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Tour De France Hangover? 5 Ways To Get Over Your Post-Tour Blues | GCN Show Ep. 342

Tour De France Hangover? 5 Ways To Get Over Your Post-Tour Blues | GCN Show Ep. 342

– From the final kilometer
of the final stage of the 2019 Tour de France. – Welcome to the GCN Show. (laughing) – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – Coming up this week, how
to cure the post-Tour blues. We’ve got five tips on how you
can fill your now empty days. – It’s not quite over for the Tour though, we still have some little
Tour nuggets for you. Plus GCN Inspiration, Hack/Bodge, and Romain Bardet’s cycling shorts. (upbeat music) It was a record breaking
Tour de France this year. We saw the first ever Colombian
winner, a much deserved and brilliant victory by Egan
Bernal, who incidentally, is also the youngest
winner at 22 years old, since Francois Faber in 1909. – Yes, so young is Bernal in fact, that he is the first Tour de France winner who started racing
after the launch of GCN. A seminal moment for us as well, and we are actually still
waiting on confirmation that the now legendary 2014 Race Smart Series was actually a pivotal moment
in young Egan’s career. – Without a doubt. – Well, that’s it, it’s kind
of going to be a confirmation of something we already know to be– – It’s a rhetorical question.
– Almost true. – Rhetorical question.
– Yeah, basically. – Also record breaking for Peter Sagan with his seventh green jersey title, although, it was kind of bit
overshadowed by the GC battle. – It was, wasn’t it? Poor old Pete, what amazing achievement, but no, all eyes were on that GC battle. Unpredictable to the very last, even Mother Nature threw
her hat into the ring with the adverse weather conditions and the landslides in
that final week of racing. – Yeah, but if you were unlucky enough to not catch the full
three weeks of racing then don’t worry because
Team Sunweb rider, Chad Haga summed it up perfectly with this tweet. “Tour de France: team accustomed
to dominating did not, “but won anyway, although not
with the guy they expected, “and not for the first time.” – Wow, hard to argue with that, isn’t it? Pretty much nailed it in one tweet. The fact is though, if
you are anything like us, you are probably
suffering a little bit now from those post-Tour blues. – Yeah, for the last three weeks, your daily routine has been
breakfast, watch the tour, lunch, watch the tour, dinner,
watch the tour highlights, watch the tour analysis,
read about the tour, bed. But now that’s over, your
life is devoid of meaning, it lacks purpose, what do you do? – Well, yeah, fear not,
because we have worked hard in coming up with five things that you can now do post Tour de France. – First up, watch other bike races. Many people love the
Tour and tune in in July but don’t necessarily realize
that there’s a whole calendar of pro bike racing and other amazing races that you can watch throughout the year. – Yeah, coming up very soon indeed is the Clasica San Sebastian, one of the most underrated
races on the calendar. 228 kilometers long, one day, contested in the very punchy, difficult
hills of the Basque Country. – Yeah, a such a good race. In the last five years, it’s
been won by Alaphilippe. – Who? – He’s the mustachioed French dude who spent 14 days in
yellow at this year’s tour. – Yes, I thought recognize the name, yeah. – Yeah, Michal Kwiatkowski, Bauke Mollema, Adam Yates, Alejandro
Valverde, I mean (puffs). – Yeah, what a race. Also, not long after that,
we’ve got our third and final grand tour of the year,
the Vuelta a Espana. And let’s face it, in recent
years, that’s been every bit as good as the Tour de France, I cannot wait for that.
– Sometimes it’s been better. – Yeah, absolutely, yeah. – Yeah, and also coming up, we have the ladies Tour of Norway, on the horizon as well, just after that. And then the World Championships, which this year is in Yorkshire, but that’s probably going to
be the best race of the year. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause it’s Yorkshire. – Where are you from again, Oly? – Yorkshire. – Let’s also not forget
that watching cycling is about way more than just road racing. I mean, the Transcontinental
is on at the moment, that sees 253 riders racing from Bulgaria to Brittany unsupported, all 4,000 kilometers of it. – [Oliver] Yeah, but when
we say watch, we mean watch dots on a map.
– Yes. – But it is strangely captivating. To be honest, it’s right
up there with a flat 200 kilometer sprint stage
in the Tour de France. – Indeed.
– Yeah (laughs). And if you enjoyed Hank’s 1903
Tour de France Stage video, it’s awesome if you
haven’t yet watched it. Well, it’s, the Transcontinental
is in a similar vein to that as well. – Yeah, although, with modern
bikes and with luggage. – Just as many mustaches
though, more mustaches. – Yeah, the mustache ratio
is right up there, isn’t it? The prerace favorite Bjorn
