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Trash Talking On The Trails | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 152

– Talkin’ trash on the trails
and I don’t mean insults. How far can a MTB’er jump? Cam knows. And it’s a FMB Whitestar
whiteout causing havoc. Plus, Gee takes one for the team. It’s all comin’ up on The Dirt Shed Show. (rock music) Startin’ the news today with
the story of Dom Ferris, who works for Surfers Against
Sewage, here in the UK. Bringing his eco-warrior-ness
over to mountain biking with his campaign, Trash Free Trails, trying to get rid of
all this plastic litter we’re finding out on our runs. That stuff can sit around
for hundreds of years. He’s gonna get that campaign going and we’re gonna help him this
week by asking the question, who’s leaving all this
rubbish on the trails? – Cam Zink has got his eyes
set on a new world record. We know he holds the world record for the biggest back flip at a
hundred feet, three inches. This time, he’s going for
150 feet but a straight jump. He has to hit this thing
at 60 mile an hour. – Oh my God.
– That’s a big gap. – That is a big gap. Carrying on with the jumping,
Kelly McGazza’s McGazzafest has been going on in New Zealand, celebrating the life and
times of the famous freerider. Fantastic spirit in mountain biking, and that came across this
weekend with a fabulous event that is turning into one that you cannot miss each year.
– Nah, can’t miss. I wanna go to that next year. Right, First Slope Start
kicked off with the FMBN. This is White Style, more like white out. Visibility in the finals was a
bit low so they cancelled it. You would think that
Toto, the guy who won in qualification got first,
would take the lead but FMB killed it and said no
so no one got a result, no one could carry their points through to the overall FMB World Tour. The argument continues. It’s quite controversial. – Very, there’s more to come
from that one, for sure. Bad news here, Jolanda Neff
has taken a big injury. Gonna be undergoing
surgery for broken bones after a crash in a cyclocross event. She crashed into Pauline
Ferrand-Prevot, of all people. They’re great friends and great rivals. No animosity there but we’re looking at quite a wait to see Yolanda
and her rainbow stripes back on the trails. Hopefully back for the Albstadt World Cup but she’s gonna miss out on
that first round in New Zealand. Lastly, on news, Gee Atherton took a bit of a hit for the team.
– Yes, he did. – He did. Out on the trails in California, racing and training
for the year coming up, Gee takes a turn on the course
and there’s a kid there. (Blake groans)
Top pro, Gee, though. Misses the kid, jumps himself into a bush, and is the first person
to be helping the kid up, checking he’s alright, being a total pro. The look on the kid’s face is priceless. – Hope he got his signature. – What’s that light?
(Blake chuckles silly) What’s that light?
(lapping water) – Ooh, one more thing,
Ikea are doing bicycles, – Really?
– In the UK. 400 pounds for a bike. In the US, 499, but over there, across the pond, they come with trailers. – Wow.
– Belt driven, as well. – Not a flat pad bike? – I actually don’t know.
– Wow. – Maybe it’s a project. – We’re gonna have to send
someone down to Ikea to find out. Yeah, never saw bikes coming from Ikea.
– From Ikea, yeah. – Right, let’s go on to
this week’s poll, right, because I’m really interested in this trash on the trails story. I find it really hard to believe that someone would leave their
rubbish out on the trails, but you was tellin’ me earlier on, you don’t think that’s that rare. – No, I’ve seen it. Especially at dirt jump
spots, that happens a lot. I’ve seen rubbish there,
I actually take bin bags, it’s that bad, to my local spot, and I pick up the rubbish
and I take it across and put it in the bin.
– You’re a good man. Doddy was telling me earlier on that he’s quite frustrated
when he sees people going down the trails with tear offs and he’s tearing ’em off,
leaving ’em on the trail. – Racing? On the trail? – Yeah, it’s a bit strange, isn’t it? I thought we’d do a bit
of a poll on it this week. Here are your options. First one is, if you find someone
leaving trash on the trail, make ’em wear it.
