or the Valegro. With a focus on ventilation, and it weighs in, get
this, at only 180 grammes, and will be available to buy for the general public in December. – That’s gotta be one
of the lightest helmets out there, isn’t it? – It’s gotta be. – All right, that was
a bumper week in tech. (trumpet fanfare) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Now, you may have noticed
a few social media posts from Si recently about
the fact that he rode 400kms in one day. Now, he didn’t do this randomly. He actually teamed up with
legendary endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont on the first
day of his attempt to break the world record for
riding around the world. Now poor old Si had to
wake up at half past three in the morning in Paris. Now the time we’re filming this, as the sun’s setting, he still hasn’t finished. – No, when he last texted,
he’d done 11 hours, but he still had four hours to go. I think he was mentally already cracked. I don’t know what you mean, poor old Si. What about poor old Mark Beaumont? He’s gotta keep this raging
game for the next 79 days. – It makes me feel poorly
just thinking about it. – Yeah, if he wants to beat that record. It really is mind-boggling. It puts the frighteners up me if I’m completely honest. Well, from one epic endurance
challenge to another, you have seen quite a
few Everest attempts, and people have done Everesting challenges over the last few years on the GCN Show. But we’ve never had a
double Everesting attempt. But someone has done it. Taylor Kendall and Andrew
Means brought this ride to our attention from Daniel Perry, who did manage to do
this double Everesting in order to raise awareness
for cancer research. Also to raise money for them as well. And I think this deserves
a wattage bazooka (shot flying) for viewers this week. ‘Cause just take a look at these numbers. – They are nuts. Over at the Tour de France, there was controversy before
the race had even started. Now, Andre Cardoso of Trek Segafredo, he actually didn’t start the race after an out of competition
test saw him produce a non-negative A sample for EPO. But what we want to dwell on is the Dutch national champion’s
jersey of Ramon Sinkeldam. – Yeah, this one caused
a social media storm, didn’t it?
(Matt exhales deeply) It was outcried when
this jersey was revealed by Team Sunweb. A far cry from the normal tricolour which is seen by Dylan
Groenewegen last year and by many Dutch national
champions before him, And interestingly, his
teammate at Team Sunweb, Tom Dumoulin, – The full monty. – When he’s wearing the
Dutch national champion’s time trial skinsuit, it is the full monty. Meanwhile, going the
other way is Team Astana. You might remember that Vincenzo Nibali, when he was Italian national champion, looked more like a
Hungarian national champion. They seem to have learned their lesson because this is the jersey
that Fabio Aru will be wearing on the road of the Tour
de France this year. I think that looks very good. – It’s a proper tricolore. Far less controversial, we think, is the rap single by Andre Greipel. Yeah, you heard that right. The Gorilla himself has recorded a new rap ahead of this year’s Tour de France. And in fact, it’s something he’s done for the last few years. And this year’s single
is called Go Gorilla. – (sings) Go Gorilla. – Yeah, something like that, Dan. Yeah, he’ll probably be in touch. All the proceeds of the
single go towards a charity fighting the nervous system disease ALS. And you can actually
download that on iTunes. – I wonder if he will call
us to be backing singers this time next year. I’d be up for that. – Yeah, especially after
my essential spares rap, you never know. ♫ Two inner tubes ♫ Gotta be two ♫ Two tyre levers ♫ Gotta be two ♫ Couple little patches ♫ Optional ♫ And a mini-pump ♫ Big or small ♫ And a multi-tool ♫ Ideally with a chainlink extractor – Well, maybe he won’t call us then. There’s a new rule this
year at the Tour de France. In bunch sprints in 2017, there will now need to
be a three second gap between the last rider from one group to the first rider of the
next group on the road, for there to be an official
gap in the classification of that stage. They are hoping it is
going to reduce nervousness and therefore crashes. And that perhaps the GC riders
won’t be quite so concerned at being right at the front and mixing it up with GC sprinters. Although, Aru was top 10
on the first road stage. – He was ninth, wasn’t he? Good ride. Put away Matthews, didn’t he? Now, Peter Sagan has
teamed up with Eurosport ahead of the Tour de France. Which is really cool ’cause it means you have your chance to ask Peter Sagan whatever you want. And viewers will then pose a
selection of those questions after every single stage. And to do that, you need
