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Unboxing The NEW Mavic Comète Ultimate Cycling Shoes | Win With GCN

Unboxing The NEW Mavic Comète Ultimate Cycling Shoes | Win With GCN

– This week’s GCN
unboxing has, I’ll admit, got me even more quivery
with excitement than usual. As you know, I am a big fan of new tech. And what is inside this
box has been causing something of a stir in recent weeks. This is going to be one
seriously exclusive GCN unboxing. And yes, we are still giving away the contents of this box
at the end of this video. Because what’s in here is
the new Mavic Comète shoes. Ooohh. Now, let’s get this out of
the way early, shall we? These cost $1000 per pair. That is an expensive pair of shoes whichever way you look at it. I did in fact have a Google, and it turns out that you can
buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks for the same price. Now unfortunately they don’t make my size, and they’re not really
my cup of tea anyway. And I doubt very much that
anywhere near as much design, engineering, and R&D goes into
those than these here Mavics. Now, aside from the price,
this is no ordinary shoe. If it’s possible to change shoe design, then Mavic has pretty much done it. They say that this project
actually started right back in 2011 following a request
from pro athletes for a shoe with even better power transfer, but without any added weight. So, Mavic turned to outside of the cycling industry for inspiration. And then, just 200 prototypes
later, they have this. And they are more than happy that it ticks both of their original
boxes, plus a few more. And they say they’ve got
the research to back it up. They way they’ve done it is to separate the shoes into two parts. And no, I don’t just mean left and right. I mean they’ve literally separated
each shoe into two parts. (clicking) Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. There we go. A carbon fibre outer, kind
of like an exoskeleton, handles all the power
transfer and the stability. As you can see, the carbon
shell wraps all the way over the side of your foot there. But, they kept that super light weight. Now, Mavic say they’ve spent a long time dialing in the perfect fit of the carbon, and also the thickness of it. And having spent an awfully
long time building carbon wheels they’ve got a lot of
experience at working, and also testing it. One of the areas where
that’s really apparent is the stack height. So that is the distance between the ball of your foot and the pedal. It’s just four and a half millimetres. Now that’s tiny. It’s also, Mavic say, important, and we’ll come onto that in a little bit. Part two of the shoe is
this, the inner bootie. Now this is designed for hot weather racing or riding in mind, so it’s got a stack of
ventilation you can see there. Now, it’s made out of
a synthetic material, and you’ll have noticed, I’m sure, that it was actually pretty
difficult to remove it from the carbon shell. Part of that is due to this really high friction outer layer. So the carbon and this integrate
into one entity by the end. It’s also got a removable inner sole. And, should you wish, you can replace it with a different one from
inside your box there. Now this is slightly thicker, so if you were to have a
particularly low volume foot, then you’d still be
able to get comfortable with the same carbon exoskeleton. So what about that research then? Well, Mavic say there were
two parts to the potential performance benefits of using these shoes. Firstly, they were able to
measure a significant reduction in calf muscle activity when pedaling. From that, they were able to establish there is a potential
lower cost of pedaling, so greater muscular efficiency. And they’ve attributed that to two things. Firstly, their super low stack height, that I’ve just been talking
about, and I did say it was very important. But then also, they’ve measured
an increased ankle movement, 19% in fact, thanks to their
3D image capture software. And they have attributed
that due to the fact that you have this really
soft upper bootie there, and then the carbon
fibre is cut really low, so you can literally
move your ankle further, and with less resistance. In addition, they also worked out that the increased
freedom of ankle movement could allow for a fuller pedal stroke. And they actually tested for
it and found that subjects could put out over four watts more power, at the dead points of the pedal stroke, so top dead centre and bottom dead centre, compared to their previous shoes. And that was when riding at
a steady state of 250 watts on a watt bike. Because of this, and all
the positive feedback that Mavic received from testers, particularly influential was Dan Martin of Quick-Step Floors,
who has supposedly said that he feels a greater
connecion to his bike wearing these shoes than
with anything previously. Mavic were moved to actually
test for overall performance. So once again, test subjects
were asked to ride a watt bike. This time to exhaustion. And they found, apparently,
that 70% of those subjects performed better for
wearing these new shoes, compared to their old
top of the range models, and that was the only thing they changed. It sounds quite incredible, and I could imagine that the
sceptics among you out there are probably poised with
fingers above keyboards ready to type a comment. But before you do, I
would just say one thing. Mavic are a company of longstanding and they have a reputation
of for doing things in very deliberate and considered way. They don’t tend to jump on bandwagons, they don’t tend to make
exaggerated claims. So, we are hoping to get
a little bit more insight into this testing protocol very soon. But in the meantime, I thought I’d show you
something kind of cool. Custom overshoes! Look at that. That’s a nice touch. Also in here, a cleaning cloth. In a dedicated cleaning cloth pocket. Oh yeah. Well, as I said, we are actually still going to give these shoes away to one lucky GCN viewer. If you want that to be you, you need to enter the competition. To find out how to enter the competition, well you just need to listen now, because I’m going to tell you. In the description below
this video, there is a link. Click on that, and it will
take you straight through to the competition. There, you will answer a simple question, and then keep your fingers crossed. Then in the mean time,
why not subscribe to GCN? First of all, that’s very simple. Just click on the globe. And then, if you want more content, well, why not click just over there
to find out how and when to replace your cleats
on your cycling shoes. And then for another cheeky
little Mavic innovation, why not go back to
Eurobike 2016 to see their new quick release through axle? And that’s just up there.