– 100%, yeah. – That was how Doddy termed it. I’m not sure what it means by that. Second option, call them out. What would you do? Call them out? Third one, you’d pick it up. Just get rid of the trash,
that’s the important bit. And the last one is, trash his bike. If someone left some trail, chase him down and trash his bike. That sounds a bit aggressive. I’m not sure it’s a good idea, and I’m definitely not
condoning it or suggestin’ it. But it is in the poll and it’s an option. In the poll, it’s an
option, so let us know, what would you do if you saw someone leaving trash on the trail? ‘Cause I think that’s hideous. Not cool at all. Right, let’s get into
last week’s poll results, Blake.
– Ooh yes. – Do you remember, we were talkin’ about the very important
subject of when you award your First Try Friday
splat, should it be a, (spitting) or it should be a, (tongue pop)? And we’ve got the results in. – (groans) Okay. – Liam behind the camera,
who wasn’t filming with us last week, is looking
bemused at this point. – He should be like, what
the hell is going on? – Hang with us, Liam, hang with us. 57%, the winner, splat. (spitting) No, no, the (splatting). Splat, that’s splat. See, everyone’s click apparently. Splat is the winner. – So 2018’s no change. It’s back to 2017.
– 2018’s gone. It’s gone.
– Okay. – You guys are gonna have to deal with it. I’m sorry. Maybe leave a comment down
below if you’re not happy. Apologise.
– It’s up to them, isn’t it? – But we’re back to the (spitting). (Blake laughs)
Okay. That’s how it happened. I’ve got couple of comments
on that, would you believe it? – No. – MTBAllen says, I voted
for the splat sound, not because it’s right
but because it’s so wrong. – (laughs) It is wrong
(long spitting noise). – Yeah, it’s not very nice, yeah. That’s enough splats now,
Blake, that’s enough. YeeTee100 says, First Try Friday, I’m not givin’ up my click I
got from Blake for a splat. He got a–
– Click. (tongue pops) – And he doesn’t want ya… (spitting) I don’t know how we got here. I really don’t.
(Blake laughs) Right, let’s take a look at what you guys have been talking about on the show in the comments down below,
about actual mountain biking. – Right.
– Can we do that? – Yeah, let’s do that.
– Can we do that? – See what they got to say.
– Lucas Lennon says, Martyn almost became
disabled for the second time while trying to balance
Blake on that chair. – Oh yeah, that was dangerous. – If you remember last week, I
had Blake up on my shoulders. – I could have scored an injury. – I just wanna ask, can I get
disabled for the second time? I wasn’t aware of that. I wouldn’t have done it if I’d known that. – Dang. – Surely I can’t not feel things twice. – Might lose a finger.
(Martyn laughs) – Sorry for making everyone
feel uncomfortable. Moving on, next, sometimes humor’s the
only way, you know, lads? (Blake chuckles)
Sometimes it really is. Next one, Aaron Tinman says, “You guys said it’s a small Yeti,” remember last week on the Bike Vault, – Ooh yeah.
– We had a tiny Yeti, was an excellent looking bike. It’s actually called a Yeti Beti. – Ah, it’s a girl’s bike.
– It’s a lady-specific bike. Women’s Yeti. Very cool. – That is cool. – What else we got, Blake? What else we got in those comments? – We got one from Simon. Says, “Haha, pausing the video to read what’s written on the envelope.” – You mean this envelope? – Look at that. – We were delivering
our bottles last week. – You don’t have to pause it now. – Yes, you do, you did not see it. – Well, he just paused. – I got to deliver that
to this week’s winner. I don’t want to give it away. – True, yeah. – Kaine Petrie says, “The amalgamation is called cyclocross.” Ah, so last week we talked about MTB and road coming closer together, where we’ve got gravel bikes
and we’ve got these weird drop bars that Doddy is trying out. – Yeah, Doddy.
– They’re coming together but, I don’t think cyclocross is
an amalgamation of road and, I think cyclocross is it’s own thing. It’s got a long history.
– It’s been going for years. – I don’t think we can
claim it as middle ground. (Blake mm-hmms) I don’t think, I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong. – One’s trying to be the other. – Yeah. Got another one if you want it. – Go for it. – Laura Vance and, “You know you have control
over what goes into Hacks and Bodges, right?