Lenhard has unfortunately had to pull out already
after a nasty wasp sting, and saddle sore issues. It may or may not have been
linked slightly to the fact that he rode 760 kilometers in the first 33 hours of the event, which seems like a brisk
pace to start at, doesn’t it? Certainly, when you take into account the Eastern European heat and terrain, there’s been a lot of gravel. Number two, go for a bike ride. I mean, actually go and ride your bike, be inspired by the exploits of the super talented, super fit athletes that you’ve just been watching
for the last three weeks and go do it yourself. – Yeah, you could enter an event as well, and it’s a great time to enter an event, and there’s loads of awesome
things to choose from, from sportives, Gran Fondos,
to local races and criteriums. And there’s still some brilliant Gran Fondos to come this year, so while you’re doing the
RBC GranFondo Whistler– – I am indeed.
– In September, still places available
so you could sign up and kick Si’s head in there? – (laughs) Yeah, absolutely, good. Also, a GCN event in Saalbach
at the end of August. There’s still one or two
places available there, if you fancy a last minute break, that’ll be something good to inspire you for the end of August. – Yeah, that’d be awesome. And if you’re thinking of, well,
doing your first ever race, then, well, we recently published a video where Fraser from GTN did exactly that. It’s a brilliant one,
seeing how he got on, and we’ll link to it
at the end of the show. – You know, I was so inspired
by the Tour de France this year that I actually
had to miss the final stage ’cause I needed to ride my bike instead. Yeah, had to watch the highlights instead. No bad thing, GCN Racing. Number three, keep tour fever alive by making your commute just like the race. Start and finish it by
warming up and cooling down on a turbo trainer. And then during the ride itself, why not get your friends to come along and run alongside you
wearing only mankinis and giving you a little push? – Yeah, and race every other
cyclist on your way to work, chase ’em down and use town signs like they’re intermediate sprint points. And then when you get to work, eat a lunch that consists of rice cakes, and gels out of a musette
while sat at your desk. – Yeah. (upbeat classic music) Now, you may decide that your commute that day didn’t go well,
and if that’s the case, you should refuse to talk
to any of your colleagues and instead, retire quickly
to your team bus, slash desk. – Morning Si, how was the ride? Yeah, and if it did go well then celebrate by painting your bike and all of your possessions yellow. Number four, shave, change
your pants, have a wash, tidy up your house, do the
dishes and mow the lawn, spend some time with
your family and friends. Your commitment to the
tour has been commendable, but now it’s over, use this opportunity to catch up on the chores
you’ve had to forgo. – Now, if all else fails, you could just start thinking about well, next year’s Tour de France ’cause the start is less
than 11 months away. – Yeah, well, you can plan
a trip to France next July so that you can spectate
some of the stages for real and well, ride up some of the spectacular and punishing climbs
that the race will go up. – Yeah, why not hire a camper van? – RV, if you’re American. – Yeah, that too. I mean, you could spend the
next year thinking about the outfit you’re going
to wear for spectating, what would be the optimum mankini to help support Egan Bernal. Maybe you’re more of a
morph suit kind of person for that added anonymity. – Got plenty of time to come
up with the optimum outfit. – Oh, yeah.
– But, who do you think’s going
to win, Bernal, Thomas, Froome or Carapaz? – Yeah, when you think about it, will any team other than Ineos
bother to take to the start? ‘Cause with that kind of line up, that’s pretty punchy. – Probably not, but well,
in all serious though, Jumbo-Visma, they could
be in a similar boat, if the rumors about them
signing Tom Dumoulin are true, they could turn up with Dumoulin, Kruijswijk, Roglic and Bennett all on the same team, potentially winners. – Yeah, supported by Wout
van Aert, Mike Teunissen, Tony Martin, and just
with Dylan Groenewegen, thrown in and they’ll have a
added stage winning potential. – They could win every stage. – Well, a two-horse race next year. Can I just say (mumbles) at this point, how much I love Julian Alaphilippe, he said his main concern now with 2020 is how he’s going to win
the Tour of Flanders. How cool is that? He’s going to do for the Tour de France what Pete Sagan has done
for cycling in general. It’s brilliant, I can’t wait. – It’s now time for our Weekly Inspiration where you submit
inspirational cycling photos for your chance to win either 50, 75 or 100 pounds in vouchers
from our friends at Wiggle. – Yeah, starting off we
have this one from Thomas rounding out the podium
with a solid third place. And I’ll be honest Olly, there’s
