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Unboxing + Installation In’Ride 500 Home Trainer | Doha Qatar (VLOG 109)

Unboxing + Installation In’Ride 500 Home Trainer | Doha Qatar (VLOG 109)

what’s up Ketsap it’s your boy J.E. and welcome
back to my channel Welcome to another episode of unboxing video and what we are going to unbox right now is … ouch, it’s heavy just like what I’d promised, it’s 2020 so we will be speaking in Tagalog most of the time. we’ll just be adding subtitle for foreign viewers. do you think I should vlog it in English because it’s unboxing LEAH: go for the subtitle I’ll use subtile? let’s go for subtitle so it’ truly Pinoy, proud to be Filipino since the % of the Filipino viewer are higher than the foreigners we’ll gonna be speaking in Tagalog and then we’ll be adding English subtitle
for you foreign viewers out there for a while I feel dark because of my outfit.
I’ll just change I just added drama on my outfit in the beginning so I will look like a legit cyclist. since the one we are unboxing something related to cycling so I had a little bit of an outfit. it’s like its like I feel wearing my normal outfit. let get back to the normal one. let’s open a little bit it hot in here. so we will be unboxing this day is the one
on my back because we are also in the community quarantined so for the lockdown people out
there on their house, don’t be stubborn stay at home, like me I will not go biking outside for the meantime (speaking in Bisaya) I think I get that accent from my Grandmother so I’m gonna be biking indoor only so we will be unboxing this in-ride 500 let’s check what are the features and what’s inside the box. so without any further ado. let’s start the
unboxing. LEAH: before anything else, how much is that? someone is side commenting on the video. what’s that? how much is that? by the way, guys this in-ride
500 with fluid technology it’s a brand of Decathlon, it’s B’Twin it’s 969 Qar on the retail store. I don’t know in the Philippines but it is
in Qatari riyals, just go with the calculation it’s x14 there is also another model the in-ride 100 magnetic technology I’ll explain it later on. but for the meantime, let’s open this one. what’s inside the box before we totally unbox it let’s read what is written outside. at the backside, it is stated the fluid resistance unit oil silent and mimic sensations felt on the road Then this one, 2.2 kg flywheel pedal fluidity then stable and adjustable frame. let’s open it, wait there something written
above its about the B’Twin application training, or twin training app, you can download it
app store if you’re going to buy the other package with additional subscription It’s already 1 year validity
but I didn’t buy it, I’ll explain it later why let’s go. once you open the first one will show is the
manual obviously. this is the manual that most probably we aren’t going to read. This has nothing in it so this is the in-ride technology you can see it directly, nothing more nothing less this carton, I feel that it’s just another divider. confirm, its just another divider ill pull it upwards this is it now, I need your help just take the carton there’s still something inside this is how it looks when it’s still packed if its’ newly opened don’t forget to take the bottom carton and the skewer
is attached there. it is specially designed for the home trainer
back wheels. this is its skewer let’s reveal this it’s kind of heavy 1,2,3 tsarannnn. it’s kind of heavy you can see it on my face that it’s heavy. this is the stand of it you can just open it like that, it doesn’t fit on the table anyways let remove all the plastics. there is a rotating part on the bottom of
the stand. you can adjust it if the floor is an imbalance. you can adjust the level. if the other side is not balance, like that then, there’s nothing much inside, only those 2. the skewer only and the trainer to add more content on this video we will be including those essentials a must-have with this item as
companion items to maximize the usage of it. this is the adjuster your wheel will be lying on this area. you can adjust according to your wheel size then this one it will lock on this part, we will put in the rear wheel. So now you have the In-ride What else are the necessary needs for this one to use it on your bike you can also directly use your bike in here I am not recommending you to buy everything I bought, but it’s up to you if you like it I’m kind of a lazy one in assembling things. so I bought everything that I need. this is the trainer in close up, the color is nice right? i like that accent, red and black then here’s the remaining items I bought. actually, you can directly use your bike on
the trainer but I am not recommending to use your normal tire on it although the others are doing it, for me I am not recommending it because the trainer will eat the rubber out of your normal wheels and fades it quickly instead of you using it outdoor, it will fade only indoor. so my recommendation is to buy this home trainer
tire. this red tire is specifically designed for home trainer it’s 89 QAR, this red tire, inside of it is
an interior, it’s 24 QAR, it is already 2 pcs. the other one is just spare but I will
not use it since I’m using tubeless tires. then this wheelset it is not necessary to buy one you can use your existing one you can use the home trainer tire on it, the rubber one, you can use it it’s just that I’m too lazy to assemble it so I just bought an extra wheelset
for it. (only the back side) So i bought this Mavic Aksium and the price is 569 QAR, LEAH: it’s 569? she shouldn’t be listening to this conversation, she will just ruin the video she’s gonna hear the prices of the items anyway this wheelset is 569 even if she is hearing it, the one who complains then after that, to match it on your current setp it should also match on your current cassette my current one is Shimano 105 so I also need that same one, the 105, so I will
not need to remove it every time. so to make the sorry short, I bought the whole
rear wheelset just for this training station so I just install it directly, then remove
it whenever I will go outside. right, so lazy right, I’m sorry so in here, we will attach this skewer, this is the skewer that comes from the training station let me install it there so you will see it
as well. the color is very nice in close, see by the way the tire size is 700x25c that’s the size of the wheel and this is the cassette,
it’s 11 speed and Shimano 105 R7000 it’s 219 QAR if you’re going to buy one let’s now install the skewer, for those beginners