– Do we? – Well, last week, I made a bit of a moan about there was a lot of art in Hacks and Bodges.
– He just wanted a moan. – Instead of actual Hacks and Bodges. What’s really weird, right, is I actually picked what went into Hacks and Bodges. That just goes to prove
what an idiot I am, but I thought we already knew that. I thought that was clear. I thought anytime I showed
emotion of any kind, it was taken with a pinch of salt, because,
– You know– – I am basically an idiot and if you ever meet me, you’d know that. – (laughs) I’ve known
him for quite a while. – Yes, last thing here in
our comments for this week, Star Trek Gate. Ah dear. Neil made a bit of a joke last week, – (groans) Ah yes. – I’m calling some of
you guys out here, right? Neil made a joke about
Boba Fett’s comment, Boba Fett often givin’ us
comments, thanks very much, dude. He said he loved Neil’s humour, and Neil said, thanks, Boba Fett, I’m also a big fan of Star Trek. Jokes. Jokes. Not specifically but Joe Handlebar, Ace Rameldez, and lots of
other people, didn’t get it. Neil was jokin’, it was a joke. It’s not funny now. It’s one of those moments when
you’ve over explained a joke. And you get a little bit embarrassed, you’re trying to find the funny way out, and you cannot bloody find it. And you end up being this guy. Just talking, – Just–
– and talking – Just–
– and talking. – Just– – Please stop filming. – [Cameraman] I’ll write something in. (rock riff) – Right, this week’s Progression Session. (laughs) It’s pretty good. – Is it?
– It’s pretty good, ’cause I can’t do it. – Don’t build it up. – I can’t do this trick. – Oh awkward.
(Blake laughs) – I need to progress this section. – Let’s see.
– Right. Matthew Griney sent this in. It’s of him crank flipping. D’you know what? It’s one trick that I’ve got some crazy… (groans) I don’t like it ’cause it’s an easy way of shinning yourself. – Let’s see that again.
– Look at it. See what I mean with shinning yourself? – [Martyn] Oh no. Yes.
– Oh, look at that. – [Martyn] He’s on it, he’s on it. – [Blake] He’s got it. – Oh, look at that.
– Look at that. – Beautiful.
– I can’t even do that. That’s progression. – Let’s see, he’s using
it in the park here. – Is he gonna do a fakey one? Whooo!
– Yes. Yes. That is very good, that is very good. What’s that dude’s name? – That’s Matthew Griney.
– Matthew. I tell you what, what’s
really cool about that is Matthew’s doing that
like I used to do ’em, off the front foot,
flick off the front foot. ‘Cause lots of riders
kick off the back foot. And it’s quite a different technique ’cause you have to kick off the back foot and put your feet down, or flick and do… I would just go front, just like that. – Flick and it’s better?
– Great minds. Great minds and all that. What else we got? Have we got? (Blake chuckles) Have we got a First Try Friday, Blake? – Oh yes, we have.
– Oh yes. – Yes, we have, and this has
been sent in by Andrew Clark, and he’s been riding for a while, he introduces himself really good– – Which is important. – Yeah, and he’s got a lot
of information in there so we’ll just leave it to him. – Hiya GMBN, I’m Andy Clark. I’m from Whitstable in Kent. I’m 52 years of age, been riding 15 years, and finally, in the past
month, learned to jump, and this is my First Try
Friday on a small gap jump. Happy days. – And then,
– What’s he got? – [Blake] Jumping. – Nice.
– For the first time. – Good intro, come on then, let’s see it. Oh, come on out of the sunlight. (Martyn grimaces) Yes.
– Look at that. It’s a gap. It’s quite a big gap.
– Big ol’ gap, yeah. – That’s a good introduction, as well. – It’s very very nice. Nice one, Andy. You gonna give him his? (Blake dramatically inhales) (spitting) (Martyn tongue pops) See what I done there? I amalgamated the two.
– Yes. – Yes, splat to click. (Blake spits)
(Martyn tongue pops) Nice, there you go, Andy. – Cause you gotta hit somewhere. – It’s got to, innit? First to get it, Andy. Nice one, you’re in the club. There’s not many people in that club. First Try Friday club is exclusive. And you threw some people
out, as well, didn’t you? – I did, yeah.
