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Track Cycling in Denmark – Red Bull Mini Drome 2013

Track Cycling in Denmark – Red Bull Mini Drome 2013

The market has grown a lot since the smaller bike shops and bigger markets started selling the fixie bikes. To me it’s “just” a bike that’s a little different compared to the normal bikes. They are a bit more fun to ride. You get that – that special feeling off riding a track bike. There will be a lot of people there and people that I haven’t met before or seen before, so in that way it’s a really cool happening.
It’s great that an event like this, can gather so many fixie enthusiasts in Copenhagen. I have never seen something like this before, it’s so cool to have the mini drome here. I have never tried it myself. Well my technic is – When I entered the track I only thought about, ”flooring it” and to stop thinking to much about all the guidelines and track marks or anything. You have to lean into the track and don’t be scared to crash and make sure not to get to high on the track. It looked really hard but as soon as you get into a rhythm it’s all smooth.

100 comments on “Track Cycling in Denmark – Red Bull Mini Drome 2013

  1. they should put this in the olympics like for real like asap this is the greatest thing ever and a true test of athleticism

    anyone that disagrees with me is absolutely correct

  2. no I can't do it ,but got dammm! this is the gayest sport ever and when you make it extreme its fuckin gayerererrrr!!! I will bet money that these fuckers are tweaking balls as they race

  3. fuckin Europeans on meth did anybody notice that their eyes are all crossed they're all f**** nearsighted

  4. You know, I've been bike riding, skateboarding, skiing, and surfing over 40 years… and I have NEVER once had a Red Bull.

  5. I have a question?,, what is the dirt track version of this called,
    with about 10/15 people on a small dirt track with
    slightly different style bikes… I think it's done in Great Britain or somewhere around in that area

  6. This Video is a good example that no matter how big your effects Library is in Video Editing, the Video still sucks when you can't even understand the main purpose of a Video. :/ Dislike

  7. Me and my friends used to do this in our basements when it was too hot to play outside except our basement was bigger than this track.

  8. Ya ya I spend all my time drinking bredbulls and going in tight ccirles while Muslim rape my tight sisters and wives.

  9. This is gay wanna check out something cool look up Fabio wibner mountain biking guy gets yo sooooooo stoked my dudes

  10. Wonder if they know, that instead of wearing jeans, you can wear spandex and shave your legs, therefore doubling your speed.

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