100 comments on “Unboxing The NEW Mavic Comète Ultimate Cycling Shoes | Win With GCN

  1. Simon, your hair looks like a modern day mad scientist. Possible connection between that and your love for new Tech?

  2. Here's a novel thought: Instead of shelling out $1000, you could instead increase your power by…


  3. A comment totally out of context here: Could we have Matt & Dan covering the 3 Grand Tours on Eurosport this year please? Their work today at the Amstel Gold was simply flawless (although I was expecting a special unboxing at the end of the race) 🙂 Seriously their coverage was way more oriented towards seasoned viewers and that was amazing… Please let them know of many fan's support…

  4. low end freestyle skates have similar feature, liner + boot. While high end carbon skates are made aio together where they claim better power transfer, but in cycling its the opposite?

  5. Mavic makes you buy their crap tyres, when all you want is their wheels… i dont believe any of their claims… hope they dont do the same to Enve

  6. 1:57 – I like the idea for the ability to separate them and walk the bike back to the vehicle in case of breakdown. We need to see this same idea in lesser shoes, with an inner-bootie that can be walked on for a while.
    Sad to see that their 'fix' for a narrower foot is just an insert though. Anyone who has narrow feet knows that you can't make a shoe or boot perform right with just thicker insoles and thicker socks – ever.

  7. Those shoes are like that supercar that you want to own and when you get it you are scared to use due how pricey they are although they will be a good conversation starter.

  8. Rollerskates have been made like this for ages – carbon outer and separate liner. What took so long for bike shoes and why are they 4 times the price of skates? Nothing like as complicated as a good skate and nothing like as much material.

    Yet another rip off for the gullible!

  9. Hey Si, So these Mavic shoes get you feeling more "quivery with excitement" than usual? I would have thought that would have been your wife.

  10. Most peoples feet, including my own, are slightly different sizes. I reckon a 1/2 size to a full size smaller on my left foot to the right. For $1000 a pair I would expect to be able to choose the size of each shoe. BOOOM!

  11. Mavic is a Warm brand,
    Mavic is a Competent brand,
    Mavic is a Trustworhy brand
    Mavic is an Admirable brand,
    I am loyal to Mavic….

    Give me the shoes!

  12. Here's some tech for you to review which are not seen on GCN videos. Two things. One sends out an audible signal to let others know you are coming and the second, amazingly, let's you see what is coming up from behind you without the rider doing their owl impression and, for a lot of riders, prevents that steering wobble when you do look behind. Incredible! Big down side though. I haven't seen any aero designed ones and neither are they made of carbon and lightweight. Oh well, can't have it all eh?

