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Tour de France Stage 1 Course Preview – Riding The Düsseldorf Time Trial

Tour de France Stage 1 Course Preview – Riding The Düsseldorf Time Trial

– The 2017 Tour de
France starts right here, in the city of Dusseldorf in Germany, with a 14 kilometre time trial. We’re gonna take a very close look at the course to see just what’s in store, see who might be in the
running to take the stage win, and therefore, the first
yellow jersey of the race. Take it away, Tom. 5,4, 3, 2, 1, ALLEZ! Go on, mate! Good luck. (upbeat music) So, this stage is technically a time trial and not a prologue, and that’s because a prologue needs to be under 8 kilometres long, and this one is, of
course, 14 kilometres long. After rolling down the start ramp, the runners then take a slight left and they’re on to this road, which is dead straight, four kilometres, not a turn in sight, and a total drag strip, much like the rest of the course, which is also (background
sounds drown out voice) tailor made for, dare I say it, Tony Martin. He’s world time trial champion. He’s German. He’s been world time trial champion three times before his current title, and he likes to push a
massive 58-tooth chainring. That’s huge! It’s unbelievable. – [Host] As Tom said, it is almost completely flat. The only gradient, in fact, are bridges to cross the river Rhine, gaining a total altitude
of just 22 metres. Now, I did have a look, and there is actually a
Strava KOM up for grabs on each one, even if the Tour itself has
no mountains points on offer, on this particular stage. – From there, the riders
head over the bridge, over the river Rhine. It’s actually the highest
point on the course, 36 metres above sea level, but I doubt it’s gonna break
their rhythm up too much. Once they’re over the bridge, they’ve got a nice little 270 degree corner to deal with. – Wait a minute. Not so fast, Tom. You can’t just gloss over this river. It’s helped to make Dusseldorf one of Germany’s most
important economic centres. Not only that, it’s also the capital of fashion here. That’s right. It’s earned itself the
nickname of The Little Paris, and then one last thing before you go. Dusseldorf is actually the sixth-highest ranked city in the world for quality of life. – Yeah. Thanks for that, Si, but it’s safe to say that at this point in the stage, no rider’s gonna be enjoying
themselves that much. Six kilometres in, just heading back over the bridge and back to the other part of the course. – Did you know, Tom, that Dusseldorf is famous
for, among other things, its table tennis team. Borussia Dusseldorf. – Thanks, Si. Really great facts there, but back to the cycling. – And, it’s got 300 kilometres of bike paths. – Back to the cycling, again. As we ride through the old
town in Dusseldorf here, we’re heading towards
the eight kilometre mark, where the riders will get their intermediate time check on today’s stage. What about the favourites? I’ve already mentioned Tony Martin, but other riders who
could be up there include Jonathan Castroviejo of Movistar Team, He’s a three-time Spanish
National Time Trial champion; Stefan Küng of BMC. What about Taylor Phinney, from Cannondale-Drapac
riding, would you believe in, his first ever Tour de France, and I think we should also
mention the Team Sky duo of Vasil Kiryienka and Michal Kwiatkowski. In my aero tuck there, I forgot to mention
another two favourites, so Primoz Roglic and Jos
Van Emden of Lotto NL Jumbo, who both had really impressive wins in time trials this year, so they’re also riders to watch. (energetic music) – Tom! Good effort, mate! I reckon that’s a pretty solid marker for Tour de France riders
to aim for, actually. Any idea what your time was? – Yeah, I think so. I averaged 25 kilometres an hour, I think so. – 25 K an hour? – Yeah, yeah. 33 minutes, 26 seconds. – Okay, well, presumably, a fair bit of that was spent
at traffic lights, right. – Yeah, fair chunk. We need to review the footage, but I think a lot of that, yeah. – Well, okay. Let’s round it down. 15 minutes? – Yeah. 15 minutes sounds fair, and especially when you consider that the fastest time-trial
in Tour de France history was Rohan Dennis in Utrecht in 2015. The course was very
similar to the one here. He averaged 55 kilometres an hour, and that gave him a time
of around 15 minutes, too. Spot on, I’d say. – Okay. Well, maybe we’ll just
add one or two seconds on. Either way, this is a super fast course, isn’t it? You’ve already talked about
the favourites for this stage, but what about the GCN favourites? How are they gonna get on? – Well, I actually don’t think that they’re going to
be too far up the field, because there are limited
time-trial kilometres in this year’s Tour de France, which, to me, means that it would make sense for them to have spent more time training their climbing prowess, rather than time trial chops. – Yeah, I agree, actually. If we go back to that 2015
time trial in Utrecht, the one that Rohan Dennis bossed, Contador, Froome, Porte, and Quintana all were grouped very close together, and they all conceded
around about a minute to the flying Rohan Dennis. The only thing I could see
that might be different this time around is that actually, Richie Porte has been
showing some supreme form in time trials as well as on climbs. So, actually, he’s definitely worth a little tip for the stage win as well. – Yeah, he could well be, but if an overall favourite
doesn’t win this stage, all is not lost, because if you think back to the 1998 Tour with Marco Pantani, in the prologue there, he was 181st out of 189 riders. He still went on to win the race. – Yeah, that was a crackin’ ride, but I’m not entirely sure
we’re gonna see anything quite like that ever again. – No, I doubt we’ll see it this year. This year, the Tour de France starts on Saturday, the first of July, right here in Dusseldorf. We’re gonna be here all week getting some more great content
for you to check out. – That’s right, so it would be a great idea, actually, if you don’t already, to subscribe to GCN, and that way, you’re not gonna miss any of it. It’s very simple. Just click on the globe. – And once you’ve done that, there’s a link on-screen
where you can visit our shop and get some limited-edition threads like Si is modelling right there. If you’d like to check out
our Tour de France playlist, which we’ll be updating
throughout the race, click right there, and see one of Si’s favourite ever Tour de France videos, Disc Brakes – The Chorizo Test. – Yeah, and Tom also will be wearing some GCN merchandise very soon as well, covering up those nipples, which we’ve all had enough of, I think we can agree. (laughs) – I’m sorry.

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