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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 2: The Start (Stage 1)

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 2: The Start (Stage 1)

It’s about 9:30 in the morning. We’re about 200 kilometres north of Jeddah. And the first cars have already headed into the desert, led by our own Nasser Al-Attiyah, champion from last year. And on the start line, Fernando Alonso, and his Dakar is just about to begin. Come on Fernando! And ease into the Dakar 2020 challenge, this was not. It was the shortest stage of the rally though. Nasser hit trouble with three punctures over just 20 kilometres. He was leading. He dropped to fourth. Bernhard had two punctures. He drove on the second all the way to the line. Giniel had to drive with a deflating tyre for 120 kilometres after using all of his spares. He’s also feeling a little under the weather to drop 23 minutes on the winner. Fernando dropped 15, a solid first day. He suffered with a puncture and some navigational issues. I decided not to push too hard because it was really rocky and, yeah we had one puncture in the left front. We changed that in a zone where you drive 50. We’re not losing a lot of time there. And last puncture just one kilometre before the finish or two kilometres. No, happy Toyota was good, no mistakes. We go now for tomorrow.

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