an embarrassment of riches when you look through
GCN Inspiration photos, it genuinely, we could take
days over this, it’s so cool. Anyway, Thomas sent this one
in from the Oregon Coast, he said, “This is four and
a half thousand miles in “with 300 miles to go,
but tonight this is home.” And what a place to pitch up camp. If I’m not mistaken,
that’s also the location from the end of The Goonies, Olly? – Yeah, well, one of my favorites. – Yeah, there we go then, it
looks like a cracking basecamp but they didn’t go bikepacking
in The Goonies, did they? But–
– Yeah, but they should have done. – They should’ve done, shouldn’t they? – Yeah, (laughs). Next up, we’ve got Walter
and this is taken in New York and he says he’s the last ride in New York before coming back to Italy, and that’s a good spot
to go and drop your bike isn’t it for a photo? – [Simon] That does look
super cool, doesn’t it? – Yeah.
(mumbles) I like the perspective of the bridge. – It’s cool.
– Yeah, nice. – Right, so in first place– – The winner– – Of 100 pounds of Wiggle vouchers– – Is Matthew from Halton,
Ontario in Canada, and I love this photo it’s so cool. He said, “Having two children at home, it’s difficult to find time to ride, so if I want to do an
epic 100K on the weekend, I need to start at 5:00
a.m. so I can be home in time to get the kids up. I’ve learned this is now
my favorite time to ride ’cause there’s no traffic,
the temperature’s cool and the sunrises are beyond epic.” And that does look amazing. It also looks like Matthew,
like you’ve got a friend riding with you at 5:00 a.m. as well. Otherwise, that’s an epic selfie. But still that’s a
beautiful shot, isn’t it? – Yeah, I love that mist just
coming up over the fields– – Yeah.
– First thing in the morning, in the dawn nice–
– Super cool. And well a deserved winner. If you want to take part in
GCN Inspiration next week, then send your images to the GCN Uploader, and you can also use the hashtag on Instagram as well, #gcninspiration. (upbeat music) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – We’ll start Cycling Shorts
this week with an update on the Penny-farthing Land’s
End, John o’ Groats record that Mark Beaumont told
us about last week. – Yeah, that’s right,
Richard Thoday has now set an unofficial new world record, covering the 800 and something miles in a time of four days, 11 hours and 52 minutes. He said he got up every
morning at 6:00 a.m. and finished at 10:00 p.m.,
brackets approximately, every single day to do
it, isn’t that bonkers? – (mumbles) you reckon? – Absolutely, watch this space. – Yeah, some random news from
the States this week as well which we got from, true New Jersey. Now, apparently the
Carteret Police Department have purchased five
new e-bikes that can go 50 miles per hour. – I love this, I mean
completely illegal e-bikes, perfect for fighting crime, genius. – Crime is a turd that
needs cleaning up Si. – Yes, it is Olly, yes it is. – Now, the tour is full of highs and lows, and one particular low this year was the unfortunate crash of Wout van Aert cyclo-cross star and first time
rider at the Tour de France. He tweeted this, “Monday
morning after the Tour, “not in a hotel in Paris, “but in the hospital of Herentals. “Lucky the end is near: “my leg muscles are
healing slow but steady “and I may go home soon, fingers crossed. “It’s about time to thank everyone “that helped and supported me.” – Yeah, poor guy that is a
bitter pill to swallow, isn’t it? Especially, after such an
amazing start to the race. And like we said, highs and lows. On the flip side you got Egan Bernal, it was all good for him, even down to that swanky
new, Pinarello F12 he received on the final stage. Painted bright yellow, just as
if he was commuting to work. – [Oliver] Successfully. – Yes, successfully
commuting to work, yap. – Yeah, spare a thought for Romain Bardet, not only did he suffer
a subpar performance in this year’s Tour, he
also had to wear this for the final stage. – Oh, good grief. Oh, that’s awful. Oh, poor guy, the ignominy,
I mean, that’s just, yeah, what an insult. And then you will be
pleased to hear actually, that he did then swap to his team issue brown shorts for the final podium celebration
on the Col de l’Iseran. – Yeah, stay classy AG2R. – That’s right, it was
actually great to see Bardet pick up the Mountains
classification, wasn’t it? Because he is a good guy
and that was something to keep his head held high, which see, I’m really
pleased with the outcome. – Yeah, it’s just a shame he
didn’t get the same treatment as his teammate, Oliver Naesen who got to ride this absolutely
weapon on the final stage. – Yeah, check that out. That is a new project from
their team sponsor, Eddy Merckx. Apparently, they’ve got
three new steel bikes they’re releasing, and a
made to measure program called MyCorsa. There will be a little bit
