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Unboxing The Oakley Aro 3 Helmet, Flight Jacket Eyewear And Jawbreaker Cycling Kit

Unboxing The Oakley Aro 3 Helmet, Flight Jacket Eyewear And Jawbreaker Cycling Kit

(electronic bombs explode) – I’m wondering if excitement
levels for unboxing here on GCN are ever going to peak. Because this week is brilliant,
properly brilliant, again. And you might think it’s
something of a giveaway that we’ve got two
Oakley bags on the table, and that suspense is kind
of gone already, but no. This could actually be a clever decoy. I mean, it could be. It’s not. We are actually giving away
a whole load of Oakley stuff. Two lucky viewers this
week will be winning one of everything that
we are about to unbox. I’ll tell you exactly how
you can enter the giveaway a little bit later on, because we can’t really
be dealing with that now. We’ve got amazingness to look at. Oh yes. ’cause there can’t be
many brands, I think, that have got quite the
same level of desirability as Oakley. And it’s quite amazing, when you think that it actually all started out with a guy making handlebar
grips for motocross bikes back in 1975. And it took another five years before they actually
released their first eyewear, which is, obviously, what they’re now, perhaps, most famous for. And then, it took another
37 years, by my reckoning, to launch this. Their first range of bike helmets. (electronic music) Yes, so in 2017, if you
haven’t got there already, Oakley launched a range
of three bike helmets. Bike helmets that are actually now used by Team Dimension Data and Team Katusha in the WorldTour. Now of the three, all of
which are called the ARO, the ARO7 is like a time
trial specific helmet, the ARO5 is like an ARO road helmet, and then this one is the ARO3, which, as you can probably tell from those enormous vents up front, is the super-light and
super-ventilated one. Now construction is a
traditional polycarbonate outer with an EPS inner. You can see that it’s got what are called X-Static pads in there. Don’t know whether you can
see that, but there you go. And these, apparently, have
silver woven into them, that’s right, which
has, I’m led to believe, antibacterial properties,
always a good thing in my book. And I know what you’re thinking. Stop it. Right, now in addition to the
protection from the EPS foam, it also has a Mips liner in there, which is, like a kind
of low friction layer that’s designed to reduce
some of the impact forces from oblique angles. So effectively, it tries
to allow the helmet to flex on your head, to absorb some of that
rotational energy from crashes. A feature I particularly like the look of is the use of a Boa at the back here for the retention system. So it’s called the Boa
360 Fit, and you can see, it kind of loops around your
whole head in a continuous arc. And that, apparently, is
designed, therefore, to hug the whole of your head, as
opposed to just squeezing the back and the front
of the helmet together. But there is another big advantage to having such a minimalist-looking
retention system, and that is seamless glasses integration. Yes, surprise, surprise, when a company as famous
for eyewear as Oakley get involved with helmets, they have not forgotten the
importance of perfect fit when it comes to your sunglasses. So, you have no retention
system to get in the way of the arms of the glasses,
and also, apparently, you’ve got a perfect place
to store your glasses for when you’re not actually
wearing them on your face, you need to stick ’em in your helmet. Now if only I had a
pair of glasses with me to use as an illustration. Boom! Yeah, here we go. Flight Jackets, woo-hoo! And yes, they were in the bag, and therefore, they are,
indeed, part of the giveaway. Oh, yes. Come on, let’s take a look. (electronic music) Woo-hoo-hoo! Look at those! Oh, my days. It’s like a cross between
a beautiful butterfly and that Transformers
toy you always wanted. Seriously cool, aren’t they? Right, let me illustrate my point before I get too carried away. (electronic music) See? Perfect fit. Look at that. And, perfect fit. (electronic music) Now I think there’s something
of the original factory pilots about these, isn’t there? Except, of course, these
have an open edge at the top, and that’s designed to
improve your field of view when your head’s really down,
and you’re really pressing on. Now, one feature that I particularly like is what’s called the
Advancer nosepiece, okay. So with a flick of a switch, you can see that the
whole glasses just move ever so slightly further
away from your face. So that is designed to
actually improve air flow behind the glasses when you’re
riding at slower speeds. Cool, huh? And then, before I take them off, and believe me, I don’t really want to, they can also be customized
in terms of the temple length. So that’s effectively gonna
change the length of the arms, which is a great thing to
do if what you’ve ever found that glasses don’t fit properly, either ’cause the arms are
too long, or too short. Your, I gotta take ’em off now? Take them off? I can take them off, reluctantly, but give you a bit of Oakley trivia, okay? So the material that the
nosepiece and also the earsocks, which, for clarification,
is this bit here, nothing into your actual ears, is made from a material