– No, he didn’t. I just said that, you’re all still in. (laughs) Anyway, let’s carry on with Tech of the Week this week. Saracen got a new bike out. – (gasps) Have they?
– Check this out. (exciting music) – Say hello to your new trail weapon. The Saracen Aerial LT Carbon. (intense music) – Good video, that. – Yeah, it’s pretty good, pretty good. I like the bike, the bike’s really cool, and you can see the Aerial and the Myst kind of coming together a bit. – Very diplomatic there. You like the bike.
– I like the bike. – Whatcha think about the actin’? – Bit wild.
– Bit wild? – Bit wild. – It was featuring Cy Wild, as the designer of the bike himself, there in the white coat. Doing a great job of playing
Moneypenny, very nice. Matt Walker, pretty cool,
looks a little bit like very famous gold medalist gymnast, does for Great Britain. Can’t think of his name.
– Don’t know his name. – But you guys’ll let me know
in the comments down below. Great little bit of tech video this week, but if you wanna see more tech, then of course check out GMBN Tech Channel where Doddy’s absolutely
killin’ it at the moment. Knows his stuff, that boy.
– He’s brainy. – And he’s got this GMBN
Tech show on Monday, so make sure you don’t miss that. Let’s do some singin’.
(Blake chuckles) (rock riff) ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodge ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Now you ♪ Oh, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good. Yes, Hacks and Bodges,
we’re into this week. I’m gonna start you off with this one from Kevin Needoff.
(Blake gasps) Whatcha think of that? – It’s upside–
– Look at that. – [Blake] He is going somewhere very far. – [Martyn] Didn’t want to ride one of those rigid bikepacking bikes. – No, uncomfortable.
– ‘Cause he’s in New Zealand, he wanted to hit the
trail, so he just strapped everything to the bike.
– Wow. – Here it is in stages. You can see it in stage. And it’s slowly building
up to his full packed bike. – Do you reckon he… That’s probably running a lot of air. He’s probably got that thing real solid. – He probably did all sorts
but he got round the trails. It just goes to show, you don’t need one of those
weird bikepacking bikes, – That’s a hack. – That Neil’s out on at the moment. – No, nu-uh.
– No. Good job. Good job, Kevin, liked that one. What you got, Blake? – [Man] Right, I’m gonna (chuckles). This guy thinks he’s a doctor. This is from Colby (struggles with name) Weltzputzi.
– Weltzputzi – (chuckles) That might not be right. – Sorry. Sorry, Colby. He should’ve been a doctor ’cause he stitched this thing
up right, did a good job. – That is amazin’.
– Look at it. – That is a really good job. – That’s a hack, that’s a bodge, maybe? – I’d like to know how
long that lasted for. – And he’s got quite a
lot of grip there still, so why have an injurance on your? – Stitch it up.
– Stitch it up. – Stitch it up. – That’s a ha-bodge. – A ha-bodge.
– A hack bodge. – Good effort, you got another one there? Got another one there? – Yeah, got this one from Shane Hedges. – [Martyn] Shane Hedges. – Look at that. – Now that is style. Whatcha think of that style, Liam? Bit of rope round your–
– It’s very 80’s. – Very 80’s.
– That is very, yeah. – [Blake] I would say that’s a bodge. – Yeah, but it works. – It’s quite durable if
you had rubber there, that chews through it, and that’s not gonna get
anywhere eaten up by your chain. – I like how your accent says durable. – Durable.
– Durable. – It is durable. – We’re gonna finish off with
this one from Bill Marling. Now, last week, we had
some controversy where Neil just would not accept
the art in Hacks and Bodges. – Ah yeah.
– Well he’s not here now, and I’m much more accepting myself. God dammit!
– Look at this. – This is like home
decoration, what’s going on? This, Blake, (thuds off screen). – Well done, Glee–
– No. – Neither a hack or bodge. – Gleen, that was good, man. – You upset me now.
