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TRISKATES vs 4-WHEEL SKATES – Which Are Better?

TRISKATES vs 4-WHEEL SKATES – Which Are Better?

3 wheels or 4 wheels? What is better? Let’s begin with triskates. They should have the best of both worlds,
right? – Large wheels for speed – And short frame for maneuverability Ordinary 4 wheel skates, however, cannot have
both Either you have large wheels for speed but
then the frame has to be long just to fit all four wheels Or you go for a short frame but then you need
smaller wheels Okay, this was quite basic theory but how
do they compare in real life? *** First time on triskates I ended up with mixed
feelings They were maneuverabile and all that, which
was great, but the speed was not as promised My new 110mm triskates felt basically like
my old rollerblades with 84mm wheels … I’ve later experimented with different wheels
and better bearings and now my triskate setup is – yea – now it’s
really good So what I did is I put extremely hard race
wheels on my triskates and the speed just beace insane I believe the reason is that I were too heavy
for the original wheels You see, when you only have three wheels,
your weight is divided by three wheels, so each wheels must carry a larger load I am quite heavy, 84 kg – that’s 185 pounds
… yea I’m big boned and I believe the original wheels just gave
in too much *** Apart from this there also are some other
issues to keep in mind Really big wheels are fast indeed but it takes
some time to gain speed This is especially true for 110 and 125mm With small wheels like 80mm you have a lot
more of this snappiness, aggressiveness, and this is something I really like about
my Rollerblade Twisters Of course, you can always put small wheels
on triskates too I actually tried it and I really enjoyed it A bonus with such small wheels is less weight,
and that’s a huge argument in favor of triskates Unfortunately on the market there are not
many small wheel trisaktes to choose from You can do like me and replace the originals
but still the frame is a bit too high then But 100mm wheels are common and that’s anyway
a good tradeoff 110 I personally don’t like that much – for
the same reason – heavier and less snappy but that’s just my kind of skating 125 is another popular choice but I haven’t
tried it myself What I’ve been told however is that they are
excellent for maintaining speed but your skating style must be a bit slower
and more fluid *** It looks like speed skaters also prefer triskates
more and more Speed skates have big wheels, obviously, but
also a long frame cause that makes them even faster What’s interesting is that on those long frames
you could just as well fit four wheels but as mentioned, they mostly prefer just three What’s the reason? I guess, less weight, but I’m not a speed
skater To any speed skaters watching this; it would
be interesting to hear your thought in the comments below *** Finally I’d like to add that I don’t really
prefer one kind over the other. It’s easy to focus just on the differences,
but really it’s not that big a difference anyway I actually had a lot of fun wearing a triskate
on one foot and a regular 4-wheel skate on the other .. and yea … it doesn’t feel as weird as
it may look like However, I do believe triskates is the future
but the future is not quite here yet As mentioned, my first triskates disappointed
me a bit and I believe that’s because I’m too heavy for three wheels I’d really like the producers to address this
concern, and at least debunk my claim if they think I’m wrong But overall I don’t really can go wrong by
choosing one or the other The differences are not that big after all Alright, that’s all. I’m JP Jay. Thanks for watching and subscribe for updates!

64 comments on “TRISKATES vs 4-WHEEL SKATES – Which Are Better?

  1. I'm using 125mm triskates (Powerslide Megacruisers Pro) and I'm delighted how fast they are and how smooth can the ride be. In my neighbourhood there're hardly any public spaces where the pavement is approprite for skating. So the big wheels give me much more relaxed and comfortable feeling while skating on rough surfaces. I think the manuverability of 3 x 125mm can be compared to 4 x 84 mm (which I used previously). I'm very happy that I've decided to buy triskates without exactly having an opportunity to try them before buying (what I recommend everyone).

  2. You might be too heavy for a tri-skate with a soft boot? You could mount the 110 frame on your twisters, im sure there'd be a difference. I'm using matter wheels (125mm)on a megacruiser frame on a metropolis boot I enjoy the extra speed over my k2 uptowns (4x 80mm) for commuting and the uphills, but the uptowns are better for skating round the city personally. Thanks, enjoyed the video!!

  3. Hi JP Jay, thanks for all your great videos. I'm currently using K2 90 VOA Pro skates as my first skates since past 6 months and my boots have already started wearing out. I weigh 77kg and may be my weight is one of the reason for this quick wearing out (k2 being soft boots)! Could you please suggest what options should I be looking at in near future?
    Ps. I still need to learn power slide stop which I'm not in total control while attempting in my current skates. Any suggestions please are welcome. Thanks!

  4. hey… what about versus quad skates??? I'm interested to know as I've grown up with normal 4 wheel Inline skates.. would be good to know!

  5. please at 2:10 don't pause your audio and then follow it up with the amplified collision of the camera .. my ears are still ringing … just mute that out.

    anyways I personally prefer the 255mm frame with the 84mm hydrogen wheels with some ilq9 bearings. that set up is good for speed control and great at absorbing impact on jumps … I think Lino. made a video on how tri-skates are not designed for impact absorption unless you use the kizer tri-skate frames.

  6. Maybe it's my imagination but, as a new skater, it seems that triskates make it easier to feel the weight transfer necessary to do actions like forward=>backward transitions – weighting the toe or heel of the skates. With longer quads the feeling is more muted by weight being on multiple wheels. Does anyone else feel this is the case?
    Also, with triskates the bearings are supporting more per bearing and inferior or worn bearings are much more immediately noticeable.
    Once again, thanks for an enjoyable video discussion, JP Jay!