to use the #asksagan on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Eurosport’s, of course. – Yeah. Contract news now. And Chris Froome, the
best Tour de France rider currently in the pro peleton, has announced with his
Team Sky that he’s extended his contract now until 2020. Quite a few riders
extended their contract. His teammate Geraint Thomas,
who won the yellow jersey on the first stage of the race this year, has extended by a further year. Richie Porte has extended by
a couple of years, I think, at Team BMC. And Coryn Rivera has extended
her contract at Team Sunweb. – I do like all the transfer
news this time of year. But I guess we’re gonna have
to wait till August the first till things become official. Now we’ve got another really
cool competition for you this week. Up for grabs is a GoPro Hero5 Session. And all you have to do to
enter is to click the link in the description below this video, answer a few simple questions, and that GoPro could be yours. – It could indeed. – We will be announcing
the 10 winners of the Continental tyres and kit
in next week’s GCN Show. Because as we record this,
on Sunday at the Maratona, the competition is yet to close. Let’s start racing news with
some TDF chat, shall we? The opening 14km individual time trial around the city of
Dusseldorf in Germany was won by Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas, who finished five seconds ahead of the Swiss time trial champion
from Team BMC, Stefan Kung, and of course, took the first
yellow jersey of the race in the process. Now Thomas’ form was a
little bit of an unknown coming into the Tour de France because we haven’t seen
him race since he exited the Giro d’Italia through injury. But on that performance,
it looks like he’s been, well, flying, isn’t it? And I think that is a
deserving of this week’s pro wattage bazooka. (shot flying) – I think I definitely second that. But teammate and, of
course, defending champion Chris Froome, well, he was the big winner from the general
classification contenders. Just look at the time gaps that he put in to lock
out the other favourites. – Yeah, there’s some
pretty big gaps already on the very first day of the race. Kind of a big blow to all
of those guys behind Froome. Nairo Quintana, meanwhile,
was dealt a double blow because his teammate
Alejandro Valverde was forced to withdraw from the race
after a horrific crash. He hit the barriers at some speed. He fractured his leg and
fractured his kneecap, which required surgery. And it looks like he’s going to be out for the rest of the season. – And at 37 years of
age, let’s hope it’s not a career threatening injury as well. So, all the best with your
recovery, Alejandro Valverde. Now, an ex-temmate of
Valverde, Jon Izaguirre, who’s now leading the Bahrain Merida Team, is the team leader for the first
time in the Tour de France. He also crashed. But get this. He fractured his lumbar. Another one to come to grief
on that treacherous circuit was Luke Durbridge of Orica Scott. He crashed, thankfully remounted, finished the time trial,
and actually started the next stage, but due to
his injuries, had to quit the Tour de France sadly. And that means three riders
are already out of the Tour. – Wow. It really is treacherous
riding a time trial bike in those sorts of conditions, isn’t it? Lots of other riders crashed. There were a trio of riders,
in fact, in Team LottoNL Jumbo who hit the deck. Amongst them was George Bennett. Now thankfully, he did finish,
and he was quite all right in terms of his physical self. What I’m hoping though is that he didn’t scratch his new shoes.
– Oh no. – Take a look at these. These are pretty cool. – New Zealand inspired. The weather conditions
didn’t get that much better on stage two. Although thankfully, the roads were dry for the latter stages and
the ensuing bunch sprint, which was won by Marcel Kittel, who’s understandably
overjoyed because, of course, the stage did start in Germany. And there’s another milestone. He was the first ever rider
to win a Tour de France stage on disc brakes. – Yeah, that is a huge
milestone really, isn’t it? Taylor Phinney has been a
standout performer so far. This is his debut Tour de France, riding for Cannondale Drapac. He was 12th in the opening time trial. And then getting in the break on stage two and into the polka dot
jersey as best climber. Now Si, again, got access
to something brilliant. That being Taylor Phinney. He did a video about
his time trialling tips. That seemed to go down
very well with many of you, including gumzster, who put,
“that is one zen-ass dude.” – [Matt] He is a zen-ass
dude though, isn’t he? – [Dan] He is, isn’t he? – [Matt] No numbers, just feel. – Yeah, now, now, I do love to kick back
on the sofa and watch the Tour de France
– So do I, so do I. – Throughout July, when
I’m not working for GCN of course.