called Unobtainium, which is actually an invention of James Jannard, the founder of Oakley, and is apparently the very same material those first motocross grips
were actually made from all the way back in 1975. Cool, yeah. Right, anyway, you’ve also
probably been looking at that sticker that says
PRIZM Road on there. So that refers to the lenses. And if you’re not familiar
with Oakley’s PRIZM concept, then let me fill you in,
’cause it is a cool one, right? So they have tailored the lens
tints for individual sports. So the idea is that they ascertain what the most important colors are, and then try and draw them
out to enhance vision. So for Road, what they’ve done is actually try and
draw out traffic lights, and also help differentiate
between white and yellow lines. But then, how nice is this? They’ve also said they’ve
brought out blues and greens for a more pleasant ride. Brilliant. So, Instagram for your face. Okay, so your head is now sorted, but, the bag’s not empty, and that is because Oakley also produce cycling kit. In here, we’ve got, the Jawbreaker Jersey. We’ve got the Jawbreaker Shorts. How cool is that? Very modern. Very ARO sleek cut kit, so nicely tight, nothing flapping about. I’m liking that. So we’ve got laser-cut
sleeves on there as well, so no seams on the end. Mesh side panels, down at
the side of the jersey. Of course, got rear pockets at the back. And with hidden reflective
trim on there as well. Not too hidden, obviously, ’cause then it wouldn’t do any good. But there you go. Notice what’s there where you pop out. Then the matching shorts. Where are my shorts? Bibs, of course. They also have laser-cut
legs, not sleeves, with integrated grippers on there that are pretty cool. Whoa, like woven in. Awesome. And then, I’m most intrigued by this, the Smooth Vapor Chamois. So their words, not mine, but damned I wanna take a look now. Oh, wow! Hey, that looks cool, doesn’t it? So there we go. Really is actually smooth. Textured padding on there, so that would improve
air flow, you’d think. Totally seamless. Looks comfy, nice. Looks pretty cool to me. How cool? (cork pops) This cool. (laughs) Yeah. Well I think I look cool, right, anyway. Particularly pleased with the sleeves. Excellent length, and actually, it’s tight even on my puny little biceps. Yeah, if you’ve got normal
arms though, don’t worry, ’cause it will stretch. There is plenty of stretch in there. Now you can actually get
the kit in different colors. It comes in a navy blue, and also a black with
orange stripes across there. But I really like the
monochrome look, actually. I think that’s great. Now before I tell you how you
can enter the competition, ’cause remember, two of you are gonna win this whole complete set up,
and an identical version of, I am gonna hit you with one
last bit of Oakley trivia. The name, Oakley, apparently,
according to Wikipedia, comes from the name of James
Jannard, the founder’s, dog. Yeah, Oakley Anne, an
English Setter, apparently. So there we go. Might be true, might not be. Right, what is true though, is gonna be how you
can enter our giveaway. So go to the description
beneath this video, click on it, click on the link in there, and that will take you
through to the competition. It is as simple as that. There we go. Two of you will have a
complete Oakley outfit. Amazing, right. Do make sure you subscribe to
the Tech Channel, by the way, because we have got loads
of unboxings coming up. There’s always someone out in the channel, and if you subscribe, it means you’re not ever gonna miss any, because if you’re watching
this more than a week after, then the closing date for entries will have already been and gone. You see, and you don’t want that. So do make sure you subscribe. And then of course, if you
wanna watch another video after you’ve just entered the competition, then why not check out this
Team Dimension Data bus tour that Emma did at the Giro
d’Italia Dimension Data Course, wearing helmets, glasses, and clothing. (electronic music)

100 comments on “Unboxing The Oakley Aro 3 Helmet, Flight Jacket Eyewear And Jawbreaker Cycling Kit

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  18. Very ugly helmet, my local cycling club was trying to sell these and everyone that bought one regretted it. Looks like a mushroom cap.

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  25. My 8YO son has taken over my Factory Pilots, which I took over from my mum. Over the time I've had them there has been a range of responses to them from "Oh yuk!" to "Retro Cool". The latter more common recently and my son gets them too.. I think that they are the best glasses I've worn, and I particularly like the hooked ear pieces so that they never need to be used back up my nose. The arms are thin and flexible too which meant that they could go under or over helmet straps. The only down side was the brow pad that rotted out early on and was never very effective. Sadly the frame is now so UV affected that it became brittle. It has broken a couple of times and I've had to glue it to the lens to keep it together and they are now permanently on the orange ventilated lens. I like the fact that the newer glasses are coming back to the classic shape. I don't care much what they look like from the outside, what matters is how they look from the inside.

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