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Trike-N-Bike Rack TB1-2SBP by Hitch Rider

Trike-N-Bike Rack TB1-2SBP by Hitch Rider

I’m Bill from Hitch Rider Racks. This video is
about our one bike add-on number SBP-Front. It’s a hanging style bike position. It installs on our one trike tilting rack and it lets you carry one bicycle
and one trike at the same time. It’s really a good choice for just about any
bicycle. Now I’ll show you what it looks like in the box and how to put it
together. Okay this is the carton that it comes in and the item number is SBP-Front. It has instructions on how to install it, it has the mast for the rack,
it has the top piece that installs on the top of the mast, it has a top piece
extender, it has the hardware to install the top piece, and it has the Top Hand
strap. I went ahead and put one together and this is what it looks like
when it’s put together. The U bolt is what fastens the top piece on. The top
piece extender I’ve installed here. It’s a hanging rack and it has a lot of
adjustability in the top like with the this piece off you can go all the way
down to only 11 inches wide and with this piece installed the top piece
extender you can go out to about 18 inches wide so that lets you get most
ladies frames and just about all of the the regular diamond shaped
frames you can just hang it from the top tube. If you find it’s too wide
spaced like that then you can take this off and you can move the hook the cradle
will move it to a closer hole. Now I’ll show you how to install it on the
vehicle. Okay this is a one trike tilting rack number HRT1-2T. To
install the bike position onto the rack you take a screw driver or something
to get it started and just pop out the plastic plug on the top of the column. Then you take two two corner bolts and you screw them all the way out. You
remove the top bolt of the latch. Take the bike
position and you just drop it in. You notice the bike loads from the back so
make sure you get the hooks pointed to the rear. Then you reinstall the bolt
through the column and you tighten the corner bolts to stabilize it. I’m going
to use a wrench to tighten everything up. Not too tight, but just get it snug. The same for the corner bolts. There you go.
Now we’re ready to load the bicycle. This is a large frame Santa Cruz
mountain bike. It loads from the back. Walk up and hang it on the rack by
the top tube. You can notice the down tube fits up next to the mast. Take
the Cinch-N-Wrap pull it tight and then you wrap it around and that secures
the down tube to the center of the mast. That way it doesn’t swing back and forth.
Then you take the straps and bring it over the top. I’m going to
choose the second hole. There’s no need don’t overstretch it. The second
hole is tight enough. It won’t hold it any better if you stretch it. I’ll
fasten the other one. Okay we’ve loaded our bicycle and
fastened it down. Now we’re getting ready to load the trike. The trike we’re
going to be loading is a Catrike Villager. I’ve pre-adjusted the wheel holders
on the rack to fit the Catrike Villager. One thing I’d like to point out is now
with a tricycle and a bike we need to make more room between
the trike and the bike. What I’ve done is this wheel holder is adjusted farther
back and this one is adjusted in so they’re not an equal distance. The
trike will be loaded at actual skewed angle so when you do that you need to
loosen this hook bolt and move it forward so that the trike wheel will fit
in there properly. You need it to fit on the front of the wheel holder the tire
touch here and the tire touch here. I’ve done that. Now I’ll load the trike. Okay the trike is loaded and you’ll notice
there’s plenty of room between the trike front wheel and the bicycle wheel. Now I’ll secure the trike and the bike wheels together.
Okay now the load is all secured. The bicycle is secured, all the wheel straps on the
trike is secured, and I used a Cinch-N-Wrap and secured the front wheel on the
bicycle to the wheel holder on the trike rack. That way the front wheel
doesn’t swing back and forth. Now I’m going to tilt the rack down and show you
how to install the stabilizer strap. To tilt it down, remove the snap lock pin, lift up on
the outside wheel holder, pull back on the convenience latch lever, and tilt it down until
it hits the stop. Okay this is the Top-Hand stabilizer strap number TH1. It’s
a two-piece strap. You have a part of the strap the front part has rubber bumpers
on it so you can place it inside the vehicle and pull it up tight. The other
part of the strap has a cam buckle on it that’s sewn into a loop and you take that
part and you simply install it on the top of the rack and you pull it up tight.
Now on the front part there’s a couple of ways you can install it. You can
install it by dropping it down through the top up here and pull it up tight or
you can place it inside and close the hatch on it pull it up tight. In this
case I’m going to place it inside and then after hatch is closed I’m going to
pull it up tight. Okay the hatch has been closed. The strap has been pulled up
tight. Now I’m going to tilt the rack up and I’m going to attach the strap.
To tilt the rack up, you get a hold the outside wheel holder, lift all
the way up until the convenience latch latches in place.
Install the snap lock pin. Then I’ll install and attach the strap.
Cam buckle. Make sure you thread it the right way because if you thread it the
wrong way it will just slip out so you need to pay attention to the way you thread it. If some slack is left over you can just wrap it around. There we go. Now you’re all ready to go ride. Thanks a
lot for watching our video today.

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