  7. What is the mounting type of your frame on powerslide omicrons? Two screws in center or three distributed (i forgot how they call it in Powerslide)?

  8. I use 3x110mm FE Supersonics. I like the large wheels only on my F7 boots as they provide great ankle support & I mainly use them for cruising & city exploring. For short distances I prefer smaller wheels as they are more multipurpose.

  9. I need a bit of advice. I'm a new skater. complete beginner really. only been doing it 2 months. I'm still a bit wobbly and off balance. my concern is.,… if I lean a little too forward my front wheel seems to jam. is this normal?… I've cleaned my wheels and oiled them well but it's still happening. I'm using abec7

  10. There are Inline Skates from Bauer, they are basicly just ice skates from bauer with a steel Frame and Wheels mounted to them, I really like them because they are really stiff like good ice skates. I would like to know what you think about them, if you have used inline skates like that before or if you would like to try inline skates like these out. Inline Skates: Bauer Vapor X300R

  11. Hey there! I was just wondering what you think are the main differences between rollerblading and ice skating, as well as which is harder, rollerblading or ice skating (figure and hockey skates considered different)

  12. I have begun rockering my four wheel setup and love how much more or feels like ice skating. Does anyone know if the tri wheel would further this feeling even more, or am I best off sticking to my setup is I'm trying to mimic ice skating feel?

  13. I've also found the 110's on my Seba FR1's to be heavy and rather tall. Dropping to 100mm wheels had very good results. A dedicated Seba frame for 3×100 could drop the over-the-wheel clearance significantly, lowering the boot, and making the skate much more stable and easy to turn.

  14. Достаточно ли стабильны трехколесные ролики на большой скорости? Ведь не зря у спидскейтеров более длинная рама?

  15. Do you live in the states? If so, what part of the country? Looks like there's a lot of skaters where you live. I live in Texas and feel like an outcast when i put my skates on.

  16. I️ am an in-line speed skater in the US. We mainly use 3×100 setups for kids who are just learning and then they move to 3×110. If your older like me I️ started on 4×100 and moved up to a high low frame which is a 110mm wheel at the toe and the back two wheels and a 100mm wheel in the second spot. The purpose of that setup is to make you feel lower to the ground but still give you the speed of the 110. There are other setups too like 4×110 which is a more advance setup. The 3×125 is really mainly for outdoors for speed skating when we do marathons but I️ just stick to my high low set up but change the wheels out to outdoor wheels instead of indoor wheels.

  17. What hardness did you settle on with the 100mm size wheels on a tri skate. I'm curious as I weigh a little more than you.

  18. Hey! Beginner here. i had trouble with stopping generally especially in downhill surface. the only way i know is t-stop. Is t-stop better with tri skates?

  19. I am a very new skater……Just got “Zetrablade “ Rollerblades 80 mm wheels.I am 5 feet 115 Lbs .Are they good for first skates ? What protection gear should I get…… Sensitive bones (break easily).

  20. im looking in to getting new but cheap wheels for my inline 4 wheel blades can you help me find a 8 set with good bearings in the 30$ range maybe?
    just wondering

  21. Nice video! Been thinking about those 3 wheels for a while… Hey, I like your knee pads! Can you please share a link where you got those?

  22. I’m a speed skater but I like the 4 wheels for indoor skating where grip through the turns count while outdoors it’s a toss up I haven’t really tested which is better but one has a smoother ride than the other

  23. For road speed skating 3 wheels would be better because turns can be very tight, but with track speed skating you would not necessarily need as much maneuverability so 4 wheel would be better for consistent turns on an oval track. And the faster you go on actual speed skates the more prone to speed wobble you become because of how little ankle support you have so it helps to have a longer wheelbase to keep stable at high speeds (30+ mph.).

  24. You can’t fit 4×125. On the largest of speed frames… I love the 3×125 but I found in training I used 110 and be befitted from the weight loss (speed gain) I am now back to 4×110, there are stability issues with tri skates inside, sometimes 4 is better than three… but I also have the luxury of swapping frames to have my tri skates back again.

  25. My first ever skates where the three wheeled skates and I kind of miss them but I have I grew out of them, now I have skates with the four wheels and I enjoy them too 🙂

  26. Looks like your tri-skate is sitting on a higher frame? If so, what was the height difference? I have uneven legs and am thinking about doing something like that to try and even things out.

  27. The answer is none is better. Just like everything else its what feels best for every person. I have 3 wheels and to me they suck. But my friend loves 3 wheels.

  28. One year ago I started inlineskating on smooth and clean concrete Hockeyrinks with a 3x90mm Hockeyskate with a 215mm 3x100mm Frame. This setup is very agile and reactive for Hockey. Last week I tryed skating around town on sidewalks and cyclepaths crossing streets a lot with curbsides for the first time with my hockeyskates. The surface was uneven, rough, bumpy with debris, cobblestones and some edges and less place for maneuvers. This was a bad experience for me.
    Would different skates give me a more suitable setup for skating around in the town?
    If so, I have to decide between a Rollerblade Fusion84 (4x84mm, 255mm frame) or a 3x110mm hardboot setup ( for example Next110 with a 143mm frame). Which setup is better for bad surfaces? Or is there different suitable setup?

  29. I'm in agreement with you going from 4 wheels to 3 110's. I was also disappointed myself. I felt I couldn't gain the speed I'd hoped for nor had the maneuverability in the trio's. Thx 4 video

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