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Trek Domane SL 5 | Women’s Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

Trek Domane SL 5 | Women’s Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

Designed for carrying the pro riders
over there challenging pavé of the Spring Classics, there’s no denying that
the Domane is equally at home on smooth tarmac as it is on rough terrain. Brand
new for 2018 the Domane SL 5 women’s is made from Trek’s patented 500 series OCLV which stands for ‘optimum compaction low void’ where the carbon is layered
into a series of piles compacted to the ideal fibre to resin ratio while
minimising any voids between the layers of carbon that can reduce strength.
This allows the frameset to be lightweight, strong and stiff while built
in compliance keeps the rider comfortable on even the longest of
adventures. This compliance comes in the form of the ISO speed decouplers, a
system that was developed in partnership with Fabian Cancellara and are at the
core of the Domane SL 5 women’s endurance comfort technology. Located at the front
and rear the decouplers significantly increase the compliance of the bike.
Isolating rider from road vibration without impacting on the bike’s
performance. It effectively separates the seat tube from the top tube allowing the
seat tube to flex with the forces of the road. Trek has also added what it calls a
‘Ride Tuned Seat Mast’ whereas conventional seat posts drop down into a
seat tube effectively reinforcing the tube stiffness having a seat mast that
extends beyond the top tube and then finished with a seat mast cap has
allowed for further components to be engineered into the frame. Teaming this
with Trek’s endurance geometry delivers stable and predictable handling thanks
to a long wheelbase, short reach and tall handlebar stack height. The Domane SL 5 women’s is available with
either direct mount rim brakes or disc. The rim option creates an overall
lightweight package and can accommodate up to 28c tyres while the disc provides
superb braking in poor weather and can accommodate up to 32c tyres. Both setups
are compatible with mudguards an easy addition thanks to the hidden mudguard
mounts. The Shimano 105 complete Domane SL 5 women’s comes with a 50/34 chain
set and 11/32 11 speed cassette ideal for heading to the hills or going full
gas on the flats. The rest of the bike is kitted out with
Trek’s much respected sister brand Bontrager ensuring quality from top to
toe and is even compatible with the blender stem, the integration system for
clean and easy to use installation of lights and computers. All in all coming
in at £1900 the Trek Domane is an impressive package and excitingly

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  1. Rebecca, is there a bloopers real compilation from all of these paid promotional videos you have released recently? If there is that would be fun to see.

  2. It's always helpful to know the weight of the bike, so it's a pity you didn't bother to include that. Can the presenter only say what's on the script from Trek?

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