more information on that in the tech show this week, I believe. Now, finally, at this point of the show we would probably, normally give up results for the
Tour de France predictions but given that (clears throat) Lloydy actually got it right this year, and he’s not here we thought
we’d just leave it there. – Oh, why not, why though? – What do you mean why? ‘Cause we don’t want Lloydy to be right. – Yeah, but I said Garen, I
got, so I’ll take second place. – All right, here’s the rest. (upbeat music) – Alejandro Valverde. – Jakob Fuglsang. – Geraint Thomas. – Adam Yates. – Nibali. – Egan Bernal. (upbeat music) – Right then, it is giveaway time now. First of all, we have the results from last week’s amazing competition, where we offered you two tickets to the RBC GranFondo in Whistler, with return flights to and from Vancouver, all sorts of amazing VIP things, including a heli jet ride from
Whistler back to Vancouver. – Sounds amazing. – It is, should we do a
drumroll for the winner? It is Laura Young, from the US of A. There we go, congratulations, Laura. I don’t know who you’re
going to be taking, but I should imagine you’ll
be inundated with friends looking to accompany you on that trip. – Yeah, we also had a
couple of videos about WHOOP on the channel last week. And in conjunction with that,
we’re giving away five WHOOPS, plus a 24 month subscription
for each one of them. To enter and be in a chance to win simply well, follow the link in
the description below. – Yeah, so if you haven’t
seen those videos yet, a quick recap. WHOOP is like a system
that allows you to quantify how recovered you are by measuring things like your heart rate, heart
rate variability, your sleep. It’s pretty amazing bit of tech, so definitely check out those
videos as well after this one. (upbeat music) – I have just made it back from France where I got the opportunity to ride Col de l’Iseran
ahead of the Tour de France. But I wasn’t there for just that, I was checking out some
new tech from Oakley. Well, I say new, they launched in April but they’re hitting the shops now. These are the new Prizm
Road Black Edition lenses. New to Oakley’s Prizm range. Prizm being the name given to technology that alters the light that
passes through the lens, which enhances the
colors, increases contrast relevant to the specific applications. Oakley claims that this increases
the depth of perception, but also enables you to
see details in the road that you wouldn’t have
normally seen otherwise. The Prizm Lens technology is available across the entire range, for mountain bikers, for
roadies, for golfers but also, the Prizm Lens technology
is in their ski goggles. These ones are specifically designed for the roadies, though. It enables you to see details in the road, see different textures,
maybe even spot hazards like potholes, or even cracks in the road. But to be honest, I think
they look really cool. What did you guys think? – A quick shout out to the GCN Shop. We’ve got our Summer Sale now
on, up to 60% off some items. – That’s right, from cylcling kit to casual clothing to accessories. We got 25% off the
country range of T-shirts. We’ve got up to 40% off
selected sweatshirts, and then we’ve also got up to 15% off GCN cycling jerseys as well. – Yeah, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Hurry to avoid disappointment. – It’s time now for
Hack/Bodge of the Week, and we’re going to start
with this from Lino Cebey, “If you don’t want to get
your bike stolen in Berlin, “we use camouflage.” I’m glad you said actually,
it was a bike in this photo ’cause I had hardly been able to see it. Olly, I had to look twice. – Well, I would say you shouldn’t leaf it there, you don’t want it to get–
– That’s great. That is really great.
– Stolen. Yeah, I think, yeah, camouflage is a hack, but that camouflage is not
optimum for that setting, I think we have to agree on. – [Simon] No, I take your point. – [Oliver] Still I’m saying hack. – Yeah, it does it look
like a hack, unlike this one sent in by Cornelius James, in fact, he’s even said, “Hack or dodge?” And dodge would be right,
that looks like a top tube fixed with electrical tape. Much like the handlebar grips, and also the way the front
light has been attached. That is– – [Oliver] It looks like there’s
been some sort of braising going on as well. – I think the technical
term for that is deathtrap. Definitely a bodge, although,
not as bad as this one. What do you think? – Would you rather descend, the Angliru on that top, first one we just saw, or this one? – Probably this one actually,
sent in by Sebastian Meyer. I dug this one out the archives ’cause yeah, a top tube
fixed by a cable tie, I tell you why, it’s not
because I trust cable ties any more than electrical tape, but I would rather ride
a bike with the top tube broken in that location
compared to the head tube. I’d rather it was like my seat
and back wheel that fell off than the front end fell off. It’s basically like a, you know, if you’re choosing which
