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Unboxing The NEW fi’zi:k 2018 Road Cycling Shoe Range

– We have an absolutely huge
GCN unboxing for you this week. Not only in quality, not
only in quantity but also the fact that it is a total exclusive. Fizik are launching their
2018 range right here, in these boxes. Not just these. These. We’ve got brand new
saddles, brand new shoes and I’m going to take you through and tell you the must know details and then what’s more, despite
the fact that some of these aren’t even in the shops
yet, we are giving you the opportunity to choose your
choice of saddle and shoes and then potentially win and
not just one of you either. Five winners. That’s right, and I’ll tell
you how you can enter the competition as usual
later on in the video. But for now, you better pay
attention cause you could be about to choose your
next saddle and shoes. In this video we’re going
to be talking about shoes. Who doesn’t love shoes, right? On the road side of Fizik there are four completely new models. The R1B has now become the Infinito R1 and there are actually
two models at this level, one of which is this,
which is the Infinito Knit. Yeah, Knit. Are you ready for this? Look at that. It’s actually not like your Gran’s
crochet, this is made out of an ultra high strength
fibre that is then woven into a very specific, almost seamless pattern. The resulting shoe is really
light and incredibly well ventilated and if you are
worried about water, clearly it’s not a waterproof shoe,
but what they’ve done is treat the fibre so that
it becomes non-absorbent. So this is clearly and all-new shoe. But the second R1 is also
significantly different from it’s predecessor, the R1B. You ready? Oh, ho, ho. Look at that. (dramatic music) Yes, know you can see at
glance that these two shoes are actually a very similar design. The main difference being, the different material in the upper. This one being a perforated Microtex which is like a synthetic leather. Now the main changes between
this and its predecessor the R1B are actually as a
result of all the hard work that Fizik have put in to
further refining the fit and comfort of the shoe and its actually yielded a whole load
of cool new technology. So the two Boa dials are still here, each one performing a
slightly different function other than just holding
your foot in place. So this lower one here,
is for volume control over your forefoot, so holding
your foot snugly in place no matter what the shape of it. Whereas this upper one here
is what is holding your foot in, gives you arch support. Then, the other important
thing is the sole. Now, this one is
apparently nice and stiff. No mention of any kind of
arbitrary stiffness in there, which pleases me greatly. All you need to know really
is that it’s made out unidirectional carbon
fibre and it’s pretty darn successful in the pro-peloton. Tour of Flanders victory, anyone? Yeah, I wouldn’t say no. Now you can see that there is
some mighty ventilation ports in that but also ventilation
has been further improved by ha,ha, a mesh foot bed. There you go, look at that. Nice looking insole. This Infinito Knit comes in
this black with red colour way. Then the Microtex of the R1
comes in this red with black. Then, it also comes in black with red. I like that very much. Then, black with black and a white and black one
that I thought was so nice Fizik actually didn’t trust me with it. Yeah. I didn’t blame them, but still. Okay, let’s move on to the Aria R3. Now, sounded worse than it was, this one just like the
Infinito is also different to it’s predecessor. Look at that. And it shares actually a lot
of the same design features as the Infinito so you
still got that enhanced volume control in the front
and you’ve also got that dynamic arch support there. Then the lower Boa closure
on this one is slightly different so you’ve only got
a single steel coated wire as opposed to the continuous loop that you have on the Infinito. Then you can also see this
one is made from a Microtex leather upper as well. But this one, I don’t know
if it’s just me, but look, it’s so smooth; just kind of, just kind of want to touch it. Alright that’s a little
bit weird, I’ll admit. Now the sole is also full
carbon but a slightly different weave from the Infinito. You can still see that you’ve
got those ventilation ports, all at a different place, but
they’re still there at the toe and also the heel to help
get that all important air flowing underneath your foot. Then the price, well this
actually retails 75 euros less than the Infinito and 100 euros
less than the Infinito Knit and it’s available in five colour ways: black and red; black, yellow,
pink; white and black; black and black; black and yellow. And, for the weight weenies
out there, the R1 Knit, the R1 and the Aria R3 are actually
all broadly similar; they all weigh a rather impressive
230 grammes more or less and another bit of interesting
information for you, they’re available from a size 37. So they’re designed
affectively to be unisex. Then, we’ve got the R4B. Now this one remains unchanged from 2017 which is definitely no bad thing but I did want to show you this,
which is the very cool new colour way, look at that, dark blue. Now this R4 model has a
composite carbon sole there. It’s got one Boa closure
and that all important volume control at the front is handled by those two Velcro straps. Right, I’m really, really
excited about this next one and if you too live in a
temperate climate I think you will understand why very shortly. Because this, huh ha, is
the Artica, look at that. It is of course, a winter bootie. Warm and waterproof. That looks good, huh? Do away with your overshoes
and replace them with this. So its got a waterproof and
breathable Sympatex membrane and it goes all around the foot. And then if you can see,
its got an inner bootie, its made of a breathable mesh material. Then, one of my favourite bits, is this. Look at that. A slightly furry insole, which is reflective on the back
to keep the heat in. Nice. I’m always looking
forward to winter. No, no I’m not. But these definitely will make it better. Well last, but definitely
not least, we have the entry level into the Fizik range, the R5. Now it remains unchanged as
well for 2017 but they have added this awesome new
colour way, look at that. Cheeky little black and white number. Very cool. You still get your arch
support, you still get your volume control but lower price. So this is your Fizik
2018 road shoe range. We’ve got the R5, we’ve got the R5 Artica, we’ve got R4, we’ve the
Aria R3s, the Infinito R1s, and then this of course,
the Infinito R1 Knit. But then that is just
the tip of the ice berg because we’ve got all these
rather enviting looking boxes down here as well because
we haven’t even touched on the new saddles as well yet. So do make sure you
click through right away to watch that unboxing video. After all you’re going to
need to know about them if you want to choose which ones
you want to try and win. However if you have already
seen it and you can of course get through to the
competition straight away there is a link to the entry
form in the description beneath this video. If you’re interested in the
mountain bike part of the Fizik range, particularly
good for cyclocross and also XC racing, then you
can just head over to GMBN to check out Neil Donoghue
unboxing of that range. That one is just down there. Do make sure you subscribe
to GCN, to do that just click on the globe and then
of course to see those saddles remember to click down there.

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