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Unicycle Motorcycle?! | DOPE or NOPE?

Unicycle Motorcycle?! | DOPE or NOPE?

It seems to be able to control. Well. I’m getting better at it. I think I got [a] feel for this are you ready? [Jeez dude!] What’s going on guys welcome to another DOPE OR NOOOOOOOPE!!!! (Silent Cheering) What’s up? I am bearded Matthias here with another dope or nope for you guys. Today we have something exclusive something special It’s not exclusive , you can buy them. They’re expensive, but no one else for some reason is buying them! Probably because the site looks Janky and Fishy as Heck and it’s expensive and no one’s like I’m going to risk that much money buying this crazy thing so today We’re looking at an electric unicycle Motorcycle, it’s like a segway mixed with a hoverboard, but you sit on it, and it’s one wheel. It’s like a unicycle How do you even explain this thing? I don’t [know] we’re about to find out today If it’s dope or nope, we’re going to do a couple things to find that out. We’re going to have other people test it We’re gonna have people guess the price, a bunch of different things With the high five crew here at high five studios now before we begin that make sure you click that bell icon to get notified A future dope or nope(s) because we review [some] of the weirdest Craziest products And I hope you’re around to see them because I comment back in the first 30 minutes so click it so you don’t miss it Now here is the product Apex Star I SP, 800 speeder Matte Black Red Rim. It is an electric Uni-Bike. One wheel! Transportation Device, Bluetooth Connectivity. Why though? Well to see how many batteries are left on your Uni-Bike. Why doesn’t just have an indicator on it? I bought this already you see this? $869! $900 am I gonna make my money back on this video probably [not] but I figured for you guys We’re gonna do something crazy and Kooky one customer review just a toy but I wanted more But what do you expect we’re gonna go the grocery store on this thing hey guys I’d give it three and, a half but they’re no halves, okay dude. It’s such a hipster Amazon reviewer. First things first, there are different versions. Yeah, okay, the model They got here does not go 55 kilometers in distance. 55 kilometers, what? Who thinks this could go 55 kilometers [Bryan] “By miles yeah” 25 miles [no], I don’t know It’s something like that right guys? It is 34 miles. Who’s Gonna go 35 miles!? Could you imagine dude, they’re just on the freeway just like what’s up! Can you bluetooth music through this unicycle hello, and thank you for your inquiry no but you can bluetooth your phone through [the] Downloadable app or you can turn your phone into a dashboard for battery life and speedometer [if] you are wondering How fast you’re [going] don’t pull out your app and look at your phone dude on a unicycle [you’re] going to eat it hardcore. Dude. Come on. Maybe like you mount it to the french or something like [that] You can see it [brian] found a video here Leave this guy dude this guy’s a tough tough looking guy and immediately it just doesn’t look tough anymore You don’t have to do it though dude He’s good [that] [guy] looks tough right up until he got on the unicycle So this is that site that that guy was shouting out here $8.99 a little bit more expensive [fuzzy] algorithm It’s the immediate first thing. I read dude, okay Maybe we’re laughing but maybe it’s a thing in like what’s up a fuzzy algorithm So the algorithm fuzzy logic is an approach to computing based degrees of truth, okay? So it’s just silly it’s just on what the little sense of humor was like. I’m going to call it an algorithm So fuzzy algorithm because it’s so cuddly add [to] [cart] I want you guys to like this video if [you] [want] to see more videos like this before this product comes in because Yes, it is expensive So we need a little bit more of that like juice to get this video going so that we can afford to keep doing videos Of this crazy and goofy, but that further adue from me or you let’s see the proof. Yeah You poop [oh]? Look at that dude Oh, God, Teddy. Is it any good? It’s surprisingly light is like a boost before a little bit working out Oh, Joe dude. It feels like the weight of a boosted board. [oh], okay. Look look pull the cheese So I just like push backwards push forward [and] compensate You’re doing in the world’s smallest space you’re going to wreck everything Okay, so you just kind of lean around you lean any turn it gets a little nerve-racking when you go straight because [oh] [she] won’t look through can I go? Jim okay, we have an entire warehouse. Why don’t we go downstairs and try let’s do that The best [record] [all] right guys here is the apec. I guess it’s a Solo craft an entirely different [brandon]. Yeah, what I? Thought it was called the apex there wasn’t called phonograph Apex star. I sp 800 speeder Matte Black Red Rim I’m confused. What did [I] buy so they just rebranded and didn’t even tell me dude This is the on button alright this on button you hold it and I assume That’s the battery level right so it gives you a pretty good indicator. It seems to be made relatively High quality Okay, [I] mean it takes my weight. I can go forward I lean forward [I] go backwards I lean back [I’ll] agree to hit your head Yeah I gotta forget to put the helmet on you or so if I want to turn I I mean I guess you have to lean but you have to go forward and lean right so you have to kind of like Spin into it. You have to kind of like waddle like a duck You know I’m saying dude. Come on dude. This is going to get you some girls Brian you’ve set up. I’ve set up [of] course Yes start here, okay. You have to make you start here. You make your way this way this way And once you cross here. That’s the finish line How many laps three three lap three laps? I will time you guys we’re going to bring in the other guys too, and we’re going to do the same course cool We bring it in here. We have Connor from team Edge gaming Paul from Googly eyes, and then we have tanner from with us kind of froze. It’s an unannounced channel. Oh mystery [Channel] We’re going to see who has the fastest time on