and don’t know it yet, here’s how. remove the spring ensure it has both sides insert and get it from the other side. insert the lock its quick release, so whenever you packed
it, you will directly pack this whole wheelset. then we will install it directly on the bike. this is the case of Shimano 105 cassette. its already assemble because I let the shop
do it for me, so I don’t need to do it. (speaking in Bisaya) Then this one is the wheels stand, this is the one that will raise your front wheel so whenever your bike is on the home trainer,
it will be tilting downwards so to lift the front one and balance it this is the one that you will use. I called it the wheel riser. but the name of it is a wheel stand home trainer. wheel riser in front, for home trainer users this one is 54 QAR then this is the size of the tire as I’d shown you earlier. this one is the sweat catcher. it’s 59 QAR let’s open it so you can see it because mostly you will not notice that you are sweating, so the consequence is, sweat can damage the paint it damages the paint if you are acidic this is how it looks. I will show it later on the bike on how it
looks once attached so when you are in the aero position and you sweat is dripping, it will catch your sweat it is called the sweat catcher, its also B’Twin this is not sponsored of B’Twin, If you listening out there, you’re free to do so :)) … let’s throw the plastic nothing is inside This one is 219 QAR this is the speed sensor and the cadence
sensor those are they who will throw that data how fast you are and how many RPM you produced there’s another package I mentioned earlier, that includes the application subscription, I didn’t take it, I took this one instead, the one with subscription It’s 269 QAR so it’s with a 50 QAR in price difference, this is is on 219 QAR only doesn’t come with the subscription. because we’re not going to use it this will transmit your data on how fast and
how may rpm your in. now this sensor, we will connect it to phone
or mac/pc so it will connect on the application. there we can transmit all the data we needed. which is I’m planning to integrate it with
Zwift Application. because it is compatible so that’s it, all we bought is in here if
you want to calculate feel free to do so 969 QAR for the home trainer, 89 and 24 for tire and interior. 569 QAR on rear wheel 219 QAR for the cassette, 59 QAR for the sweat
catcher, 54 QAR for the Riser and 219 for the sensors. which is a total of 2202 QAR. let’s move so wifey cannot hit me back :)). let’s move farther so that’s the total setup of the home trainer now let’s try to set it up with the bike, so we can all see how to use it. alright Let’s switch the cam. ok so we have switch the camera, this is the in-ride let’s take the bike this is the current wheelset, cosmic let’s remove it and we will install the home trainer wheelset at the backside brake, there is a lever you can open to loosening the brake. to easily remove the back tire, put the gear to the highest gear. so we can remove it easily. then release the skewer, its quick release, so it’s easy hold the derailleur upwards then it will auto lose and drop the tires. now let’s install the other one. the home trainer one. don’t tighten too much so you will not damage your hub. now lets put it on the training station let me show it here so you can see it. this is the home trainer skewer, let’s loosen this up this one as well, so we can fit the bike properly there’s a quick-release on the left. you can lock it like that at first, tighten the right side according to your bike so later you will just lock it from the left side. see that silver thing, you will attach it on this one the same thing on the other side you will also install it here. so now I am installing both silver parts as
I mentioned earlier. I will just ensure its aligned, then lock it in then this is the front riser, so now the bike is leveled. it is now standing properly. it is now ready for the usage of home training. we forgot something, the sensors. so let’s install it. it comes with 2 batteries and 2 covers. these are the sensors. remember, it is different, one speed and one cadence. so the speed will be installed on the hub, while the cadence will be installed on the crank arm. let’s start with the speed sensor we’ll open it using 50c coins. just point the arrow to each other to lock it. then install the rubber case. so it will mold on the hub. so this is now our speed sensor, it is now installed in the hub. so its now safe then let’s proceed with the cadence,
well put it on the crank arm you will notice the rubber so you won’t be confused, the cadence case is the flat one while the speed has the mold for the hub. for the cadence its flat we will install it on the left crank don’t install on the right arm because there’s a huge possibility that it will hit the front derailleur. so we will install it on the left crank inner side. so now it’s on the inner side it also comes with the zip lock but we will
not use it since we are not gonna be there always. which is the one on the crank arm but the one on hub maybe later on but not today so basically our home trainer setup is ready. let me give you a tour. this is the bike and here’s what we purchased front riser, cadence sensor, speed sensor, the home trainer itself so it is done I will try to connect it on the software, but it will not include it on this video because of its only unboxing and installation. I will study first how to do it on zwift,
hopefully, I can install it the soonest. lets tried to ride this thing. now have the home training guys, smooth. by the way this fluid technology as I mentioned earlier, the difference between the magnetic one is, the magnetic has manual tension adjuster so whenever you wanted to change your pedal tension in fluid technology, whatever your gear setup is, the tension adapts accordingly so how hard the gear is at, the same tension will be felt on your trainer so it’s kind of realistic, that’s the advantage of fluid that’s why it is almost half the price more than the magnetic. alright guys so that was it that is the unboxing
and installation of this home trainer in-ride 500 by B’Ttwin and I hope you do like this video
and if you do hit that thumbs up button as always don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe.. alright. one love, Ketsap squad out, see yah.. hi guys, it is now connected with Zwift wearing a helmet as well, like its real 33kph let me sprint it, the camera is now low bat, me too I’m low bat as well

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