way you’re going to crash, I think I’d go with that one. – Okay.
– Yeah? – Right, well, fair point made well. – I mean don’t get me wrong mate, I wouldn’t want to ride
either of them but you know– – Just to be clear.
– If you’re making it– – Just to be crystal
clear, that’s a bodge. – Yeah sorry, yeah, we’re not advocating fixing frame failures with zip ties here? – Next up, we got, oh, this looks like a
pretty good one actually. Kionne in stalbridge in west midlands has– – That’s in the United Kingdom for non-British viewers.
– Yeah, he’s, well, he’s made a bike
stand from a palette, well, he’s reclaimed it. – [Simon] I like that, I
like it very much indeed. – [Oliver] It’s neat, isn’t it? He’s put it, it’s nicely done. – [Simon] Neat, steady,
and it looks bespoke for that particular width of tire. There’s nothing worse
than baggy bike stand. That one looks like it’s going
to hold up very nicely indeed. So yeah, I think that’s a hack. – Yeah, it’s good.
– For me. And then this one, Stephen Blofeld. – Do you reckon, he’s a Bond villain? – I don’t know, if he was he
probably wouldn’t let us know. But anyway. – Well, he’s got his
phone mounted to his bike. So then he’s got a USB power pack that he’s hacked onto there. I’ve just called it already. I’ve just (mumbles)– – [Simon] Wow, I mean, you’ve
said hack, that’s a bold shout for effectively a power pack– – That was subconscious– – And just zip tied to a stem. It does look neat to be fair. I mean, I’m not an advocate
of a zip tie for anything, whether that be fixing your top tube or attaching a power pack. But that doesn’t pretty neat. – Yeah. – Dare I say in that instance, I’d probably go for a top tube bag. – And I know that’s
controversial in these parts, but you know, it seems tailor made– – [Oliver] Hanging around with triathletes too much recently I think. – That is a good point, actually, yeah. On that bombshell, that
brings us to the end of Hack/Bodge for this week. If you would like to submit photos, remember, the uploader
is the perfect spot. Otherwise, the hashtag #gcnhack
on Twitter or Instagram, and we’ll pick out the best
ones each and every week. – Caption competition time, and last week, we had this picture of World
Champion Alejandro Valverde, struggling in the rain at the Tour. And well, the winning
caption that we’ve chosen is from DelPi1974, who said “Oh, my God, I forgot Nairo!” I think it’s good. – Yeah, you get it? Yeah, reference to maybe (mumbles) what? – Questionable tactics. – Yeah, if they knew what they were doing six times Tour de France Team Champion, packing out the top 10.
– Yeah. – Yeah, but there we go. Anyway, congratulations DelPi1974 you get yourself a GCN
CamelBak water bottle. Oh, yes, and if you would like to try and win one of these this week, then you just have to caption this photo. – Yes, which is of Romain
Bardet and Oliver Naesen on the final stage of this
year’s Tour de France, and well, have you’ve got any ideas? – I have mate, I have been
thinking about this for a while. Knew I’d have to step
up to the plate today. Oliver Naesen has a huge grin on his face ’cause he realizes that in
this particular cosplay, he gets to be super Ted. – It’s quite goofy.
– Thanks mate. – Yeah. I mean, only people
who were born in the 80s and grew up in the United
Kingdom will get it, but yeah, it’s pretty good. – No, I mean, that’s all right, I got to start somewhere, haven’t I? You know, globally
recognized captions will come just as long as I get
my own particular niche. – So, if you think you can
do better, caption below. – I think they might be able to be better. It’s Training Corner now on the GCN Show that part where we get to
answer your training questions, the one that we choose
to answer this week, gets a three month free
subscription to Zwift, and they also don’t have to
put up with us answering it. It is, of course, one
of Zwift’s top coaches. And the question was from Robert Cowling who said he’s recovering from surgery. He didn’t know how to adjust his FTP, so he said he’s dropped
it from 233 to 209. But should he go through
another ramp test now or can he save the pain by
adjusting the FTP with a formula that takes into account how
much time he’s had off the bike? – Thanks for your question, Robert. I mean, the good news is
that if you had a good level of fitness before your time off the bike, then generally, it’s not that
hard, or it’s not as hard to get back to that
same level you were at. But unfortunately,
there is no one size all when it comes to this because
well, different people respond differently to
different well, training and getting back so. – Yeah, so Zwift have said
you’ve done absolutely the right thing by lowering
your FTP a little bit. They recommend that you don’t
move it for a couple of weeks, so you keep training at that lighter FTP even if it feels a little bit easier. And then, then you do your
Zwift Ramp Test again. And then, they recommend doing it again just four weeks later