  13. Pro lever gear I suppose for pro peloton players, not for me. If you think you need a shoe like this so much you're willing to go broke then maybe you shouldn't be cycling.

  14. The shoes are worth more than all the rest of my kit, including the bike and the car used to transport the bike with a full tank of fuel!

  15. Si, you are a big fan of new technologies, and you are also a big fan of black shoes and white socks (R9100 power meter video). These shoes are totally for you.

  16. Looks like a really cool product but at that price i guess they could have thrown in a winter bootie too, some goretex/windstopper weather-proof material and maybe a bit higher at the ankle. I wonder if they got some inspiration from their mates at Salomon and their alpine and nordic skiing boots as the two brands sit under the same roof.

  17. $1000, that's like the kind way of saying these are only for pros, but if you want to give us that much money we will gladly take it.  Not that I wouldn't love the muscular benefits.

  18. Somewhere there is a guy in his late 40's or later carrying about 30+  lbs to many, and with the $$$$ in his pocket I wish I had is placing and order thinking now I can stay with the front group…     It's pretty though..   OH, I almost forgot 41.5 please..!!

  19. Hate to say this, but I fully expect to see these shoes heavily discounted next year when nobody buys them….

  20. Calf activity increase, check…
    19% ankle movement change, check…
    3% spincter tone reduction, check…
    lets go riding

  21. Cool shoes $1000 not so cool . Only way I be able to get a pair at that price is to win the competition lol

  22. There's a few minutes of my life I won't get back. GCN credibility took a very steep nosedive with this commercial.

  23. If they are giving away that pair of shoes does that mean you have to get lucky enough to win the contest and then double as lucky for them to fit?

  24. $1,000 I thought that shoe's have Power Meter build in… SMH.(By the way, IF that shoe with Power Meter come's out i want royalty in it) Welcome.

  25. What a thrill it would be to win a pair of shoes like these – only to find out that they are not your size! 😛

    While I can see that a thicker sole surely would help if you have a smaller foot, I doubt it's a "one size fits all" kind of shoe. 😉

  26. I will not be buying these unless they are the same price or only slightly more than regular shoes. To me comfort and reduced numbness are the most important. I can see the carbon frame around the shoes would be worth some dollars but, I have heard the watts saving ringing in my ears year after year. Just think, special lube a few watts here, ceramic bearings on the derailleur 15 watts here, new enve wheels another 15 watts here, even now aero cycle computers another few watts + all the other little add ons you can buy, add this all together and we have wattage saved approaching 50watts! With all these "claimed" savings. Really GCN, it is all pie in the sky. In the real world the bikes are very even, and it come down to three things. Wattage output of the rider, aero position of the rider (Body) and weight of the rider. THAT is it guys! Plus Mavic wheels are the most overpriced wheels for the dollars, their hubs are really poor. So I wouldn't be referencing their wheels as a standard. Sorry to be negative but these are the facts.

  27. Si, Mavic ProCarbon Exalith,Black check,Mavic Aksium Helmet check…mavic comete ultimate road shoe……….

  28. I don't really understand how having the components of the shoe be separable actually does anything other than potentially counter the stated aim. Kind of seems therefore like a bit of an expensive gimmick – albeit one that looks really cool! (I think I should win them to test their claims! 😉 )

  29. Impressive, but expensive. I have snowboard boots that use the same BOA Cable system, I get 3 days use before the tightening mechanism fails. For the cost I hope these fair better!

  30. look past the price and this could be the first step in new cycling footwear design. new technology always starts at the top end, F1 technology more often than not eventually filters down to everyday motor vehicles. the two part system is potentially a revelation. don't be surprised if in a few years this is common place in most brands range of shoes. I for one think this is a fantastic design., but time will tell how effective it is.

  31. Is there a peer reviewed study confirming these power saving claims or is this more fake science from a bike company?

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