– Proper gleaming one. – I’m grumbly Martyn. Grumpy Martyn. So I wanted to include this one, Bill Morton in our Hacks
and Bodges Art Section. – We got an art section? – This is our new art section, yup. With it’s own logo and
everything, as you can see. Yeah, only we’re work on that. Yeah, it’s a very nice looking
clock, it’s got wheels on. It’s bike related. It’s bike related.
– Is that an alarm clock? When it’s on the side of your thing, you can just wheel it off the table. – Very nice piece of art.
– That’s good work. – Thanks for sending it in, Bill. Thank God Neil wasn’t here,
he’d get all grumpy about it. – He’d have been like (scowls). – I hate it when he does that. If you’ve got a hack or a bodge you’d like to send it to us here, send it to [email protected] There’s the email address just there. Got no excuses. Send it in, you can fit
into this bit of the show, and we can see your
ingenuity come to life. ♪ Ta ta ta ta ♪ ♪ Do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do ♪ Don’t you dare finish off my ‘tatatata’s’. – Tata.
– Tatick! (rock riff) – Hello. Hi. – Caption contest time. Let’s take a look at last week’s photo, it’s this one of Doddy looking through the eye of the
needle, so to speak, kind of. Yeah, and we had some great
captions, of course, as always. We’re gonna start with
a potential winner here. NoobStar, he says, “Don’t worry. This is gonna hurt you
more than it hurts me.” – Torture.
– Bit of a surgical vibe. – Torture.
– Or torture even in a darker sense.
(Blake chuckles) – We got one from Miguel Rascon. “When you have an eye
on cutting edge tech.” – Yeah? Neh, it was alright. It was okay. I got one from DansGarageProjects. “When you need to
measure Neil’s enthusiasm for singing the Hacks
and Bodges theme tune.” (rock riff)
♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪
– Bodges. ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪
– Bodges. (Martyn laughing) – Tiny.
– Tiny. – Tiny. – Probably not even there. – He doesn’t like to sing that song. He doesn’t. That’s quite good, I think
that’s leading at the moment. Blake,
– Last one. – One more to see if
it can combat with it. – Charlie Elford, “When you
finally find Blake’s balls.” When you finally find my balls? – Tiny. Tiny tiny.
(Blake chuckles embarrassed) I think that’s the winner. Well done, Charlie Elford,
you have won yourself a GMBN bottle.
– Well done? – Well done, it’s on it’s way to you. Good luck with that. It’s in the post, as they say. Right, next up, we got a little re-focus, and some Viewer Edits. (rock riff)
(Martyn laughing) Is that bad, throwing things at lenses? Is that bad? – [Cameraman] I don’t know
how happy Gee will be. – Aw, it’s Gee. – Gee, I said to him don’t do
it, and he would not have it. – Who?
– Him. – He threw it! – [Cameraman] Do a poll. – Let’s do a poll on who threw that. Okay, don’t use this
bit in the video, Liam. Okay.
– Hang on. – Viewer Edits this week comes
in from Jeff Kendall Weed, a good friend of the
industry, great rider, and does some good videos
of himself on YouTube. Check him out. But we’re gonna have a look at this edit where he rides a pump
track trail in Bellingham. Look at this, Blake. – [Blake] Sounds good. – [Martyn] He’s a smiley
feller, isn’t he, Jeff? – Look at him.
– Yeah. – Nice guy.
– He’s a good rider. I tell ya what, he’s got some skills. – Has he?
– Yeah, he’s got some skills. Look at this. Absolutely flying. (Blake vocalises fast turns) Loves a manual. – [Blake] You know a pump
track sounds amazing. Look at that. – [Martyn] It’s a long ol’ trail, I wouldn’t call it a pump track. It’s the Pump Track Trail.
– Yeah. – [Blake] I guess you use
a lot of pumping and– – [Martyn] The old GoPro footage there. The old POV video, nice nice. – [Blake] He’s got some style, hasn’t he? – [Martyn] Yeah. Flyin’.
– Wow. – Look at this.
– Oh, look at that. – Mani!
– Oh, a manual jump. – Mani, a drop jump.
– Look at that. – [Martyn] Stepping downish. – A spade.