because the theory goes that you probably will start to improve far more quickly to get back to your level rather than trying to get, break
new ground in your fitness. – Yeah, and the key thing
is to try and be consistent with your training as well as that way your fitness will come back much quicker. – If you would like to get yourself three months free subscription
to Zwift, plus, of course get your training question
answered right here on GCN, then all you got to do is submit it using the hashtag #askgcntraining. Simple as that. – Yeah, and good luck with
your recovery Robert as well. – Yeah, absolutely. Right now as ever, they’ve
been some amazing comments under our videos from the past seven days. We’re going to pick out a few highlights many actually came from
last week’s GCN Show, quite a few about the
speeds of sea creatures. Now, I say sea creatures because
they’re not all fish Olly. Olly Cook said, “A whale is
a mammal, not a fish,” and– – He’s not wrong.
– He’s not wrong. And to be fair, I didn’t know that. I’m quite upset that I accidentally called it a fish.
– Well, you know now. – I do yeah, yeah, let’s do it. – Leonard W also wading in on the topic. He said, “The fastest ocean
animal is not a sailfish, “but a black marlin at
132 kilometers per hour.” – That is seriously fast. I mean, seriously, seriously, fast. It makes an octopus look
pretty pedestrian now, and there was me getting all excited about 24.9 miles an hour–
– That’s quicker than I’ve ever been going downhill on a bike. – That’s pretty much faster
I’ve ever driven a car Olly– – Yeah.
– And it’s a fish. At least I hope it’s a
fish it might be (mumbles), it might be a small mammal I don’t know. Anyway, next up we got
this from Lucia Kmaid, this is a reference to an
entry for Hack/Bodge last week. She said, “I knew it! “I told Martin It was a bodge, “and oh, how I love being right, cheers! “Martin’s wife.” So, there we go, Martin we
did tell you it was a bodge, and yeah, Lucia says it’s a bodge too, I mean, it’s terrible, can
you sort it out please. – It was a bodge.
– It was, it was a bodge. – David Brand commenting
under the Keytone Section on last week’s GCN Show saying, “Slightly concerned that only knows “what grandma’s pants taste like.” – (grins) Grandma’s pants. No comment. – We’re all concerned David. Those of us that know Olly are
concerned but not surprised. But anyway, and then lastly,
if you haven’t seen Jeremy’s presenter video that was released
on the channel on Friday. Check it out. Harbir Sohi said, “Simon, Dan,
Oliver and others,” oh, yes, “Be afraid, be very afraid.” “Jpow is in the town. “This is a coolest GCN
presenter video by far.” And yes, no, not at least ’cause
he’s actually winning races and a lot of them as well. – To be fair Harbir is not wrong, but I’m just glad that I’m
not bulked into others, and I actually get mentioned by name. – Yeah, it’s a really fair name. – Yeah, phew, (laughs). – Yeah, if you haven’t
seen Jeremy’s video though, do make sure you check it out. (upbeat music) – So, what’s coming up
on the channel this week? Well, on Wednesday, we’ve got
How To Carry Your Calories. On Thursday we’ve got 10 Things
To Leave Just To The Pros. And on Friday, What To
Look For In A Gravel Bike? – Yet Saturday, we’ve
got another medical video this time Chris Opie checks
out how to ride with asthma, something that he suffers from. Then on Sunday, we’ve
talked about it already in this week’s show, Olly’s
first ever gravel race, 200 kilometers of gravel, active volcanos, rain, river crossings
and just general hipster null, yeah. And then Monday, it’s
just conventional racing it’s the GCM Racing News Show. And Tuesday, it is of
course, the GCN Show. Well, we are getting towards
the end of the show now but as ever, we still have
time for Extreme Corner. This week, it comes from Belgium, and it is Sam Reynolds at Loosefest. Oh, my word this is utterly bonkers. – Check this out. (upbeat music) – That is mind blowing, isn’t it? The size of those gaps.
– Yeah, incredible. – And he made it, to look easy. – Well, it’s a good job that you clarified that was Sam Reynolds at Loosefest, because a lot of the viewers probably would have assumed that it was
me at the Rift gravel race. One does not simply walk into Mordor, one rides a bike, apparently. – Wow, yeah. No. I mean, there is a risk that people could have got quite confused there, some real parallels between the two. Yeah, that’s just as well. Anyway, remember, of course, Olly’s video from the Rift gravel race will be coming up this weekend. So off the back of that, you probably won’t be
able to wait until Sunday. In the meantime, if you
want to watch a video that is already up on GCN, do make sure you check out How To Do Your First Bike Race. So Fraser from the Global Traffic Network, very bravely and gamely took
on his first ever bike race, and absolutely nailed it, so
make sure you check them out it’s just down there.

