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Uh-oh! The Three Meerkats Have a BIG Motorcycle Problem | Cartoon for Kids

Uh-oh! The Three Meerkats Have a BIG Motorcycle Problem | Cartoon for Kids

(cheerful music) (exciting music) – [Man] Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic, was organizing his tools when suddenly (bell rings) the garage bell rang. A visitor! Mr. Monkey loves having visitors. Who could it be? – Hello! – Oh, hello there. I’ll be right with you. – Hello. – Uh, hello again. Just one moment, I just need to hang this. – Hello! (suspenseful music) – [Man] Mr. Monkey is very confused. How can the same person be in three different places at once? – [Triplets] Hello! – [Man] Mr. Monkey can’t believe his eyes. Standing before him isn’t one visitor, or two visitors, for that matter, but three visitors. No wonder Mr. Monkey was confused. His visitors look exactly the same. That’s because his visitors
are the Meerkat triplets, Myrna, Marty, and Maribel Meerkat. – Nice to meet you three. What can I do for you today? – Well, Mister Monkey, we entered the Meerkat Motorcycle
Contest and guess what? We …
– Won, and the grand prize was …
– Three motorcycles. – Wow, congratulations. – Thanks, we love riding our motorcycles, but we have a problem. – You see, we really like to … – Stay together, all the time, but these motorcycles must be broken because we keep … – [Triplets] Going in
different directions. – I’ll go left. – I’ll go right. – And I’ll go straight through. – [Triplets] We just can’t
seem to stay together. Can you help us, Mr. Monkey? – Interesting. Let me see what I can do about that. – [Man] Mr. Monkey checks the motorcycles. He checks the tires. (engine revs) He checks the engines. He even checks the seats. – So can you help us, Mr. Monkey? – We’d really love to ride together. – Hm, everything seems
fine with your motorcycles. – [Man] Mr. Monkey has an idea. He heads off to his workbench. Let’s see, the Meerkats love
riding their motorcycles but they also like to stay together. And three different motorcycles means they can go in three different directions. Mr. Monkey needs to figure out how to make the Meerkats stick together. He’ll need four metal bars. One, two, three, four. And eight nuts and bolts. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. And of course (triumphant music) his trusty monkey wrench. – I know how to fix your problem,
Myrna, Marty, and Maribel. – [Triplets] Magnificent! – [Man] Mr. Monkey gets to work. First, Mr. Monkey pushes the motorcycles so they’re beside each other. One, two, three. Then Mr. Monkey takes the four metal bars to connect the motorcycles together, two in the front, one, two, and two more in the back, three and four. And finally, Mr. Monkey uses
the eight nuts and bolts to connect it all together. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. – Ta-da! It’s you very own three-seater motorcycle. Now you can always stick
together when you ride. Try it out. (engine revs)
(tires squeal) – This is amazing. It’s exactly …
– What we wanted. Now we’ll …
– Never be apart. Thanks for the help … – [Triplets] Mr. Monkey! – [Man] There go one, two,
three satisfied customers. And with that, it’s time for Mr. Monkey to get back to organizing his tools. (cheerful music) And organizing his bananas.

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