– There’s a spade. – [Martyn] Nice. (vocalised jumping noise)
(both awwww) Jeff, cut it out, you tease. – [Blake] Stop it. – [Martyn] I like this a lot. – Ah, I like, yeah.
– Boy can ride. – [Blake] That trail’s sick. – Nice.
– Whoa, look at that. – [Martyn] I do like his POV,
a little bit of a long ride. – [Blake] Going uphill. – [Martyn] Yeah, I’m not too
interested in the uphill bit. – No.
– Ah, here we go. This looks like a pump track run. – Yes.
– Snow! – Yeah, yeah, a bit of snow on the trail. Get a bit of snow for a minute
while he’s ridin’, it’s nice. Ah yeah.
– What’s that? – He’s flyin’.
– He is flyin’. – He’s flyin’.
– He’s flyin’ low, and that’s not his zip up.
– No. Nice. Nice, I seen what you’ve done there. There we go.
– Here we go, here we go. (Blake vocalises speeding by) – [Martyn] Ah, I like, we
probably watched enough. – [Blake] Look at that, Jeff. – [Martyn] We should get on with the show, stop watching Jeff. – Go on, Jeff’s really good. Hey!
– Nice one, Jeff. Lovely vid, thanks for the Viewer Edit. Quality, quality. – That has definitely
got some quality in it. – Definitely. – It’s getting good views at the moment, definitely needs some more so make sure– – It’s got 3,686.
– Yes, yes, it’s doing well. Follow the link in the
description at the end there and you can see the rest of Jeff’s film. It’s very nice. He’s doing some great stuff. Thanks for sending it in. If you got a Viewer Edit
that’s worth takin’ a look at, and I’m sure you have, you’ve put a great edit together, you feel like it’s the movie
that explains your riding, you wanna show us, then
please send it to us, because we love seein’ ’em. We check a lot of the movies out. We spend much too much
time watching, actually. Send ’em in, [email protected],
and we will take a look. You could be in Viewer Edits next week, getting 1.8 million views. That won’t happen. But anyway, send it in. I thought he was gonna hit me there. (laughter)
Fails and Bails time, and we start this week with a new intro to this piece of the show. From Liam Bradley, check this shiz out. ♪ Fails ♪ (funky music) ♪ Bails ♪ ♪ Crash bang wallop ♪ – Nice. – Okay… Crash bang wallop.
– Yes. – Crash bang wallop. – I like that. I’m not sure what to make of it, but thanks for the effort, Liam. I really enjoyed it.
– Yeah, well done. – First fail bail to get
you in the mood, Blake. – I’m pretty much in the mood after that. – Yeah, after that tune. – Oh, oh no. – Ash Prestige has sent this in. It’s his two year old
daughter at the skate park. She does a lovely job but she forgets… – Two year old at a skate park? – She’s got a helmet on, she’s
prepared on her push bike, balance bike.
– Balance bike. – Yup.
– It’s pink, matches her helmet.
– She wants Daddy to make sure he’s filming.
– Scoot scoot. – [Martyn] I think you’re
gonna work out what happens pretty soon as soon as she sets off. – [Blake] Does she go too
fast, get a speed wobble? – There she goes.
– Whee! – [Martyn] That looks like a wall ahead. And–
– She can’t stop. – Bonk.
(Blake laughs) – [Blake] It wasn’t that bad. Oh my goodness.
– It was alright. It was alright, but she nailed it. Well done.
– Well done. – And thanks for sending it in, Ash. Now we’re gonna get on to a bit more of a serious effort from Greg Boss. This one is a–
– Is he gonna boss this gap? – [Martyn] This is a buckaroo, man. – [Blake] Oh, is it? (gasps) – [Martyn] Ba-doosh, look at him. Feet off, off he goes.
– Whoa! That’s fat bike for you. – [Martyn] Yeah, fat bike,
cracked his frame, yeah. – Actually, if you go back
to it, look at his bike flex. Watch his bike flex there, look. There (groans). (man yells)
Whoa! (Blake laughs)
– Great audio. – That’s got me in the mood.