100 comments on “Tour De France Hangover? 5 Ways To Get Over Your Post-Tour Blues | GCN Show Ep. 342

  1. Never mind Grandma's pants, I''m horrified at Ollie's attempt at a New Jersey accent. I'm the proud owner of one and I'm quite sure this his wouldn't not pass muster at any exit of the Turnpike or Garden State Parkway.

  2. #captioncontest

    … and then she said: "I'll wear a itsby bitsy tweeny weeny yellow polkadot bikini if you wear a…'

  3. No. 6. Celebrate the Tour by DOPING like them: from your work coffee in the musette (at least 12) up to ketones and genetic EPO doping for your daily commute and weekend warrior ride.

  4. Caption: "How bad do you think Si's caption attempt will be next week?"
    "At least Si's caption is worse than these shorts!"

  5. Oh, oui, ze Tour de France was no-zing! (Deep French laugh) Now iz time for ze Tour de Colva where I show ze stupid car driv-ars ze beauty of pazzing zem while they sit in zeir stu-pid autos at ze red lights. (Another deep French laugh, fading into the distance) Magnifique!

  6. The uploader sign up is not working. I have emailed a couple of times requesting it be fixed with no response. Could you please fix it. Thanks.

  7. Hi Good Day, I'm a recently new cyclist from the Caribbean and interested in buying a smart trainer for zwift. Thinking about Wahoo kickr. But saw they had issues. What's your advice and did they sort out the problem?

  8. Thanks for the hack classification guys! My wife didn't agree but then her judgment had been tainted by all my other 'creations' 😂

  9. Caption: Romain: want to meet up for a game of polka later?
    Oliver : nope I've got the flu ,feeling abit flemish

  10. Can't wait for another Iceland video from the team here at Gravel Cycling Network. We need that reassurance that it's the shape of your handlebars that identifies your tribe – wouldn't be caught dead riding a mountain bike in the dirt, what with their low gears, fat tires but RISER bars, don't cha know. But here's what would be cool – could these Gravel Cycling Network guys spin off a YouTube channel devoted to road cycling? Like, maybe "Global Road Cycling Network" or "GRCN." They could cover stuff like road bikes and road riding. Would anyone watch? But if that was a success, maybe other spin offs like "Global Folding Bike Network" (GFBN) for everything Brompton; "Global Crappy Department Store Bike Network" (GCDSBN); "Global I Got This Bike Off CraigsList Network" (GIGTBOCN); "Global Bar Ends On A Flat-Bar Hybrid Network" (GBEOAFBHN); "Global Marketing Hype Cycling Network" (GMHCN) … possibilities seem endless.

