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UNC Outdoor Pursuits & Gear Shop Tour

UNC Outdoor Pursuits & Gear Shop Tour

Hi my name is Whitney Dyer and I am the assistant director of the Outdoor Pursuits Program here on campus. We are a part of the Campus Recreation Center which is located right behind me and Outdoor Pursuits has its own facility right to the left side of Campus Rec. So, this is the entrance to Outdoor Pursuits. We have two designated parking spots that are 30 minutes so that you don’t have to walk around campus with all of your equipment or a canoe, or a boat, or a backpack. So, feel free to park here during our open hours which during the academic year are Monday and Fridays 11- 6pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11- 5 pm. So, welcome to the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop this is where you sign up for Outdoor Pursuits Trips, learn about anything that we are offering any workshops or special programs maybe rent a bike or pick up rent equipment that we have. So, I’ll take you around and show you some of that equipment. So right over here these are brand new bikes coming in the Fall this Fall of 2019 and these are commuter bikes. We have 100 bikes available for you to rent, and you can rent these for a week at a time they come with a U-Lock a rear basket for these commuter meter bikes or we have cruiser bikes which have front baskets so if you ever need to take those off campus or go to the grocery store or hold your backpack those can do that for you, and then we do have helmets available for you to check out and again those are absolutely free for you to check out. We also have a full functioning bike shop this is Bret Johnson, one of our Senior Bike Mechanics Bret and three other bike mechanics on campus maintain our entire fleet of bikes and they are also a full function bike shop so if you ever need to bring your own bike you get a flat tire or your chain breaks we have all of that basic equipment for you so you can bring it in and hopefully get you back on your bike. We also have 20 mountain bikes back here, directly behind our white-water kayaking boats
So, we have brand new Trek Mountain Bikes we have twenty and these you can rent out for 3 days at a time This is Mackenzie Allen she’s an Outdoor Pursuits employee working at the Gear Shop so if you ever need to come in and ask questions or you want to pick up your reservation you just stop at this front desk present your ID or tell us your bear number and we can find your equipment and pull that for you. So right back here is everything you can rent as a student its absolutely free for you.
Rentals are one week at a time or you can tell us when you’re going to pick it up and return it and absolutely free we do extend during holidays or class breaks or academic break. So right over here We have backpacks so we have two different sizes we have a 65-liter pack 32-liter pack just depending on a day trip or an overnight extending backpacking trip you have two options. We have camp games, corn hole, horse shoes, giant Jenga, giant connect 4 ,crash pad , Colman stoves, volleyball net, climbing shoes to rent so you ever go climbing outside or you wanted to try a new gym in Colorado or anywhere in the US for that matter we have climbing shoes for rent, these are the helmets we use usually use for the cruiser bikes or commuter bike that you are renting out. We have two sizes of tents both 2 person and 4 person tents. we have sleeping pads and crazy creek chairs And During winter we have about 50 snowboards available for you to rent in various sizes as well as about 20, 25 snow shoes. We have coolers, snowboarding boots, snow helmets, goggles, bindings, treking poles, gaiters and in this area is kind of our staged area so you can actually fill out an online reservation form on our website and you can do that months in advance of when you are going to use it or at least 48 hours before you want to pick it up that way as soon as we get the reservation we can confirm what we have in your name and will pull that equipment so you can come in and not have to wait for us to gather all of your pieces so you are in and out the door. These are one of our popular items we only have a couple left in the shop, they’ve been going out this week, but these are inflatable stand up paddle boards and then we have PFDS, shovels and over here some of the newest equipment we won’t be using these this summer but they are available in the Winter so we have two different sizes or fort cuts for snow pants and jackets so there is a fitted and not fitted they go all the way from small to double XL and we have both pants and winter jackets so in case you wanted to go hit the slopes and you didn’t have the equipment you could rent for free right here We also have sleeping bags we have two different degrees, 0 degrees bags and 20 degrees bags just depending on what environment you are going to be camping. Thanks for joining us and we hope you step through the door and come say hi and see what’s available for you for free.

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