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up cycling – 56/up cycle/꽃 패치 어깨가방/Flower Patch Shoulder Bag/Make a bag

up cycling – 56/up cycle/꽃 패치 어깨가방/Flower Patch Shoulder Bag/Make a bag

Cotton summer dress Non woven interface Cut: 80cm × 40cm Fabric Color Width: 14cm from center to both sides Entrance side seam: 5cm Pocket fabric cut: 21cm × 21cm (A4 paper square) Use the neckline as is. Strap ring making: (ring width × 2) × 30cm / 4 pieces .. With clothing interface Ring position marking: 5cm Attaching color fabric: Two-line top stitch Flower making: finished in 14 minutes and 8 seconds You should use your pocket. Only one sheet is stitched. Cut the lining to the same size as interfaced. Pouch cut: 45cm × 20 Inside pocket depth: 17cm ~ 19cm Bias cut for inside pocket: 5cm wide With magnet button (mistake: should have done before the side line connection. Oh …) Biasing cut for seam finish Width: 6cm Cut the corner. : Size 3cm × 3cm Wraps the beginning and end of the bias. Wrap the lining with outer fabric. And sew. Bag strap: 2.5cm × 60cm / 2 pieces Ring position marking: 5cm Thank you.

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  1. 꽃만들기 넘 좋은방법이네 감사합니다
    주변에 흔한 종이로 슥슥 재단하시니까
    더 쉽게 느껴져서 영상보는게 재미나요
    목선 그대루 살린 센쑤👍👍👍
    부직포는 어떤거 쓰세요?
    양면 테이프는 의류용인건가여?
    영상만 보다가 궁금해서 질문드려용^0^

  2. Muuuuy bonita!!!
    Gracias por compartir este don que Dios te ha dado. ❤️ saludos desde Oaxaca México.

  3. Very pretty and easy to follow. Is that water soluble hem tape in the roll that u used for the bottom part of the denim and light weight interfacing for the entire bag. I guess I can use medium weight pellon interfacing. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Just beautiful ❤️🇨🇴

  4. Спасибо! Отличный мастер-класс и очень красивая сумка.

  5. Вы такая умница! Как ловко все у вас получается!

  6. Отличный МК! Спасибо большое! Какой дизайн! Какая работа! Я остановила видео, чтобы полюбоваться несколько минут на сумку! Браво ! Браво! У меня есть похожие материалы , сделаю и себе!

  7. Hola,la parte blanca,no es papel, cierto?! Entonces que es.Las rayas le ayudan a recortar mejor,pero si es un vestido liso,como se recortaría?Veo qué desperdicia mucha tela.

  8. Супер! Использование двухстороннего скотча для подгибки, гениально)) А то все горячим пистолетом клеят)) Сохранила видео! Подписалась! Лайк!)

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