  11. #askgcntraining Hello GCN! I have recently completed my 3 week hard training block and at the end of my recovery week I caught a flu. I took Monday and Tuesday off and did a few short indoor rides on Wednesday and Thursday. I am still feeling unwell today. It was supposed to be the starting week of my new training block, however I couldn't do the intended volume and intensity due to the sickness. What should I do while sick (e.g. short easy workouts) and how do I restructure my training plan according to this? Thanks

  12. @7:50 Definite breach of UCI rule 2.2.025 there.
    "Riders may not, without due care, jettison food, bonk-bags, feeding bottles, clothes, etc. in any place whatsoever."
    That's 200 Swiss Francs you owe the GCN office.

  13. I'd like to spend the next year figuring out exactly what is going on during the Tour. I just became interested in racing and the Tour and had the same problem I had when I once watched a cricket match. I have no idea what is going on other than a bunch of guys riding really fast from one place to another for a few weeks. Did I read in one place that the winner didn't win any stages? So where do I go to get the appropriate information to figure out how it all works?

    PS We do NOT say "Joisey." That's a myth promoted by New "Yawkers" who do pronounce it like that.

  14. @training Hi GCN Team, I am having some really strange cramps/pains in my thighs (both!) that last over many days and are pretty painful. I believe they are strange because I haven't been doing way too much riding lately and both times they appeared, was after a weekend without riding at all. Do you think it may be because of my bike fit? I don't believe it is any overload, because as I said, I have just been commuting 3 times a week (50 km rides). Or is this kind of injury not at all common for road bikers? I really hope this is the case so I can start riding soon again, without any guilt feeling. My Bike fit was self made in December when I bought this road bike, and the first injury was in April and now again. Thanks!

  15. Not a single mention of Tour de Pologne. Even your beloved Mark Cavendish is riding it. I love you guys, but come on!

  16. Caption:
    Naesen: “Well, you look ridiculous, but great shout putting that “Kick Me!” sign on Bernal!”

  17. #askgcntraining: Hey guys, bit of a perfectionist question for you: I've been training for crit racing and thus have been working on leg strength/power output for sprints. However, I am right side dominate and it is obvious that my right leg is strong than my left leg, to the point that (vanity alert) my right VMO is bigger than my left VMO. I've been trying to target my left VMO when I ride (gauged by perception of soreness since I only have a left sideded Stages powermeter) and put my left leg through a little more work at the gym. However, I'm not seeing or noticing any changes. Any thoughts?

  18. There are a SHIT LOAD of AMAZING races coming up.

    Autumn Classics are great, San Sebastian and of course ………………….Lombardie , glorious Lombardie. The Two races in Canada are decent

    Tour of Britain and with the World in Blighty, maybe some lads will go to that

  19. That powerpack was a bodge guys ! That thing would nt stay in place more than 10 minutes after getting shaken up by road vibrations.

  20. Re extreme corner – Mad propz to the cameraman too 😛 But seriously imagine the possibilities of screwing up with a mini helicopter rotor on your helmet…. braver chap that me.

  21. While Ollie is riding into Mordor, it was quite clear that Sam Reynolds was flying like a Nazgul. No mistaking them.

  22. #askgcntraining hi, great channel, for a few weeks, I'm going out with a group of very fit riders in weekends. Sessions are about 150 kilometers on flat and uphill roads. I can barely keep up with them on the flat, but they leave alone me on climbing parts. How can I improve my fitness on trainer on weekdays, so I can keep up with my friends on weekends?

  23. #askgcnanything Is there a recipe for homemade energy gels? The wife make me oatmeal bars and rice cakes. They are less expensive and much more tasty.

  24. #torqueback
    Friends and I were pulled over on the side of the road during an intense group ride the other day debating this topic…. Could taller cyclists theoretically be at an advantage on any and all terrain? My argument uses an extreme example…. I think a 100ft tall person riding an appropriate fitting bike would go much faster on any terrain (besides perhaps sharply turning descents). Reason being, one pedal stroke gets them that much farther down the road than the rest of us. Even uphill. For context, I'm about 6'5" and would like to believe I'm not DISadvantaged because of that, maybe even advantaged.

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