– Great audio. Well, it’s got me in the mood,
so Blake, go on, send us. – Run VT. – And then you stop there and you run the, and then you got a big long– (whimsical music) – [Man] What? Yeah! (whimsical music) (crashing and yelling) (crackling leaves) – [Man] Yes! (whimsical music) (crash) – [Martyn] Bangers and Shoutouts. Blake, start us off. – I’m going to throw you to C-Dog. – C-Dog. – He’s a cool guy.
– Yeah. – Very understated.
– I like it. – He is one of the builders
for the Darkfest that (coughs). – [Martyn] I see where
you’re going, literally. – [Blake] Which potentially
I’m going to next week. Get over to his Instagram,
give him a follow. – Oh nice. I’m gonna send you a slightly
different one this week. I’m gonna send you to Joshua Luke Smith, who is a poet and a
musical artist and genius that I got to know when I
did a Ted Talk recently, before Christmas. I just think he’s a fantastic
guy, super positive. I just wanna throw some people his way. I’m gonna abuse my position and say go and check out Joshua’s Instagram. – I’m gonna go check that out.
– Yeah, very cool lad. A very cool lad. Any shout outs? – Yes, I’m gonna send
you over to Darkfest. This is week three of Darkfest build. This is a fest series and this
is where I’m going next week. It’s pretty big jumps and a lot going on, it’s out in South Africa. Definitely go check that out. – [Martyn] Let me get this straight, your Instagram and your shout
out was both for Darkfest, where you’re going next week? Excited, much? – Much.
– Right, yeah, thought so. (rock riff)
(gears turning) ♪ Bike Vault ♪ ♪ It’s Bike Vault ♪
(honks horn) You think that could work? – Yeah, maybe.
– Well, we’ll see. We’ll see.
– A work in progress. That’s a first time. – It is time for the Bike
Vault, not for us to sing. First one this week is
from Adrien Nishimoto. – Whoa, look at that sunset. – What’d you think, Blake? Is that worth some horn? – I can just see Santa
Cruz floating in the air. – I don’t think there’s
enough bike for me. It could be a super nice bike but I’m being denied half a bike. – Yeah, I can’t even see it. – I can’t give a super
nice on a half bike. – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. Thanks, Adrian, I like it. Next one from Andrew Kewan in Andale, South Australia.
– That’s a Trek. – What’d you reckon? – That’s really nice, I like that. Stealthy. But– – I think it’s good.
– Yeah. – I like it. I’m comin’ round to it.
– Yup. – It’s buildin’ in me. It’s super nice.
(horn honks) – Super nice.
– Hit that horn. Yeah, I liked it. Casey Favrina. From Colorado. – D’aw, I like that.
– A Yeti. – I like that. – Nice little bit of a– – There’s a trail going in the background, there’s some snow, he’s
got an inner tube there. Super nice to me. – I think, oh no, I got my hat on! I’ll take my hat off.
(Blake shouts) Taking my hat off, don’t tell me off. – That’s a super nice? – I’d say that’s a super nice.
(horn honks) – Super nice. Even though his pedals
aren’t at three o’clock. – Yeah, it’s super nice, though. – Yeah.
– Super nice bike. I like the snow. – Yeah.
– Okay. Next one is from Dillon Dimasi. Don’t know where and I don’t know when, but it’s a Giant Stance and
we would say, that’s nice. It’s nice.
– I would say– – Oh, come off it, it’s nice. – Alright.
– It’s nice. – He’s done a real good job to stand it up at three o’clock, saddle’s up. Well, actually, his Maxxis logos are pretty good. – It’s nice.
– Okay. – Is it? – But it’s in his back garden. – It’s nice.
– Nice. Nice. Dillon Melanar. – Look at that sun flare coming through. – Yes, this Cube is
looking good in Indiana. – That is nice.
– I’d say, that is a nice. – Nice.
– It’s nice. – I like the colour a lot. I do like the colour, it’s nice. Georgina Sole. I like a Calibre Bossnut. I do like a Calibre. – Do you like a Calibre?
– Yeah, I do. – Good Calibre.
– I appreciate a Calibre. I’d say that is… That’s in Cannock Chase, that’s in the UK. – That’s pretty good. – That’s nice.
