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100 comments on “Toyota Supra MK4 Wide Body Custom Hot Wheels

  1. Your hand is not a hand it's like gold….Your work all is neat and clean.. Keep it up bro…FOR WHO NOT YET SUBSCRIBE THIS CHANNEL PLEASE SUBSCRIBE NOW!!

  2. No commentary, your cars look sick af, and you speed run through the boring parts… just got another sub dude 😊

  3. Can u check my channel and make one after mine I can send u a million pics I just made the card for the car today with my pc and printed and cut so iam ready just need the car

  4. I really don't like the stock supra because it has two exhaust and an touring spoiler. If we'd get a stock or no/tiny spoiler and a straight pipe! It would be amazing! just like this build!!!

  5. Love the Supra. Although who would do such a thing to the car? (Btw I mean paint chips on the supra before custom not the finished result it's the best.)

  6. dude nice work but ONE big issue that triggers me hard… you put SO MUCH PAINT on and way to thick , try holding the cans further away and than lighter coats tho , looks better and the details of the cast wont get drowned in paint

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