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Ultimate Wheel Speed Test Guide — Crossout

Ultimate Wheel Speed Test Guide — Crossout

100 comments on “Ultimate Wheel Speed Test Guide — Crossout

  1. I always felt that the Medium wheels were faster than the Starter wheels… but then again I also was sliding around a bit more with the Starter wheels. Is there a friction difference between the different wheels?

  2. I think your spreadsheet has the wrong stats for the Studded wheels… Them small bastards does not have a mass of 300?!

  3. Spider cab has much more power than Tusk, so acceleration is better. This is the reason for such a significant difference.

  4. Yeah… except go and test all these wheels on sand and water, you'll be surprised by the results. Lunars and gun-mounts are so much better then normal wheels on non-asphalt/rock surface. My personal favorite is combination of two racing wheels in back and two gun-mounts in front: can traverse any surface fast, plus gun-mounts are pretty slim and easily armored around (which is important because a lot of shots will be coming up your front). Or just use hovers – their turning, strafing and overall mobility makes up for the lower speed.

  5. No wonder some fast spear and drone build can chase my hover build its freaking nerf so bad they need to buff the speed of hover again and it's too low on the ground it makes bumpy ride always lol.

  6. great test, i think you should do it again but trying to start on a more loose terrain, the hard terrain of the garage is the reason why gun mount and lunar IV got so bad scores, and i think you should try to do the EXACT same test but with 6 wheels of each type

    BTW great video, i was about to craft some blue wheels but didn't knew which one

  7. You had an error in your testing, you didn't do justice to the gunmount and lunar wheels, because thier traction on hard surfaces is very bad (, And about 70% of the test terrain is hard surface and even 100% of the part where the wheels accelerate is hard surface. So the lunar and gunmount wheels had an significant disadvantage. Interesting statistics nonetheless, thanks!

  8. Got an idea now you have the speeds. Compare the hit points based on how many you typically put on a medium sized vehicle… say 2 armored treds 4 small treads 6 large tires, and 8 small tires. Is 2 armored tracks… to weight… so many hit points per pound and the speed. Also you need to understand there is also power score and special abilities, but most have no special abilities or very little.

    There is one thing to not… certain terrain affect the tires different, like sand and water and stuff like the walkers and hovers get to ignore this. they also tend to slide over obstacles so they are more likely going to maintain their speed easier.

  9. I've noticed larger differences under a payload. Add about 2-3000 to the carried weight and do the test again, and you will see some of those identical numbers spread out. Alternatively, using the duster cab would have been best because it has a very low power score compared to the tusker

  10. One question, does -0.15 engine power mean: its reduced by 15%? or what does that number mean? And if it does mean percentage of engine power: when you add 7 of these movement parts, would the ride be unable to move at all (witout additional power through engine)?

  11. Thanks for all your efforts. ppl are wanting tests on diff surfaces but that is too much for 1 man. This is why I wish they would give us a "sandbox" mode so we can build cars with all the parts for testing, and just to see if that new part you want to buy/build will do what you want and fit in your builds.

  12. Great video, been wanting this for a long time. Now we just need some way to quantify turning speeds and traction/grip

  13. Milliseconds ? You mean frames. The first one is indeed seconds, the second smaller timing is frames, not ms.
    But that doesn't change the outcome comparison, so still a good vid. Liked.

  14. Awesome video. Thank you. But one problem. Those are NOT milliseconds. Those are frames. 7 seconds 15. Is actually 7.5 seconds. Based off of a 30 fps video. Look at your times. None of them go above 30 after the decimal point. So 7.15 is 7 seconds plus 15 frames out of 30. I.e.: 7.5 seconds. Besides that, awesome video. Thank you 😊

  15. I would be curious about a comparison where the vehicle would be balanced out to have the same weight every time. No wonder the large wheels make you slower when they weight 360 kilos each. I think the real difference would show if the weight differences would be negated. Also, I think hovers are not op because of the top speed, but because they are often on light crafts which can accelerate quickly in any direction, on any terrain, strafe quickly in an out of cover, etc. It makes them challenging (although satisfying) to hit with projectile weapons like cannons and rockets.

  16. Are those wheels in the thumbnail actually in the game or were they in the game 1 point or are they still in development?

  17. Very nice, but it would have been even more helpful if you also threw in durability. That way you could difinitively pick a best all rounder.

  18. Hold on though, grinders legs and hovers are the absolute fastest at high weight, and with a heavy engine to add power the slower ones would be faster

  19. Aren't there WAY more variables going on? Like the cabs power score and the reduction of power score by each wheel?

  20. Thx for the Video! Am I wrong? In my german speak Version there is written the spider cabin give you 40 percent instead of 25 percent you said in the Video.

  21. I know you mentioned at the beginning of the video, various numbers, etc. are redundant…

    …but I'd like to've seen two small and two hardened tracks.

  22. did you even come to think about the tread and grip that tires have????? bald tires wont go anywhere on grass

  23. So say I have a build with two landing gear wheels at the front, four racing wheels in the middle, and two twin wheels on the back, would my build only go as fast as the twin wheels allow or somewhere between twin and racing wheels?

  24. Great video, but there is a mistake in your timing. Looking at the video, it looks like your timer only goes up to 30 at the smallest increment. I believe that this number actually represents what frame number you are on based on a 30 fps video. Love the info, but just wanted to get that discrepancy out there.

  25. It's ot all about top speed. Hovers may be in the middle for top sped but they are one of the fastest in acceleration. not to mention how fast you can change you trajectory.

  26. Another test but with a heavy load to see if any places are affected when carrying the weight of actual battle vehicle not just a cab

  27. Для русских: заточки топ, быстрее ховеров и истальтых ходовых.

  28. Dude, its not miliseconds. Those last numbers are FRAMES in your movie editor. Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames.. that's why you never got bigger number than 24 in last column

  29. any one that thinks its the hovers top speed that is so dominant and cancerous in every PS in the game…. is an idiot.

  30. a more accurate idea would not be using the 20 per second scale, never seen that type of counter before but it seems extremely stupid to use unless you used it just to make things easier for yourself

  31. Bro you have tons of videos for this game lol every time I searched for stuff relating to crossout you came up so decided to Sub!

  32. I know this is a comment on a not current video BUT I wanted to say, you should test the times for speed withing like 3 feet of acceleration vs once the vehicle hits top speed.

    I have a melee vehicle and since I have stealth I don't care about top speed nearly as much as I care about acceleration. But once I contact the enemy I want to be able to maneuver around them faster than they can around me. This would be especially useful if my stuff breaks on impact or from taking shots on approach.

  33. „We‘re going to test top speed!“
    *proceeds with acceleration test
    **ignores that some of the test subjects reach their specific top speed (tracks, hovers, meat grinder and legs are not affected by cabin/engine – exception: steppe spider cab) before ending the test run
    ***ignores different grip on different surfaces for each movement part

    Still a good video and it’s actually helpful, even though it doesn’t deliver the promised information.

  34. You didn't test the Small Tracks with the Golden Eagle engine? It's not bad on a Duster (Lightest cabin, tops out @95 Km/H) Basically the equivalent of Steppe Spider, what I use on my Sniper Tank.

  35. Whats wrong with your timer? Why does it only go up to 0.30 seconds???The second (1.0) timer is correct, but the tenths (0.1X) are completely wrong!

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