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28 comments on “Triumph 650 Motorcycle Engine Disassembly & Rebuild Part 9 – Lowbrow Customs

  1. I sure appreciate your videos. With old age, believe me, we start forgetting. The best aid to this condition is watching others do it right whom we trust know what they are talking about. Most of it is still there but it is the little things you mention that I've forgotten that help me remember and clean out the cobwebs from the memory bank. So for me, your videos are therapy to help with memory loss cause ya feel like shit when you can't remember the things ya spent a lifetime learning.
    So thanks Doctor Todd. Your time, effort and patience are greatly appreciated.
    I had completely forgotten what the the 2 lines on the intake cam gear referenced but when you mentioned them, it all came flooding back so I'm a little bit younger since I watched this video. Thank you and God bless you and yours.

  2. Todd, I have absolutely loved this series of videos! You are a saint! I also love that t shirt you are wearing! Do you still make that design? I can't see it on your site but I do want one! Cheers from UK.

  3. I really enjoy watching these videos. They’ve inspired me to get out in the building and do some wrenching on my old Honda.

  4. Howdy todd, gonna be starting my rebuild this coming january when my financial aid check clears from school.

    was wondering if you can list all the tools ya used in these videos so i can get them all from yalls website.

    im pretty sure i got most of it in my shopping cart, but wanna make sure.

    your my teacher in this one, bud. im 24 and jumping headfirst into this. thanks for making a great informative series for me to start my first teardown and rebuild in my garage. im building from a 1963 basket i got off someone for 800, and got a clean frame and HD front end.

    also i saw ya in ironhorse this month. right on man.

  5. I’m thinking about becoming a first time vintage triumph owner. Anyone have thoughts or opinions on which would be a better machine, ( late 60s 650 vs early 70s 750 models). Thanx.

  6. Bought one of your companies triumph bobber tanks months back. Awesome custom tank, and I even mirror polished it.

    Thanks for this knowledge brotha! I'd probably be having a more difficult time if it not for this.

  7. Observation:  When using a torque wrench you must apply steady even pressure without jerking the wrench.  Jerking gives a false reading, too low..

  8. Great videos!  Very good info and directions.  Just one observation here.  Always use steady pressure when pulling or pushing on the torque wrench.  Jerking, or aggressively pushing on the wrench gives false, under-spec results.  Take the time to c-clamp or bolt your stand to the bench, or find a friend to hold the motor so you can torque the fasteners accurately.

  9. lots of dormant vintage Triumph 650's out there and with Todd its time to revive an oldy but a goody. Thanks so much Lowbrow Customs and Todd for these great rebuild videos !!

  10. Looks like the pliers work just fine for your removal/install tool. if a fella were to mill some flats into the outer diameter of the tool, and use a wrench…? just an idea. thanks for putting this series together. you're a great instructor! i'm keeping eyes peeled for 650 parts for a build of my own…this series, coupled with the other publications from lowbrow are priceless! can't thank you guys enough for your efforts into keeping more these machines on the roads, than in museums. cheers!

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