– It’s nice. – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. – Next up.
– Ooh, what is that? – Oscar Hendo. – He’s got a good place to ride. – Man after your own heart there, Blake. – Yeah, that’s nice. – Has got those seats slammed down. – Yeah.
– Enjoying his jumps. – Yup, dropper down.
– Two brakes though. Two brakes, he’s not gone full dirt jump. – No, that’s nice.
– Nice. – Only a nice one here. I thought you’d go wrong. I did, I did think you’d go wrong. (Martyn exhales) – Look at the contrast between
the sky and the sea there. – This is beautiful. – That’s a nice Orange, eh? – That is nice. Is that a–
– A bit controversial one. Why is it an Orange and it’s green? (Martyn ummms) – I mean, the sky’s incredible. – Yeah, I think that’s super nice. He’s out riding it.
– Paul Thomas, in Inverness. – Super nice (horn honks).
– He set up for super nice. On your P7 there.
– Whoa. – Yt.
– Rossi’s YT. I have to say that is–
– Pretty good, isn’t it? – That’s a super nice.
– That’s super nice. (horn honks) You don’t get many
downhill bikes in there. Oh, look at that.
– Next up, Steven Brinkley, it’s his Giant Reign. It’s in First Landing State Park. 26 is that? That looks like a 26 to me.
– Looks like a 26 to me. Still rocking.
– Whatcha reckon? – I think it’s super nice. – Do ya?
– Yeah. – Do ya really?
– It’s still rocking the 26. – Go on then.
(horn honks) Super nice.
– Yeah. – To end the Bike Vault. (gears turning) – That was a good one to end on. – It’s a good one, a good one. – It wasn’t that strong, was it? – No, no, it was nice.
– Not many super nices. – It was alright, it was alright. I really enjoyed running through ’em. I think we’re lacking the spectacular. – Yeah, no backdrops. – We were looking for the spectacular. There was some steady,
steady bikes in there. Could your bike do better? Could you get it into the bike vault? And could it get a super nice? We have it on good authority, I’ve actually had letters, here’s one, sent telling me how good it feels. Apparently, it feels incredible, Liam. Amazing. He nodded. Try and get your bike in the Bike Vault. Send it in to us, there’s the email. You’ve got no excuse, you
might get a super nice, and then you’ll go punching the sky. Thanks for that letter, by the way, thanks for sending it in. – Super cool.
– Appreciate that a lot. – I’ve got to tell ya about shop. We got a deal on the shop,
30% off our baseball jerseys. Yes. Wanna know what they look
like, well check this out. (snaps)
(wind rush) That is nice. – Look at this, you can have this one. – I like it.
– It’s a good colour. I like the blue. – We’ve got other colour ways, though. Check this one out. (snaps)
(wind rush) – Whoo, look at this.
– I like that one. I like that one. – Red, are you kidding?
– That’s not all. – The smell, smells good. Smells like a deal. – Do you wanna go with
my favourite option? – Yeah.
– Go on. Check this one out. (snaps)
(wind rush) Yes. Yes.
– This is my favourite one. – I like that one a lot. – This one smells like more
of a deal than the other two. – Yeah, well–
– There’s another one. – I think they’re great,
that’s my favourite top. I don’t really wanna
give it away or sell it. – Else it’s staying on my body. – 30% off in the Shop. We really appreciate any
support you can give. Thanks for watchin’ this week. I really enjoyed it. Coming up this week, we’ve got
a Neil Donaghue garage tour. – Ooh, wow. – DI2 versus mechanical. Yeah, got top five and yeah,
we got lots of stuff going on on GMBN Tech so make sure
you see that show on Monday. Doddy being super precise
with all the information. – Such a geek. – Thanks again for watching. Make sure you click just here to see ol’ Bing Bong there lookin’
silly in a sumo suit. – Yes, it’s a pretty good one. I like doin’ it. Click over if you wanna
progress your jumping by using the pump track. – Nice one, and click on
the globe to subscribe, and please don’t forget
giving us a thumbs up like. It’s very kind of ya. – See ya next Friday.
– It’s very nice of ya. Thanks. Do that.

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