this solo craft unicycle [I] thought it was the apex You have to be penalties for every time you put [your] foot down [-] [no] you have to that’s how you steered look watch I’m going to show you I think I’m good, but this thing was getting away from my Moves like I’m out, dude. [I] bet you I will win. I’m going to all agree with you. Oh, no What now you can’t agree with me? You just said [okay]. Look [oh] my gosh your honor. [I’m] betting on [conor] okay lunch Sure, okay, taupe and I obviously can touch the ground Dude, you’re Gonna Woo you hear that [annoying] one laughs whoa? Why you scream? Why you’re scooting oh? You hear that beeping that’s what I’m leaning too far forward and time. Oh, oh, it’s my time I’m not telling you oh You’re not telling [on] you your time All right guys so we have tanner here from mystery channel that we can’t tell you about just yet So the link to the mystery channel will be down below, but [make] sure you go subscribe You mean forward you lean backwards to turn well you kind of have to just figure it out along the way That’s not what I want to hear they don’t turn yet to break. We don’t know it’s absolutely connor and paul lunch no I’m serious bro here we go. I think you have to use your leg He gave me nervous right now. You’re gonna get hurt. This is all calculated He almost hit you oh man. What is the door is closed? So that means I still be him you gave that away? How do you know because he said it’s closed how much do you think this is so I think how much this cost it was? probably like Knowing you you have [Bob] [is] like $2,000 but I think it’s probably like do you like three [ninety-nine] [ninety-nine] [how] much do you think it’s worth how much do you think? I paid for it I would think you paid three ninety-nine ninety-nine how much I would pay for this do I feel like a buck 49 and the reason Why [this] [thing] steers about as well in a car with like no wheels I have no clue What’s going on like I can’t do anything on this thing it was $900 sure Now with that in mind after you wrote it in everything isn’t dope or is it nope yeah, [I] miss up [Scott] no All right, well thank you tanner. It was my pleasure. Thanks for almost killing me guys okay, so connor okay, whoa whoa? Okay, as you can tell this thing has a life of its own. I’m Gonna give you a practice left Oh, okay, okay? Use your feet. How does it? Oh my God? Oh just like it Just is just like like like lean forward you lean backwards to steer. You kind of lean to the side and use your feet What you have to be moving? Tilted forward to get [it]. Get some good momentum, and use your feet [oh] there you go. You got a head yet a good turn there As I wanted to sit here, and then that’s that’s one lap three laps, okay good Oh my gosh Okay, oh, man. That’s to us last one better than I oh Dude, so how much do you think this is worth like a thousand dollars probably okay? Okay? Okay? [I] pride around the thousand dollars now. It was 900 okay. Very close. He’s good He’s good the club after you wrote it after you know the price is a dope or nope know What okay, so I think that [I] was like a practicality when you’re Gonna use it? But you didn’t have fun. Oh, I did a lot of fun, but I think about I think in this perspective It’s a bicycle [is] a transportation utility vehicle like well. I’m getting offended Okay, not make a right [-] exactly See license guys check out connor on team Edge Gaming yes next person [Paul] is from a channel called googly eyes on the [hi-5] [network] will you know what this is it’s like [a] a unicycle electric unicycle Yeah, there you go three laps [rila], best time wins lunch from Brian are you confident? I mean I haven’t written it yet Okay, let me know if you’re coming after your trial lap. Yeah, I can there you go there. We go. Just like ever bored [oh], man Did I ever tell you? I’m really bad at writing hoverboard [oh] He’s gone. Oh Like he’s going slowly because I write this yet. Yeah, use your fingers use your face [all] right? Yeah, you know here I’m gonna just my training wheels your feet are like training those rough. Yeah there we go, okay Relax go and he’s off oh Okay, [you’re] taking it slow and steady dude. Oh, dude. You’re taking it slow and steady man. You fake this out dude – [combo] fine After you wrote it. How much do you think this is worth? I would say over [$1,000] for over like probably like $1,300 the actual price is $900 okay, not bad You’re low that you’re close now knowing all that is [it] a dope or is it? I know this is 100% don’t The thing is [bill] for sure here’s the best one to use everybody up struggled [conner] and Tanner bolt called it a note really [an] [Er] said fat no [cuz] I suck that’s the bottom [line] this up That’s bottom line in that last place come look so happy to be at the time of Twenty nine point six eight seconds [no] Really in last place with 34 second is tanner You’re eliminated [alright] third place with [a] time of twenty nine point six eight It’s connor in second place with the time of twenty eight point six five seconds We have Paul No, you know I actually won because Brian put [him] definitely But I’m trying to make it so I didn’t win you over in out of twenty five point two Oh, oh you okay? Can I see that one more? So I oh my word, so I beat Paul by three seconds connor by four seconds and Tanner by like nine I say, I’m such a geek and for that reason. I say this is a dope. I say. It’s dope also is dope It’s tied. It’s two nopes to two dopes that means you guys need to decide right now by clicking that poll right there See that thumbnail right there that is ten strange things we found at toys R us click it you may enjoy that also See that video right there. That’s a video that YouTube thinks you Specifically will enjoy let’s find out at the youtubes right click it let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you over there High-five

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  4. I've got one of these. It takes 30-45 minutes to really get the hang of it. Once you figure it out you can zoom all over the place without even using the handlebars.

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