– Of course. – Yeah, I wouldn’t do it in work hours. But it seem like it’s not
only us that likes to do that, but also, some of the pro riders. This was a tweet put up by Rory Sutherland of Team Movistar a couple
of days before the race. But, I hazard a guess that he wasn’t quite so entertained on stage
one, given what happened to Alejandro Valverde,
as he might have been. – Meanwhile, over in Italy
the Giro Rosa kicked off with a 11.5 kilometre team time trial. Now, Boels Dolmans was the
last team off the ramp, and they ended up the winners, beating Team Sunweb by
quite a hefty 19 seconds. And Karol-Ann Canuel took
over the leader’s jersey. – Yeah, the following day was animated on the one and only climb of the stage by three big hitters. They’d be Annemiek van
Vleuten, Anna van der Breggen, and Elisa Longo Borghini. They worked incredibly well together to put one minute and 54
seconds into their rides on the day. It was van Vleuten who took the stage when van der Breggen went
into the leader’s jersey by 18 seconds, courtesy
of that strong performance from her team on the opening day. Stage three, meanwhile,
was the first opportunity for the sprinters. And that was taken out by
Canyon SRAM’s Hannah Barnes. (drilling) – It’s time now for hack, yes, forward slash – Bodge. – Of the week. – First up, this one is on
Twitter from Craig Moyle. Spotted this in a Facebook group, in case it didn’t make
it through #GCNhack. A bike rack for a boat
that looks like to me. – [Mark] It’s actually quite
a neat pro job, isn’t it? – [Dan] Yeah, I guess it will give you a means of transport when
you get to your destination on the sea. – Yeah, definitely, yeah. Good point. Next up is this on Instagram. This is Joseph Jasper Thomas. High boy discovered in Stoke Newington. Somebody’s already commented terrifying, and I would have to agree. That is absolutely… How would you even steer? How do you even reach it? – [Dan] Well, first up,
when I first glanced at it I though it was a BMX
handlebar, but it’s not. And that is a complete bodge right there. – [Mark] That’s so dangerous. – [Dan] Next up, Richard Beeston
on Instagram posted this. Found a use for an old
bottle cage while sorting out my workshop. That is genius. A bottle of Gold Hobgoblin. If there had been a WD-40 can
instead of a GT85 one there, that would’ve been something
for me and Si right there in that picture. That is definitely a hack. – [Mark] And finally now, this from @langkawiandy over on Twitter. How I remember which
direction to undo my pedals. Neat little sign there. Directional arrow on his pedals. I mean, quite often if I’m leaning on the
wrong side of the bike, I’m a little bit tired, I sometimes just get it wrong. I tighten up rather than
undoing or the other way around. – How does he know though
that’s not the direction to tighten the pedals in? – That’s a good point. – Might get confused
one day if he’s tired. – Talking about getting confused, sorry, I’ve got cut across there. Talking about getting confused, you conned me the other day
while here in Alta Badia, put my pedals on my bike. Went out to my bike. That’s really kind of him. Had a close look, he
actually screwed the pedal on the inside. – Purely accidental. And I’m not even joking. He thought it was a practical joke, but I didn’t know what he was doing when he was taking the pedal off. – It was early in the morning, wasn’t it? – It was very early in the morning, and I was very tired. – Very funny. – Anyway, keep sending
in your hacks and bodges on Twitter and Facebook and
Instagram using #gcnhack. – On the channel this week, on Wednesday, how to use
your gears more effectively. When you swing both of the levers inwards, so the right and the left. Firstly on the right, the lever being turned inwards changing you to a bigger cog at the back, which
actually makes it easier. Down here, I’ve got electric gears, so I’m just using the paddles. On the left-hand side, when you swing the mechanical lever inwards
or tap the electric paddle, it makes it, it turns on to a bigger cog at the front on the chainring, which
is actually harder. And then, if we tap the
paddles or the button on the mechanical system, the opposite happens. On Thursday, we’ve got
five sprinting mistakes to avoid. And on Friday, it’s ask GCN anything. – Saturday’s pro bike is
Richie Porte’s Team BMC. And then on Sunday, we’ve
got a double whammy for you. First, an unboxing I should say, of some shiny new DT Swiss wheels. Plus there’s a bonus video, how much difference does it
make to sit behind a Moto at the world’ biggest races? And that one is very interesting indeed. On Monday, we’re back
in the maintenance set. And on Tuesday, it’s Matt
and I who are once again going to be bringing you the GCN Show, but this time, from the Tour de France. – 235 from the Tour de France. – From the Hollywood sign
in Los Angeles, California, – Welcome to the GCN Show! – It’s time now for extreme corner. – Yup, check out these two
dudes in full face helmets on flat pedals, all be it in Lycra, descending the Passo Valparola. – Dudes. (dramatic music) – Ow. (laughter) (rock music) – That looked extreme, didn’t it? – Did we, was I, did we do that? – That was us. Whether or not it was
faster than just riding with clipless pedals and a normal helmet, you will have to wait and see. That video will be coming
out reasonably soon. Don’t forget to subscribe
to Global Cycling Network by clicking on the globe. Don’t forget also that
all our July merchandise is available at You can find a link to that
on the screen right now. – And to continue our
theme of shiny new bikes, ’cause it is our
favourite month after all. How ’bout clicking just down here for the Kraftwerk-inspired Canyon. Click just down there. And for the new Emonda Trek, click, just down there? – No, the other way. – Oh, just up there.
– Yeah. – Just up there. Somewhere here.

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